August Book of the Month

Growing up,  Spiritually

Kenneth E. Hagin

Where are YOU on your spiritual journey? The body of Christ is in need of members who are spiritually mature. All of us begin as spiritual babes in Christ when we are born again. But God doesn’t intend for us to stay that way. God desires for us to grow into Christian maturity.

In this important book, you will discover how to:

  • Locate your current stage of spiritual growth
  • Grow into the next stage of spiritual development
  • Walk in close fellowship with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
  • Renew your mind with a diet of God’s Word
  • Determine the differences between the natural man, the carnal man, and the spiritual man

You won’t be the same after reading and receiving the message of Growing Up, Spiritually, and the body of Christ will be strengthened as you grow and develop in God.


  1. chapter 2 highs/
    Babies put everything in their mouths . Toys , spiders … everything
    I have to be careful what goes in my mouth spiritually . Don’t feed on something that is poisonous for my faith and life !!!
    The enemy will hide poison in what looks like a good piece of meat . I have to be AWARE! You are what you read !
    Babies are easily frustrated distracted and hurt !
    This will no longer be me !!!

  2. Chapter 3 highs /
    What really stuck out to me is how kids are curious and in everyone’s business … they’re UNSTEADY UNRELIABLE.
    The Holy Spirit just keeps telling me “ shut up and pray in the Holy Spirit “ have ZERO opinion about anyone or anything . Only speak the word and stay out of people’s business!!! Even if they come to me and want to talk about their situation . I shut up unless he says to say something. I will shut up ! People do not need my Input! They need to hear from the Holy Spirit for themselves.

  3. Chapter 4/
    This is 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    I will allow the law of LOVE to govern me! I allow my spirit to dominate me!

    Immature Christians will feel slighted or puffed up. If they are criticized – or even imagine that they are – they are restless uneasy and full of self pity. On the other hand , If they are noticed and appreciated they feel lifted up and full of self importance
    Baby Christians are always thinking of what others think about them

    The nature believer is God conscious and ever conscious of what Gods word says about him and to him !!

    I make the adjustment ! I grow up !!!! I focus only on what HE says!! I put his words first and believe them only!!! I abide in him and I GROW UP!

  4. Chapter 2/ We are all new born babies, and we all needed to be taken care of. The first thing that attracts you to a baby is it’s innocence. Even though innocence belongs to the babyhood stage of Christianity , it is one characteristic we should never outgrow. We should maintain this state of innocence for the simple reason that if we don’t , we will fall under condemnation of the devil and be defeated in spiritual life! We should always remain teachable as we grow older , not thinking we”know-it-all” or you can’t tell me anything attitude! Babies are ignorant they put everything in their mouth from their hands to spiders even poisonous foods. I will be wise about what goes into my spiritual mouth and what I read. We are what we eat. The same thing is true Spiritually , you are what you read! I will not any longer be easily frustrated , easily distracted or be in a place of easily hurt this is growing up in Him!!! Peter said that we should be getting milk and we would grow thereby! To grow up spiritually!

  5. Chapter 1-
    A life filled to the brim With Christ!!!!! I really liked these verses in Ben Campbell Johnson-Ephesians 4:13-15 The ultimate fulfillment of the family of God depends upon each member reaching His full potential as Christ did, yet keeping in Unity with the other family members while fully experiencing his individuality. As we grow toward maturity we must not be seduced by shortcuts, devices created by men to deter us from serious growth. But as we continue to share honestly with each other, we help one another grow to our full potential as Christpersons in unity with Christ our head. GOSH!!! We are all in process- TOGETHER… no competition or comparison- TOGETHER!!!!! To reach maturity- TO GROW UP!!!! Gosh!!! growth is vital for believers! We have to continue growing and learning!

    Chapter 2- Drink with TOTAL ABANDONMENT… we are to drink of the Word totally abandoning all so the word can go to work in our lives, so we can grow up in Him!! We have to be so aware of what we take in every arena of life! AWARE!!!!!! We want to grow up but stay innocent in a sense that THERES ALWAYS MORE AND WE HAVENT ARRIVED KNOWING ALL, BUT CONTINUING IN HIM IS WHERE IT IS at! We should watch and read things that put faith in us not take it out!

    Chapter 3-BE NO MORE CHILDREN- GROW UP!!! Omg!!!!! Children in the natural are unsteady… unreliable.. impressionable…spasmodic….Spiritual children are the same way. I looked up spasmodic-it’s fitful, isolated, irregular bursts! As a Christian we shouldn’t be found talking all the time about unnecessary things stuff or people. 🙅🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️I will learn the value of silence with the Help of the Holy Spirit!!!! A fellow of few words- GOSH!!!! That will be me- MORE PRAYING, less talking! I will be a person of thanksgiving! Humble and yielded to Him!

