Night 7.31.19

Night Life was so good tonight! I’m so thankful for the truth!! Here are a couple of our highs from service:

  • If your life is not right, why?!?
  • You were made right, but you must choose to be right in your life
  • The Father did what we couldn’t, but we must do what He won’t

So, what was your favorite part of service? What stood out most to you?


  1. Tonight’s service was SOOO GOOD!!!!!
    Here are some of my highs..

    NONE OF US HAVE ARRIVED! Honor God because of what he has done for us! He did everything we would ever need to live a great life! I want to continually ask myself these questions, “Am I going to do what the Word of God says? And also If my life isn’t right, why?”
    JESUS TOOK OUR PLACE!!!!! It’s our choice to be right! I want the nature of God to reflect in my life-WHOLE, PURE, CONNECTED WITH THE SPIRIT OF GOD. We should be moving away from things that aren’t healthy! We should be making a change in our lives! ITS IMPORTANT TO BE DIFFERENT- GOSH this so ministered to me!!!!! BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF!!! The quicker we believe what he says the better things become. SEATED WITH HIM IN HEAVENLY PLACES!!!! We are in process!! This has nothing to do with you! Nothing you’ve done or could’ve done! ITS EVERYTHING HE DID!! It’s a gift!!!! Jesus did what he did freely so we would serve Him willingly!!! DANG!! I will not be satisfied!! THERES MORE! I will position myself in a place of humility and I will yield and surrender to Him so that he can help me in the process of life! I NEED HIM! I want His will done in my life! I want my life rid of unnecessary things…. FOCUSED & SERIOUS!!!!!!

  2. Service was really good! Here’s my highs: * There is no reason for anyone to go to hell! * If your life is not right, Why? * You were made right in the Spirit or Spiritually , but you must CHOOSE to be right! * The Father did what we couldn’t, but He won’t do what we can! * If you are really a child of God, there’s change in your life!* Jesus’ work saved us, our works reveal Him! I choose for my life to be all about Him. That my fruit is all the reputation I need. * Jesus did what He did freely so I could serve Him willingly!🙌😍

  3. If good works can’t save you they can’t keep you saved. BUT you have to live right to be right!!!!!!

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