Night Life 7.10.19

Service was so good tonight! I’m so thankful for the truth!!! Here are a couple of our highs from service:

  • we are called to give and serve

  • our success hinges on working together

  • the way to think alike is to think like the Father

I will determine to keep my thoughts on the Word! What were your highs from service? What stood out most to you?


  1. I enjoyed Nightlife so much tonight! Thankful for PD & The Word he gave us tonight! Here are some of my highs-

    Covetousness is a inordinate desire to have what someone else has, wanting things more than HIM. Gosh! I WILL BE GRATEFUL FOR WHAT I HAVE!!!!!!! Gods been good to me! I will keep my eyes on Him not others or stuff!

    As a church we are this TOGETHER!!!!!
    If we don’t honor Him according to His Word we are taking a step back, doing our own thing and that puts us out of His protection.
    We should look and act like God! We find out what God looks like by finding out what Jesus did, how he acted, etc! STRIVE FOR NOTHING! I will stay consistently aware of where I am cause I should be HUMBLE & HUNGRY! I wouldn’t know anything if weren’t for Him! Determine to do what you do as unto the Lord not caring what people think! THE CHURCH IS THE BEST THING THATS HAPPENED IN MY LIFE! This is truly the truth because I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to be learning what I am learning, continuing to grow, or know the people I know and definitely be a part of something bigger than myself! I’m GRATEFUL!

  2. So loved the service tonight, my Pastor loves his flock and and we can tell when he brings the word. Now we have the choice to use it for the service or let it lay.

  3. I really like pastor dean’s story about Sgt. Huggabook and how we need to be humble. I want God to be able to work it my life and it requires my humility and willingness to allow the people He has placed in my life who love me (not that he loved pastor dean lol) to help me through correction.

    The way to think alike is to think like the father.

    Knowing and doing the Word is the mind of God!!

  4. Service was really good so thankful for the Word and Chooselife Church! Here are my Highs: We are in this together, and we can find out what favor looks like by favoring others! *The way to think alike is to think like the Father thinks! Keeping my eyes on the Word all the time , this would be my part. *God’s kids think and talk like He does, looking and acting like the company we belong to! * We have to remain in a high level of HUMILITY; then He will exalt us! ♥️

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