    Chapter 4-The things of this world should NEVER be bigger or hold a bigger place than the Word- HIM!!!!!! You cannot put earthly things above spiritual things and grow spiritually! We should be a people who TRUST HIM & aren’t about the money, the fame, the recognition, NONE OF IT but esteem Him as bigger, knowing he’s got us as we seek first His kingdom! His things pay a higher dividend than any amount of money!!!!!! When his things are first we can count on THE ALL THINGS TO BE ADDED TO US without no thought about it or concern! It is Vital we evaluate the cost about everything and hear The Holy Spirit on everything! And I’m not talking about a money evaluation but the cost of what’s more important!!!!! HIS THINGS ARE WHERE ITS AT!!! Nothing absolutely nothing rivals that!!!! It’s so so so important we ARE LED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT!!!! I like in the chapter where he said WE NEED EACH OTHER. WE NEED THE FELLOWSHIP OF ONE ANOTHER. GOSH!!!! Once again so thankful so thankful 😭😭😭😭🥰🥰🥰🥰 WE NEED TO PUT GOD FIRST! We should go to church because we love God and want to worship Him. It has everything to do with Him and nothing to do with ourselves or others! It’s up to us to set the right example as moms and dad and as his kids! THE LAW OF LOVE SHOULD GOVERN US AND WE SHOULDNT BE A PEOPLE WHO ARE INFLUENCED OR AFFECTED BY WHAT ORHERS THINK OF US! WE SHOULD BE ALL THE WAY SEEK FIRST THE KINGDOM-HIM BEING NUMERO UNO!!!!!!!! GOD CONSCIENCE!!! Aware of Him and His things!

  6. Chapter 5

    Wow I LOVED this chapter !
    The opportunity to know him as FATHER!!! Loving tender and kind!
    When I know him as Father then all worry and fear leaves !!!
    My daddy has me !!! I trust him !

  7. Chapter 3/ This chapter was so good. Children in the natural are unsteady, unreliable , impressionable , spasmodic. And Spiritual children are the same way.Children are full of curiosity so are spiritual children. OMG ! I will mind my own business and be quiet! Praying more being led by the Holy Spirit what to say and not say. Shutting up will grow us up Spiritually.lf we are just blabbing all the time you can’t hear the Spirit of God tell you anything! In the multitude of Words there wanteth not sin….Ecclesiastes 5:3 we need to learn to be quiet! I will learn the value of silence! To be wise that we are not taken up with vain talking. I want to make sure that I’m praying more growing up spiritually and not spending all my time talking about natural things ,but being about His business! Spending time with Him and loving Him everyday!!!!

  8. Chapter 1//God wants us to grow!!! “reaching maturity” I like that so much! There is a goal in mind; I am on the path; and I will continue…no matter how much I know, there is more 🙂

    Chapter 2//We should always maintain a state of innocence; I will continue to stay innocent and even more innocent of the darkness around me by not putting my eyes, ears or mouth on it.
    I will stay teachable; no matter how much I know, there is more!! I WILL NOT PUT MY MOUTH ON THINGS THAT HAVE NO BUSINESS BEING IN MY MOUTH IN JESUS’ NAME!!
    I WILL NOT READ THINGS THAT TAKE FAITH OUT OF ME!! “You are what you read.”
    This was my favorite: babies are easily frustrated, easily distracted, and easily hurt! I am growing up in Jesus’ name!!

    Chapter 3//Children are unsteady; they can’t be depended upon…unsteady and unreliable; by the grace of God I am growing up!! LEARN TO BE QUIET AND TEND TO YOUR OWN BUSINESS!! This is soo great!! Spiritual children don’t know when to shut-up! I will be more and more quiet!! When I am talking all the time I will be guilty of at least three sins: evil speaking, vain speaking, and foolish speaking…by His grace I am quiet!!
    I won’t sing about, focus on or keep my mouth on ME…but on who He is in me!!!!!!!!!! I will not grow spiritually feeding on natural things!! I CHOOSE TO GROW SO I WILL FEED ACCORDINGLY!!

    Chapter 4//I am growing: spiritual manhood is represented by esteeming earthly things lightly, deadness to praise, and the ability to recognize God at work; like Moses I will choose His things over the success found in the world.
    I really liked this statement, ” You cannot put earthly things above spiritual things and grow spiritually.”
    “It’s not wrong to have money, it is wrong for money to have you.”
    I determine in my heart to put spiritual things first!!!!!!!!!!!
    This was soooo good:
    Immature Christians will feel slighted or puffed up.
    Baby Christians are self-conscious, and ever conscious of what others are thinking about them.
    The mature believer is God-conscious, and ever conscious of what God’s Word says about him and to him.
    When you see God at work in things, you can rejoice whatever is going on!!!

    I forgot how great this book was!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  9. Chapter 1// God wants us to grow!! It is a process.. one day at a time

    Chapter 2// I really liked where it talked about we all start out as babies, but there are people that can help is along the way. I’m so grateful for out church and the amazing family we have there, that help along the way. Iron sharpens iron. We are INNOCENT, and have no past 🙌🏻 I will remain reachable and open always!! HUNGRY.,, I likes the part where it talks about what you watch and read. We have to be wise it’s so important.

    chapter 3// I’m so reminded in this chapter that only my business is mine. And to keep my nose out of other peoples business. And how Important it is to keep my mouth CLOSED!!! My kids are looking up to me , I’m their greatest example.. so. I’m gonna SHUT-UP. It said over and over be careful with your words.

