Sunday, July 21

Service was so good today!! I’m so thankful for the TRUTH! Here are a couple of our highs from the day!


  • It is selfish to not realize that what I do effects everyone around me
  • Humility and honesty always go together
  • Every lie you tell, every time you hide, every time you are insincere, you give the enemy access
  • There will always be factors and triggers but patterns prevail

2nd Service

  • My words have built the life I have
  • My words frame my world
  • The Word works for WHOSOEVER will NOT whosoever won’t
  • When He saw what He liked, He said it into motion

So, what were your highs from service? What stood out most to you?



    1st service//Don’t ever say “I don’t have enough faith.” You have to die to yourself in order for Him to live in you. Change the way you talk about even the faith you bring…its His…so really all I bring is hunger and humility!!
    All He says is all I should say!!
    My self-talk determines my Christ walk! AND my self-talk will eventually be my social-talk!!


    2nd service//My words have built the life I have.
    This is for whosoever will not whosoever wants!!!
    There is a difference between reading the Bible, coming to church and touching Him!!

    God is TRUE!!! I will build my life on the truth of His WORD–SAYING!!!!!!!!! and it will hold me up no matter what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Service was soooo great!! Worship was amazing!!!
    First Service//This is a being persuaded thing…if you are still swaying, then you aren’t persuaded! My self talk determines my Christ walk!
    Second Service//Graduation was sooo fun!! SO sad to not see everyone each week, but know that this is going to be an amazing school year with a solid foundation!!
    KIDZ//There are only 2 options-the right choice or the wrong one. Lot made the wrong decision and it FOREVER changed the course of his life! I choose to be humble and one day at a time make the right choices!!

  3. Gosh!!!!!!!! IM SO THANKFUL FOR THE WORD!!!!!!! I’m thankful for Chooselife Church!!!!!!!!!! I’m thankful for our pastors that have invested in the lives of my family!!!!!!! Seeing the kids graduate gosh, IT BLESSED ME!!!!!!! Here are some of my highs from the services.

    It’s selfish to not be aware what you do affects everyone else. Gosh!!! Seriously I’ve really never got that but today I GOT IT!!!!!!!! Don’t be casual!!!!! Don’t put on and pretend your something your not! I NEED HIM!!!!! You become what you behold. Gosh he will be the biggest deal in my life-He will be what I reflect on so that my life can get better and better! If your lying your prideful! I will be humble…. and honest!!!!!!!!! Every lie that you tell, every time you hide, every time your insincere you give the enemy access. JESSUS! Insincere = habitually phony, dishonest, not genuine. WHAT I DO DAILY WILL TELL IN MY LIFE!!!!! I will yield to Him in sincerity! If I don’t see Him, I don’t see me…. I WILL SEE JESUS IN ALL THINGS! He will continue helping me cause I need Him! THERES MORE!!!! I want THE MORE!!!!!! Consistent supply of the Word=Stability

    2nd Service/
    I like when Pd mentioned to parents to make themselves excited about the things of God so that their children see! We want to do it because all he’s done for us! GOSH!!!! I am thankful!!!!!
    My words have built what I have. My self talk will determine my Christ walk! BE EFFECTIVE NOT WEIRD!!!! How you talk about Him and you determines how you see Him and how much your able to be like Him! WE WERE CREATED TO BE LIKE HIM! I can have the same results the woman with the issue of blood had if I’ll just touch Him. Touching Him reqs sincerity, humility, and hunger. HE KNOWS WHAT YOU NEED BUT YOU MUST TOUCH HIM!!! Jesus bought me!!! HE OWNS MY BODY!!!! He paid for me to be Whole with nothing missing and nothing broken! I don’t have to be fearful about anything! HE NEVER CHANGES!!!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼

  4. Jump start// it’s not how I start but how I finish.

    2 Corinthians 3:18 I can’t reflect someone I can’t see.
    Humbly and honor go together and lying and pride go together.
    James 4:6- if I can’t see Him I can’t reflect him.
    Insincere//habitually phony, dishonest, not genuine…there will always be factors and there will always be triggers but patterns prevail.

    3rd Service// our words are building something.
    Your self talk determines your Christ walk.
    He doesn’t need anything I have to offer. I am history and he is my future.

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