Sunday, July 14

Service was so good today! I’m so thankful for the truth! Here are a couple of our highs from service:


  • Faithful means reflecting not perfecting
  • Reflecting is sincere
  • I will only reap what I’ve sown
  • If it’s “hard” I have to check my faithfulness
  • Be grateful for absolutes

1st service:

  • Money burns, obedience lasts forever
  • I can be successful without using my own talents
  • Stop analyzing what to do and just start doing!
  • Why would I try to be somebody when He already is my Somebody
  • We just need a 1-step program: TRUST GOD

So, what were your highs from service? What stood out most to you?


  1. Jumpstart was So so good!!! Here are some of my highs.
    Leaders are different from followers. Our design is one to Rule & Reign! It’s my responsibility to always lead myself! Faithfulness reqs Reflecting not Perfecting. Perfecting is about performance, appearances, judgmental & a put on. DANG!!! This really really helped me in so many ways and I will REFLECT & NOT PERFECT! GOSH!!!! I will stay humble and know I NEED HIM, I NEED HIS HELP! Transform from the inside out! I have to be willing to deal with things! Reflecting = sincere, loving God, believing the best about others. If I judge others I’m wrong! HUMBLE, DOER OF THE WORD, CONSISTENCY-MY GOAL EVERYDAY!!!! I will give him MY ALL!!!! No striving and not endeavoring to transform into something I already am! IM DIVINE IN HIM!!!!! So so good!!!!

    2nd Service – Kidz
    Loyal = Faithful! We should be loyal friends! A God Friend is a loyal friend. Walking together and working out differences. Friends have to be agreed! Don’t be two faced! We should never talk behind our friends back! LOVE YOUR FRIENDS LIKE YOURSELF! We should encourage and love our friends! GOSH!!!! I will be a better friend! I’ve learned so much from this friends series!

    3rd Service
    Your world is built by your words! Believe and Speak! BELIEVE AND SPEAK!!!!! I will endeavor to discipline myself to only speak Gods word! As Gods kids we have assistance-Angels to work on our behalf but I have to be willing to believe and speak! Angels only gave ears to hear the word! The power is in me! If I love him and honor him then the blessing belongs to me! I HAVE TO TRUST HIM!!! FULLY PERSUADED!

  2. i’m so grateful for a church that is fun and brings the word in every area 🙂
    jumpstart// romans 5:1-2 TPT is such a great verse! the statement i liked that goes with this verse is “i’m not endeavoring to transform into something i already am something” all thanks to King Jesus <3
    2nd service//don’t deceive myself! don’t say what i don’t want or believe! mark 11:23
    kidz 3rd service//this totally marked me! y’all Barnaba’s was supposed to be in Silas’ position along side Paul when they got locked up in prison but sung to
    the Father all night and the prisons walls flung open and the prison guards family got saved but because of Barnabas pride and bucking of leadership he missed out on something huge!!!!!! i want to be a finisher of what the Father has assigned me to do!!!!!! i don’t want anyone to do what i am called to do!!!!

  3. Church was soo great today…like always…my favorite!!

    1st service//Money burns; Obedience lasts forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂
    What is in abundance in your heart will eventually become evident in your life.
    I go into hiding from myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is so good; reminds me of Dr. Leaf…I can change my mind!! I don’t have to be a victim to my own thoughts and feelings!! GLORY!!!!!!!!!!!
    The enemy IS NOT all knowing all powerful etc. but he and his demon forces will take the words I speak and use them against me…I WILL GIVE HIM NOTHING TO WORK WITH!!

    Words contrary to God’s Word are used to influence people and circumstances around you!! I WILL NOT GIVE CARNAL WORLDY WORDS PLACE!!


    2nd service//The Word becomes my bridge between heaven and earth; the Word enables me to bring heaven to earth!!

    I must give voice to the Word because that is how the angels bring it to pass in my life!!