    Chapter 4// I liked this. Esteem earthly things lightly. This reminded me about the class P.C. Teaches at deep. How we are to hold things. Gods things= heavy ; earthly things = light. So good. And that we should have a God-conscious to see him and his word ❤️

  10. Chapter 5 was SOO GOOD TO ME!!!!!!

    LIVE ONE DAY AT A TIME!!!!!!!!! Seek first the kingdom and ALL THINGS WILL BE ADDED TO YOU!! We should become acquainted with our Heavenly Father and becoming acquainted with Him is Growth; it’s done by reading His Word, getting to know what the Word says about Him! GOD THE FATHER IS MY FATHER! HE CARES FOR ME! HE IS INTERESTED IN ME! 😭 GOSH!!!!! He loves me, he hears me, he sees me, He knows me, He’s got me!!!!! He is interested in every single one of His children individually-WITH THE SAME LOVE! Which once again takes out all competition or comparison for anyone!!!! HE LOVES HIS KIDS & IS INTERESTED IN EACH OF THEM THE SAME! Our Father is tender not harsh or religious! We are commanded to Love! Walking in love allows us the opportunity to walk in Gods realm, for God is love! We don’t have to be afraid to face life’s problems because He is with us!!!! We are NEVER alone because He is with us!!! There is NOTHING to fear! He is my light deliverance, my strength!!!!! He loves me❤️

  11. Chapter4/ This chapter helps us recognize where we are in our growing up Spiritually . One is too esteem earthly things lightly.The Father does want us to prosper but not at the expense of leaving Him out of the equation.He wants us to have the good things in life , Isaiah 1:19 If ye be willing and obedient , ye shall eat the good of the land! Such a BIG deal! Not putting those things first or letting earthly things have us.I must not esteem earthly things first.But Him! We are to have a saintly dignity about ourselves toward God not a carnal independence, but the law of love to govern us like it did Paul! I don’t want to be touchy , easily puffed up or resentful when someone says something about me or when I’m told to do things by my Pastors or Leaders a certain way! Just to do it God’s way is the best way only way every time! Letting the love of God dominate me.Anything less is still an immature Christian !!!! I really liked this statement —When I can see God at work in things, I can rejoice whatever is going on!!!! 😍♥️

  12. Chapter 6
    Chapter 6-WOW!!! This chapter really sharpened me… it allowed me to see things in a way that literally knocked me to my knees status! I’m thankful for the opportunity to grow and not stay in the same place!

    I AM A LOVE CHILD OF A LOVE GOD. Gods nature is in me so it’s in me to be able to love no matter what situation or circumstance would arise or no matter how unlovely an individual may be. LOVE ISN’T SELFISH.. love gives!!!!!! Natural human love = selfish! I WILL LET LOVE DOMINATE ME… love transforms, it makes a difference… Love is in me and I don’t want it stagnant, waisted because of Self…. Letting love dominate believes the best, sees the best, and expects the best!! I really liked when he mentioned we can grow in love and not being made perfect in love yet but by golly we can be on our way! I WILL GROW IN LOVE! Gosh it really made me breathe lol and know I haven’t arrived but it’s okay just keep growing in love! I am taking “I” & “me” Out of the equation TODAY!!!!!!!!!! This isn’t about me but about GIVING!!!! What can I give!!!!! Love gives!!!!!! I will be humble……. I will Believe the best in EVERYONE! I won’t quit I’ll keep on keeping on! I’m continuing!!!!!!

  13. Chapter5/ This chapter was beautiful to me. When Brother Hagin was describing his version of Psalm 23 I thought about how everymorning I get up I can hear my Father say Good morning My daughter, and my day just got better and better as I had our quiet time together! I know my Father has my back all day! He wants me to know He is as close to me as the very breath I breeth There is nothing more important or matters more than to know He loves me , He will never leave me, Gosh!!!! my Father doesn’t even sleep but is just waiting for me to wake up and talk and walk with Him all day long!!!!! He is most beautiful , wonderful, so good and kind! How could we not want to be like Him so others can know Him as their Father and be set free??!!!!!♥️

  14. Chapter 7

    I have to gain knowledge so I can grow! Life takes time!!!!! It’s a process….. i think of a book being written, the time it takes, the hours put into it to edit, etc… The book took time to come to the finished product of being on the shelf to buy and just the same way it will take time for me to grow up in Him! 🙌🏼🙌🏼 I have to have my eyes on the right things! I have to have the right diet… I HAVE TO KNOW THE WORD FOR MYSELF and that only comes by reading the word and reading the word! I have to develop and grow myself! 🙌🏼🙌🏼FULL GROWN & MATURE- my goal……….. 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 I’m so so thankful for the RIGHT teachers & pastors he’s placed in my life! I NEED TO BE TAUGHT!!! I like how he said one reason we haven’t grown is, we’ve preached to believers like they were sinners. We’ve treated them like they were sinners and fed them like they were sinners until it undermined their faith. OMG!!! Soooo good! We need to present Gods blessing and Gods power in such a way that folks want to do it, and get so hungry they can’t help but do it. We don’t force!!!!!! HE CAME SO WE COULD HAVE ZOE!! LIFE!!! We have to live that life now- ABUNDANT LIVING-NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!EASY & LIGHT! I belong to God. I serve God. I believe God.

  15. Chapter 8

    There’s the natural man, carnal man, and the spiritual man. The natural man has never been born again, this man doesn’t know Jesus as His Lord! The carnal man has been born again but never develops or grows up! I WILL GROW UP! This man is governed by His body, by physical senses rather than by the Spirit! The spiritual man is one who develops in divine things. His spirit gains ascendancy over his body and physical senses. God governs Him through the Word! SOOO GOOD!

