Sunday, July 28

Happy Sweet Sunday! Church was so sweet and fun today! We are believing you had as much fun as we did! 👏 Here are a couple of our highs from service:


  • In order to be faithful I have to reflect not perfect
  • The enemy always presents a deficit
  • Evaluate how I handle correction
  • You can’t just acknowledge, you have to fix! It’s 50% judging and 50% fixing

First Service

  • The days are all amazing, it’s our outlook on it that has to change
  • To abide is not to drive thru
  • Doing things God’s way will pay dividends
  • The Father can’t protect you from being trapped; it’s the fruit of your legos
  • My body belongs to God! Do you think He wants it jacked up? NO!!

So, what were your highs from service? What stood out most to you?


  1. So so good today !!

    Jumpstart :
    Reflecting is real
    Perfecting is a put on , a performance.

    You can easily tune out the voice of the Spirit when you’re so used to doing flesh and are satisfied there.

    If Adam had owned it and taken responsibility this might have ended very different . Wow . Always humble yourself and own it so you can be restored!
    Evaluate how you handle correction!
    People become offended with the very thing that will save them

    You judging yourself is only 50% – you have to forsake it and that takes TIME!!!
    Judge it and FIX IT!

    You’re either doing the word or doing you !

    1st svc
    Don’t wait until things explode to try and catch up.
    Begin to say what HE says about you bc what HE says is what is TRUE!

    I have access to HIM and that makes me super human !
    Without him I have NOTHING TO OFFER!
    You know you’re in faith if you’re not considering if it’s working !
    You don’t live by results or experience. You live by Faith!

  2. The Legos series has been soo good to me so far. I love hearing preaching about the words of my mouth and want to continue to be more disciplined in my words!!!!! IN JESUS’ NAME!!

    1st service//John 15:5, 7
    My success is determined by my connection. How do I draw from Him? What attention do I give Him?
    There is nothing that can keep me from everything He has done for me.
    I will be constantly aware that He is my life source.
    I am not talking ABOUT problems, but TO them.
    Don’t look at yourself naturally; look at and talk to yourself IN HIM.

    2nd service//
    He was serious about me so I should be serious about Him!!
    If you really believe the Word you will do it!
    There is no such thing as a neutral conversation.
    If I desire change, I change what I say!!
    What His Word says is GREATER than what I feel or see!!
    When my heart is full of the Word what I feel won’t matter!
    I choose to be sensitive to those things the Father drops in my heart…the assignments that have to do with His purposes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His desires are my desires!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Jump start// 2 Corinthians 3:18 I become what I behold.
    If I’m having a hard time, I’m not doing it right.
    Less talking more doing. Some people have what it takes but they just don’t steward it.
    Isaiah 1:19 if I don’t do it God’s way I won’t have His best!
    Don’t become offended when the light comes! Want correction and weaknesses exposed so you can grow!

    3rd Service// don’t say things you don’t believe and don’t want to come to pass!
    Faith believes before it sees and doesn’t put a time frame on when it sees.

    Mountains don’t just show up. They’ve been there a long time.

    When you believe what you say is coming to pass, you won’t come off of it.

    It’s good to start every day by saying I’m nothing without him!

    If you want Him to be a big part of your life then it’s going to take a majority of your time in your life.

  4. Church was sooo good today! Here’s my highs: To reflect is to be like Jesus and real, to profect is foney and performance!* The devil always presents a deficit! *Carnality kills relationships and kills you! * Evaluate correction! 1st/What God has written about me is what I will have!* His Word in my mouth begins to be the foundation for change in my life! * As I’m more connected to Him I have access to all He is and all He has! We are all in this together , serious about loving and honoring Him! 2nd/ We are to be Jesus with skin on which is our assignment! 3rd/ When you believe what you say will come to pass, you won’t come off of it! Hallelujah!

  5. Gosh services Sooo Good!!!! Here are some of my highs

    Jumpstart- LESS TALK MORE DOING!!! Reflecting reqs love, it reqs relationship with the Father! If my self talk isn’t right it’s perfecting and it’s rooted in fear. The enemy wants to keep you from seeing Jesus! The enemy presents deficit-You don’t have what it takes! Darn he’s so defeated!!!!!!! I have to steward what I have! Be sincere! Be genuine!!! I’m already made in His image. It’s in the Word I will grow up! I need the Word! The Word brings growth and stability. IM COMPLETE IN HIM. I should be more free this year from last year! I won’t live a life separated from Him! I want HIS WILL-HIM BEING GLORIFIED IN MY LIFE.
    I will take responsibility for my life and judge myself and clean out my mind and replace it with the Word! THE BLOOD WILL BE THE BIGGEST DENOMINATOR IN MY LIFE!!!! Carnality kills!!

    1st Service-
    Focus on HIS LIFE more than the things around me!!! I want Him to direct every part of my life! WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER!!!! God is interested in everybody! He has no favorites! See yourself that you have access to all Him is and all Him has! Attachment to Him preparing to hear from Him! Hearing from the Father and doing what Him says! Jesus should be who we reflect and look like!!! We should be some of the happiest most positive people!!! Gosh!!!!!! He paid for us too…
    Every word is a seed and seeds will produce! I really liked how he gave the death traps and how he replaced with the word! I’m thankful!!!!

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