    With a pure heart before Him I always believe that His Word works!!!!!!!!!

  4. Church was awesome today!👏🏻👏🏻
    Here are a few of my highs 🙂

    Grateful for my little mirror! Such a good token to remind myself that if I’m not reflecting in an area then I’m perfecting! If I live a life of perfecting, I will never be faithful! I choose to have an unveiled face by being humble, doing the Word, and being consistent! You become what you behold! I will behold Him to reflect Him!! We all have grace gifts to serve others! Yay! If this is hard for you, you are unfaithful. Reflecting is sincere, it’s believing THE BEST of yourself and others, being gracious!!!!!! If you judge others you are wrong!!!!!❌❌❌

    Offering: money burns but obedience lasts forever!🙌🏻

    Message: what’s in abundance in your heart will be visible in your life! Say what you know He would say! Walking by faith is trusting God, that He will do what He said! Don’t wonder when you pray, know that God is good!!!!❤️❤️

  5. JUMPSTART: you’re either reflecting or rejecting what’s been done for you!

    1st: what’s in abundance in your heart will show up in your life!


  6. Church was so good today! I’m thankful for my church home ❤️
    My highs from 2nd service:
    * My only responsibility is what I do RIGHT NOW! ~ I can’t go back and I’m not there yet but I can choose to do what I know to do in this moment! ⌚️
    * No one else is going to fight for you but you! ~ When I know who I am in Him, I’ll understand the value of what I’ve been given! 💪🏼
    * Tell myself on the regular: “Self, this is for you but this is not about you! This is about JESUS!” 👆🏼
    * My level of interest in Him will reveal my perspective ~ Am I putting a premium on His things? 🥇
    * EVERYTHING about my relationship with Jesus is based on faith! ~ I’ve never seen Him but I can choose to trust Him! ❤️
    * Sometimes people will get mad when you speak the truth 😱 Get over it and move on…but don’t stop speaking the truth!
    * Don’t know what you know and do nothing about it! ~ don’t be “that guy”, you know, the self deceived one 🤦🏻‍♀️

  7. What a great day at church! 🙂 Loved all the summer interns running around and all of their energy to serve and be a part of church! Such a BIG deal! 🙂

    Jumpstart//The Beast Analogy! Who you are is already in there! When you are 1.Humble 2. A Doer 3. And consistent the Beast begins to go away and the true Spirit you were created to live from becomes evident! Beauty and the Beast is my favorite! LOL and now even more so! The love of the Father and the WORD will literally transform your perspective and enable you to live reflecting NOT perfecting.

    1st Service PD//I refuse to be a jack-ass! Even though God will use them, I want to be a vessel of honor, so the Word must be the biggest thing in my heart and mind! I will use my legos to put my angels to WORK!!!

    2nd Service PK KIDZ//Being hungry for the Word is a choice, and as you are hungry for the Word, you will become better and make your friends better!

  8. Jump Start// who I am is already in place.
    Unveiled face is humble, requires activity or faith, and consistency. I can’t approach him in pride. James 1:22…it’s not the Word I’ve heard but the Word I’ve done!!

    1st Service// say what i know He would say then be quiet!!
    Angels harken to voice of God, which is his Word. I can’t do anything without His Word.
    God is moved by my humility, obedience, and hunger!
    There’s no gray with your words. They are either life or death.

  9. Church was so good! I’m thankful for the truth of the Word every service! Here’s some of my highs : Offering : Don’t forget money burns, but Obedience lasts forever! 1st/ If you’re not humble, hungry , filled with the Holy Spirit , you will be missing out on the life God has for you! Angels hearken to my voice and the Name of Jesus as servants to protect , strengthen and to bring provision for me!* For me to keep from slipping up, I shut up! 2nd/* Whats in my heart is what I will believe , say and do! * Don’t know what you know and not put it to work in your life! * He’s my Caretaker! Thanks Pastor Dean for the truth of the Word !🤗

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