    Chapter 9

    The natural man is motivated by the flesh- a physical man and is Fathered by the Devil himself. The only way the flesh has any expression is through physical senses. Born again believers have a knowledge that is above flesh, it is revelation knowledge! It comes from the Spirit! Natural people can’t understand that because they walk according to the course of the world. They literally have no hope! I’m so thankful I’ve been saved! 🙌🏼
    As a child of God we have a standing and we have rights! 🙌🏼 I’m thankful he made something out of nothing and put me somewhere when I was no where! 😭

  16. Chapter 6/ This chapter is the best I have ever read on the God kind of love(agape) human love is so selfish. To be loved by the One who is love, WOW! it just doesn’t get any better than that! (Love) I will not be touchy, fretful, resentful, it takes no account of the evil done to it —pays no attention to a suffered wrong ! OMG! When are we going to get this one? Here is our love thermometer , or my Love gauge.Very easy to find out whether or not I’m walking in Love! When we walk in the Spirit , we won’t take an account of the evil done to us! When are we going to believe it is only the Love of God that puts us on top in the long run? In every relationship, marriages, our families, jobs, church! After reading this chapter and goin back over it I will walk in this kind of Love it’s the Word nothing else matters more. For this LOVE will never fail!!!! Never fail me , because God is LOVE!!!!♥️

  17. Chapter 1//
    Perfect simply means to reach maturity not at all to be perfect by the worlds standards. We are called to mature spiritually!
    Physical and spiritual growth go hand-in-hand…we are called to grow in both ways but spiritually we must put forth the effort in order to actually grow.

    Chapter 2//
    It’s our job to follow up with the new believers in the church… pray with them, talk to them, and just be there for them in order to see that they grow.
    No one thinks that the baby is having a past. It doesn’t have one. If you are a newborn baby in Christ you don’t have any past. When you receive Jesus the past is erased, it’s gone, it does not exist!!! we need to get to the place where we believe this and move on so that we can grow and be all that God has called us to be.
    Innocence is one characteristic that we should never outgrow. We need to keep an open spirit and a teachable spirit, as well as an innocent spirit, toward God and man.
    I really like when he was talking about the different books and the doctrine that could easily get you messed up. It just reinforced the fact of what you feed on is important and that it’s a BIG DEAL to know your voices in every season. Even if they seem good.. be led on everything you feed on!!

    Chapter 3//
    The effort you put forth speaks more than the words that you say. You can’t just say you’re all in and have someone’s back and turn around and walk away or never show up. You have to do what you say you’re going to do or you will not be trusted.
    Curiosity is a characteristic of a child.. we must learn to be quiet and tend to our own business.
    Humility and sensitivity to His voice is necessary in order for Him to use us.
    You cannot grow spiritually and spend all your time talking about natural things.

    Chapter 4//
    I really liked how he talked about 3 John 2!! The definitions he put in parentheses are soo good to me. He wants me to prosper in every way but to prosper in material and physical things I have a responsibility in keeping my soul in a place of spiritual prosperity!! When my soul is prospering, the others will be automatic!
    You must determine in your heart to put spiritual things first no matter what!
    The whole story of Joseph was so good.. he could have got mad and offended at his brothers.. the wine taster, etc but that would have stopped his progress!! Offense of any kind.. no matter how “right” it seems… will stop promotion of every kind!!

  18. Chapter 7/ It’s really my responsibility to come off of the milk of the Word. To grow up comes from the meat of God’s Word. When the Bible talks about our becoming a perfect man, the terminology “knowledge of the Son of God”in Ephesians 4:13. It infers that it is this knowledge which will cause us to become full grown, and cause us to become mature! I really like what Paul’s three positive confessions were:I belong to God. I serve God. I believe God. And this is what caused him to rise. Thank God ! I can say I belong to Him. I serve Him. I believe Him! Hallelujah ♥️

  19. Chapter 4 Highs:://

    ://I cannot put anything earthly above spiritual things and grow. It made me think of times in the service where PD has said you can’t do the same thing and expect change. It’s just not possible and foolish to think things will be different. So I must prioritize my times with The Father and really go into all my quiet times expecting to learn and grow and believe within myself that yes Fran you are going to put the word to work.

    ://In this chapter it also talked about evaluating the things you are doing. Because school is fixing to start we will have a new routine and we will be putting away all electronics at 9 and spend an hour reading something pertaining to the word. I wanna be full of his things more than tv.

    ://I also like how in this chapter he mentioned not being influenced or affected by what others think of you. There are way more important things to think on if I have pleased so and so or if so and so likes me. The Father loves me. I was chose and made right and holy because of Him so others and their opinions shouldn’t carry more weight than the Fathers.

  20. It is amazing to me how simple this book is but yet how profound!!

    Chapter 5//Our growth is tied to how we choose to be acquainted with our Heavenly Father. He is everything the Word says He is; we get to know Him through the Word. I really liked the part about not worrying about tomorrow; God doesn’t want His children full of worry or full of fretting. BIG STATEMENT: “WE hold the same relationship to the Father that Jesus did when He walked on earth.” OMG!! That is amazing!!
    I am not alone because the Father is with me!!! I will choose to allow His presence to be more real to me than anything else!
    Another BIG STATEMENT, “The Father Himself knows you, and He loves you and He longs to bless you.”
    Bro. Hagin said, “You can do anything. You can rise to the place where you’re afraid in the most unpleasant circumstances because you know that your Father is on your side.” Overall this chapter was sooo encouraging!! “I made man so I would have someone to fellowship with…” OMG!

    Chapter 6//EVERYONE SHOULD READ THIS CHAPTER OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER LOL!! “As the children of God we have the nature of God in us. And God’s nature is love. So it is natural for us, spiritually, to love. But if I let my outward man and my mind dominate me, that love nature in my heart is kept prisoner. Let’s release the love of God that’s within us.”
    “Here is the love thermometer. Here is the love gauge. It’s very easy to find out whether you’re walking in love. When you begin to take account of the evil done to you, you’re walking in love. OMG!!! I DON’T EVEN LIKE ACCOUNTING!! WHY WOULD I EVER TAKE ACCOUNT OR KEEP THESE KINDS OF RECORDS!! LOL!! I think sometimes we feel like we should as a means of protecting ourselves in the future! I’m done!! NO ACCOUNTING!! LOL!!
    I really liked the last few statements in this chapter… ” I’m not going to quit just because I haven’t made it yet. I’m going to keep after it. Thank God for His Word! Thank God for His love!”

    Chapter 7//I can’t grow without the knowledge of who I am in Christ…IN HIM realities!!! YESSSSS!!! How can I rule and reign until I know that I have power over all the power of the enemy? I like that Bro. Hagin said you can’t build a prayer life just on praying; you have to build yourself up in the Word also…it is word and spirit 😉 In Him I have the zoe kind of life; I have rest; I have peace!
    “I belong to Him. I serve Him. I believe Him.”

    Chapter 8//Carnal man: new creature that has never grown or developed! Gross by His grace that will not be me; governed only by 5 senses.
    Spiritual man: one who has developed in divine things; God governs him through His Word.
    I will let the Word dominate my 5 senses!!!

    Chapter 9//Natural man: satan ruled; cannot please God;
    Born-again believers have access to knowledge above the flesh; above the senses called revelation knowledge;
    This was so good to me, “What you are not up on, you are down on!” OMG!!

    Chapter 10//Carnal man: believers who let their flesh dominate them; body ruled!
    Carnal Christians have not learned the love walk or love law. “Backbiting, bitterness, and jealousy are signs of underdevelopment on the believer.
    I am Christ’s therefore I will reflect Him by His grace!!

  21. My Chapter 4 High is to determine in your heart to put spiritual things first. I love how the book, tied in with second service this morning also. PD talked about Matthew 6:33 and in Romans 12 about us offering our lives back as being really the least I can do. I want to be this woman of God who only hungers Gods things. I believe as I make more changes this will become more and more of a reality. Even now just making the choice of reading over tv has been so much more beneficial. ♥️♥️

  22. Chapter 10 highs
    Born again believers have a knowledge that is above the senses. Revelation knowledge this knowledge is revealed to us through the word of God. The Bible brings me revelation knowledge that my psychical senses can not grasp. This was broken down so easy for me. I’m so thankful for revelation knowledge. I don’t want to be lead by my senses or my flesh that limits me. I want everything God has for me and I can do that until I get outside myself!! This book has been amazing!!!

  23. Chapter 10
    A carnal believer is led by the Flesh. Too much of the time in Christians the outward man dominates the inward. As long as he does, they will remain babies and carnal. They will walk just like the World does. If we choose to live by senses and flesh we are still babies and there’s no evidence of growth in our lives! Carnal Christians have not learned the love law nor the love walk. When you love one another you won’t walk in envy and strife and jealousy and division. SOOOO GOOD! When we begin walking in divine love, Bible love, the God kind of love, we stop being jealous; we stop strife and divisions and backbiting. Backbiting, bitterness, and jealousy are signs of underdevelopment on the part of the believer. Being selfish causes us to be this way! Gosh!!! I will continually grow out of me day by day!!!!! The more I read this the more I want NOTHING to do with Self!!!!! It’s like my eyes have been illuminated in a new way and I refuse to stay a baby👶🍼!!!!! I WILL GROW BECAUSE GOD WANTS ME TOO AND HE IS MY DADDY! I really liked how he mentioned him being grateful for God being patient with us and how he helps us! GOSH IM SO AWARE I NEED HIS HELP AND I CANT DO THIS WITHOUT HIM!!!!! I will pray in tongues more than ever!!!!! I WILL GROW!!! I so liked the ending of this chapter and how we shouldn’t beat anyone over the head but we should give them something, we should put something in them! It so ministered to me…..

  24. Chapter5// I’m so grateful I’m HIS… he cares for me and watches over me 🙌🏻 We grow by spending time with him and feeding on his word ❤️ I like where it said you can rise up you can do anything because you know your FATHER is on your side,. He meets all my needs

    Chapter 6//I am born of love, Gods love. I will let the love shine not keep it wrapped up, I will let HIS LOVE DOMINATE ME 🙌🏻🙌🏻 Love never fails. I will love. And I will see and believe the best In Everyone. SO SO GOOD And I want to grow in love until perfected. He is so good

    Chapter 7// this chapter was so good. We have to feed on His word to grow to be closer to him. And we have no excuses because we are fed a good word, and taught so good. I believe I’m growing by receiving knowledge and revelation from HIS WORD

    Chapter 8&9// I’m so thankful I have been made to walk by faith.. I don’t want to go by my senses. We need only to be led by the Holy Spirit.. when we go by our senses we act like we’re not saved. He paid a high price and we should walk and talk and act like it. This is such a GOOD book ❤️

  25. Chapter 8/ The carnal man is saved , but has never developed or grown. The Spiritual man is one who has developed in divine things. His spirit has gained the ascendancy over his intellectual processes. This was so good and what our Pastor has preached to us about the intellect! And his spirit has also gained the ascendancy over his body and his physical senses! I don’t want to live by my 5 senses , but led by the Spirit letting God govern me through the Word!This is so good!!!!😍

  26. Chapter 11//HUGE statement: “The spiritual man is one who knows what belongs to him in Christ Jesus, and takes advantage of it.” THIS IS US AT CHOOSELIFE!!!!
    “The spiritual man has saturated himself in love, the love of God.”
    “To grow, the believer must come to know what he is in Christ, and what Christ is in him.” By His grace this will be me!!
    Ok, major growth alert: “I base nothing on feelings. I base everything on the Word!!” YESSS!!
    This is even HUGER, “We need to become conscious of the Holy Spirit’s indwelling presence and learn to walk in the light of the Word on this subject. Then in time of crisis we would remain calm and collected, because we’d know the Bible is so whether or not it “seems like” it is.
    The Spiritual man knows his inheritance…knows he has ability!!
    Feeding on the Word grows us up!! WE ARE GROWING! GLORY!!
    “The Spiritual man is the one in whom the Word has gained the acendancy over his mind and over his body. It has brought him into harmony with the will of God, for the Word of God is the will of God.”

    Chapter 12//We have to feed right! Focus on the epistles!! LOVE THIS!! And understand God is love. I can always tell where I am by my love!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    “If you’re ever going to grow and develop out of the babyhood state, you will have to learn to feed this love nature the Word of God and exercise this love nature in the arena of life. Then you will grow in love.”
    HUGE: “Love is absolutely to govern the heart life of the church.”

    “How many of us are seeking our own good? Most of us (LOL!!). When love does not rule, then the motives of life become distorted; conduct becomes abnormal, and the body rules the spirit–causing the mind to be brought into captivity to earthly things.” GROSS!! This will not be us!!

    “The primal need of man is to have his mind renewed!” PREACH!!!!!!!!!!!

    Chapter 13//What a powerful way to end this book and SO ENCOURAGING!!
    You will not grow up spiritually overnight…He is patient with us and we will be patient with each other!
    “Every step out of love is sin.”
    “Every word said out of love is sin.”
    The WORD is spiritual food!!

    Soo grateful for this book! I am growing up in Jesus’ name!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Chapter 11

    The Spiritual man know what belongs to him in Christ Jesus & takes advantage of it. The Spiritual man drinks deeply of Gods word. This man has come to know the Father in reality. GOD will become more and more real to me because I refuse to give up but continue in His Word & in every facet of Him, His things! OMG!!! But for real!!! As I read Bro Hagin state in the book that He became more acquainted with God more than with anything or anybody else literally I cried because I WANT THAT!!!!!!!!!! 😭😭 I want to be more conscious of God my Daddy more So than anything or anybody else! Knowing the Holy Ghost isn’t about a feeling! We don’t go by feelings on any given day but we base everything on The Word. The Holy Ghost is with us Forever….. he never leaves us! The Holy Ghost doesn’t come and go. Gosh I like how Bro Hagin said the Holy Ghost is a representative of God to show you the way out and lead you back when you fall into sin. SOOO GOOD!!! Having the Holy Ghost in you is having everything you would ever need on the inside of you to be put over in this life! He will help me!!!!!!!! In and of ourselves we have no understanding it is only by the Spirit of God that we do. A spiritual man knows his inheritance. We have a right as His kids to enjoy our share of our inheritance! It’s vital we know what’s ours and we can only know it through the Word and with the help of the Holy Ghost. We have Gods ability, His power and it’s by rcving the Holy Ghost. GREATER IS HE THATS IN YOU!! He’s in me!!! I have His ability! Omg!!!!! Gosh from here on out I won’t look at hard times the same! I have Gods ability in me-the Holy Ghost and I can lean back and rest and know he will bring me out!!!!! THE WORD WILL BE BIGGER not my feelings, not my ideas, not my thoughts, not what I may be facing or going through! NO! Nothing will be bigger than His Word!!!

  28. My highs from Chapter 5 are://

    //: The Smith Wigglesworth quote, “I cant understand God but feelings. I understand God The Father by what the word says about Him. He is everything the word says he is. Get acquainted with the Father thru the word.” I love the reminder that it’s not based on how I feel, if I’m sleepy or tired or simply don’t want to. I live my life to pleas God not myself ♥️

    //: I also like through out the chapter it saying not to worry or to care. Since reading this I find myself really looking to my thoughts and when I start to worry or meditate on the negative I simply have been saying a praying and handing that stuff over to God 🙏🏼

    //: Hebrews 13:5-6 was also a fav!! He is my helper and he most definitely has always taken care of me as I reflect back on my life. I don’t need to do anything but read and believe his word and line up my choices to his way. I’m so grateful for his love and help.

    //: and finally my last high from this chapter is the very end of it when all The Father’s desire is to spend time with me. He wants to talk, laugh, cry all of it. He desires to be part of my life like any good parent does. Like I want to be part of my boys life. That last page in this chapter really was a revelation moment for me. 🙌🏼

  29. I have finished the book Growing up Spiritually, and here are some of my highs, but I just about highlighted the whole book lol
    1. He may be judge to the world, and God to the sinner, but He’s Father to me! Pg 65&66 revolutionized me!!! I’ve began talking and walking and fellowshipping with him as my daddy, and sitting in his presence like never before!!!
    2. When I was born again he became my father. He is a LOVE God. I am a LOVE CHILD OF A LOVE GOD!!! is ever ready to believe the best of every person!!! I believe the best, I am choosing today to grow in love and believe the very best of everyone!!!!
    4. When we begin walking in divine love, Christian love, bible love, the God kind of love, we stop being jealous; we stop strife and division and backbiting. Those those are signs of underdevelopment! We can’t be selfish, sensitive or easily hurt, bcuz then we are still babies in Christ and cannot grow.
    5. Pg 129, where he talks about making the father more real to him than his wife, to be more acquainted with him, more real to him than his own children!!!
    YESSSS, to know him more to grow in him to the place where I radiate Jesus!!!
    I really really enjoyed this book, it so ministered to me and has changed my entire quiet time, my day to day and I’m just grateful so grateful for our church and our pastors and that we get fed meat!!!!

  30. Chapter 9/ In Ephesians 2:1-3 this is a picture of the natural walk of man. He is walking according to the course of the world. He is walking according to the prince of the power of the air . Plainly put this is the devil! Wow !!!! I don’t think I’ve ever seen this so clearly as now! Doing the desires of the flesh or his senses. He is by nature the child of wrath.This describes the man outside of Jesus! This was all of us before we were saved! And this a picture of everybody who is not now saved! But thank God he can come to the Lord Jesus and be born-again, become a member of the body of Christ; then he has a standing and he has rights! Praise God! I’m so thankful that people that come to Chooselife Church have this opportunity every week each time Pastor Dean makes the Altar call! They will know the truth and the truth will set them free. There is a way out— Jesus said “ I’am the Way, I’am the Truth, I’am the Life!”

  31. Chapter 6 highs://

    :/John13:34 Thank you Father for loving the unlovely!!! This part also challenged me to love those who are also unlovely. I didn’t deserve to be loved but God loves me and others need to know that too and it’s my responsibility to reflect that and be loving just like My Father ♥️

    :/Love does not insist on its own way!! It believes God and believes in love and that God is the best way!! When I get frustrated or upset that things aren’t going how I wanted to in my head that’s like the siren going off!! Fran ur walking out of love and my que to get with The Father and get back in line.

    :/ mix love with everything!! I cannot do one thing that will profit if I leave the love out. The Holy Spirit reminded me to always ask myself why are you doing what you are doing to make sure the intentions of my heart are always where they should be!! Letting love be my guide!!! ♥️♥️

  32. Chapter 10/ This was in a way a funny chapter but I learned a lot from it I didn’t know! To remain carnal is a devil robber , period,of what the Father has for us. God wants us to grow!There is no other way to grow out of the carnel state except to grow out of it. We have to begin growing on the milk of the Word. That’s what Paul was trying to get the Corinthian church to do, and he didn’t tell them they weren’t saved either.They were filled with the Holy Spirit, had the gifts of the spirit , but had not learned the Love law or the Love walk! Gosh! I didn’t realize how much of the church live this way or why! After reading this I ask how can this be? To be selfish, sensitive and can be hurt is the answer, you are still a babe in Christ and cannot grow! WOW! I’ve been in this very place and If I don’t watch it and continue in what I know and be a doer of God’s Word the enemy comes right back to pull me into his lies! It’s so true what Bro. Hagin said Praying in tongues is the answer. The Spirit is to be our Teacher! To get quiet taking the time to be still in the Spirit, God can commicate with your Spirit because it becomes sensitive to Him, for He is a Spirit! This will change our life , help us to be a greater blessing to our church and do some growing up!Praise God!!! I’m hungry for more of Him and want to do grow more!

  33. Chapter 12
    If I want to continue to grow I have to have the right diet! Gods nature is love. As his child I have the love nature in me but I have to be willing to feed myself from the Word in that area if I want to grow! The only way I can continue growing out of babyhood is feeding on the Word of Hod and acting on that Word-becoming a doer of the Word! I have the power of God working in me. I have the ability of God in me. I have to be willing to yield to that and not my flesh!

    Chapter 13
    Gosh this chapter was so encouraging to me!!! LIFE TAKES TIME! I just continue growing in Him! I don’t get off the Word but continue! A baby doesn’t stay a baby forever but it takes time for the baby to develop and grow. The same for my life! I won’t be in a hurry but I will be intentional and aware and continue keeping on and not letting go of Him and His Word!

  34. Chapter 10// we should pour into everyone we come in contact with and not take away from them. Love people. ❤️❤️ I do not want to be a carnel person, one who goes by the feelings and senses. No no. I want to keep growing. No strife or envy or jealousy. He loves me. I’m so grateful he is patient and have new mercy for me. I’m sooo grateful

  35. Chapter 11// was so good. A spiritual man will know what he has and take advantage of what he has In Christ Jesus. When you continue to grow in the knowledge of the word, this is what will sustain you. This is how you grow up. Feed on the word. I like we’re he said God became more real to him than his wife and kids. I want this. It takes time and determination. But just one day at a time spending time with him, I’ll get there ❤️

  36. Chapter11/ The Spiritual man will know his inheritance is in the light—for the light of God’s Word will shine in and open it to Him.He’ll know He has the ability to enjoy it.God is our ability! That Ability reveals itself in unveiling the treasures of the grace of God that belong to us.As we feed on the Word of God we will grow up spiritually into the image and unto the stature of the Son of God! The Spiritual man has gained the ascendancy over his mind and over his body. It has brought him into harmony with the Will of God. The Word!!!!!🙌😍

  37. Chapter 1// just like we grow up physically, God wants us to grow up spiritually! This isn’t about perfection but about “reaching maturity”.

    Chapter 2// I like the part when he talked about never outgrowing the state of innocence. The enemy wants me condemned but my past is forgiven and forgotten! I’m innocent! Just like a baby doesn’t know it all, we should also be teachable always! Not just toward God but toward man! God wants to bring me to a place where I’m not easily frustrated, distracted, and hurt!! Hallelujah! This will only come by growing up in the Word!

  38. Chapter 7:// Growth is all about the word, you cannot grow up without the word, plain and simple. This chapter reminded me that I need more word in that I need of the world.

    Chapter 8:// Even though this chapter was short I liked how it broke down the three different types of man you can be.

    Chapter 9:// Born again believers have a knowledge that is above the flesh, above the senses. It could rightly be called revelation knowledge. This knowledge is revealed to us in the Word of God. The word is the most important thing, it is my way to bring God’s life to my life!! It will help me in EVERY area!!

    Chapter 10:// This chapter brought to light areas in my life that I allow to still be governed by physical senses or the flesh, I don’t want to continue to make excuses and walk in the ways of a natural man. This means more word intake for me!!!

    Chapter 11:// GRACE!! It’s not over night and there is no such thing as perfect!! Every day I start with My Father and invite him in is progress!

  39. Chapter12/If we are ever to grow out of the babyhood state, we have to learn to feed this love nature on the Word of God, and exercise this love nature in the arena of life . Then we will grow and grow in His Love! It won’t happen any other way! My mind has to be continually renewed in the Word if God or I will stay in the babyhood stage! The real me is the man on the inside —the Spirit man. He does want transfigured bodies too, but we are to be meditating on and practicing the Word of God! This is life , this is my life now until I see Him! Living in His Love is the key for Growing Up -Spiritually !!!!♥️

  40. Chapter 3// spiritual children are unsteady, curious, and talk all the time! I love how we have also been learning about our Legos and how we need to talk less! I need to tend to my own business and not be curious or talking about what doesn’t concern me. I can’t grow up spiritually and spend all my time talking about natural things!!! So good!! I’m going to be more aware and intentional of what interests me!

  41. Chapter 13/ This Book was so the Best yet! Here are my final highs: We can’t be discouraged because we don’t grow up over night. Anymore than we can that we didn’t grow up spiritually overnight or anymore that we didn’t grow up mentally or physically overnight. But there is no need for us not growing! We can go on to perfection, so I will not stop or quit!!!!! The full grown Christian won’t either, because he knows that Jesus is right there to represent him at the right hand of the Father! There may be times we fail to walk in love, but we don’t have to stay there, I will just get up and keep going on with Him again and again! Thank you Jesus !♥️

  42. Chapter 4// You must esteem spiritual things more than the dollar, more than earthly things! His things must be first!! It’s not worth it to have anything else first! He wants us blessed both spiritually and physically! When you can see God at work in things, you can rejoice whatever is going on! So good!

  43. What a great book!! I just finished it tonight and feel like God used this book to show me some major points of growth!

    Chpt 2/ keep an open, teachable, innocent spirit toward God and man.
    Chpt 3/ I liked when he said his son has never heard his parents say one word about any deacon, Sunday school teacher, superintendent, or church person. Don’t talk about people period!!
    Chpt 4/ spiritual things must come first if you are to be spiritual. Baby Christians are self conscious and ever conscious of what others are thinking about them. Don’t be childish!!
    Chpt 5/his interpretation of the 23rd psalm is awesome! He restoreth my soul. He keeps me quiet. He makes me normal again. He brushes away my fears and anxieties. He holds me and breathes into me courage and faith.
    Chpt 6/the love of god in you bears up under anything! I believe the best about everyone! If you walk in love you will never fail. Love never fails.
    Chpt 7/ everyone who uses milk is unskillful in the Word. Strong meat belongs to the mature. When he talked about how he would pray the Ephesians prayers over himself consistently and began to get greater revelation.
    Chpt 9/ born again believers have a knowledge above the flesh and it’s senses…revelation knowledge!!
    Chpt 10/ as long as you are sensitive and can be hurt you are a babe in Christ and cannot grow!!!! The only way out of this carnality is to grow out of it with the Word! Put something into people!
    Chpt 11/ I want to be more conscious of His presence than my loved ones’! I base nothing on feelings but on the Word.
    Chpt 12/ I am thoroughly convinced that if every Christian would get into 1 Cor 13 and 1 John and live there awhile, their life would be so different they’d have to pinch themselves and say, “is this me?” There is no place for underdevelopment!
    Chpt 13/it’s always the greatest concern of my life whether I know more about God and have grown any this year above last year.

  44. Highs from Chapter 5//

    Sometimes we do have to plan but God doesn’t want us full of worry! I don’t need to be anxious about anything. His nature compels Him to care for us, protect, and shield us! This is His love! I love when he said “We hold the same relationship to the Father that Jesus did when He walked the earth.” When you know how much He loves and cares for you, you won’t be afraid! I will rise to the place where I’m no longer afraid!

  45. Chapter 6 highs//
    Love is such a big deal, not only because that’s who God is but that’s who we are too as His kids! We have to choose to let this love dominate instead of our outward man and mind! The God kind of love isn’t interested in what I can get but in what I can give!!! I want to be a giver! Gosh, if God loves the unlovely so can I! And I refuse to take account of evil done to me! I will use the love of God that’s in my heart💜

  46. Chapter 7 highs// sometimes we don’t grow because of the wrong diet! You cannot feed on any unbelief but know the truth and stand on it confidently! I’m so grateful for a church that doesn’t sing songs of unbelief!!!💜

    Chapter 8 highs// my aim is to be a spiritual man and not be carnal!!

    Chapter 9 highs//
    More word is more revelation knowledge! Natural man cannot understand the Bible, he’s not up on spiritual things!

    Chapter 10 highs// a carnal man is dominated by physical senses, they should be beyond where they are in their spiritual development! As long as you let the outward man dominate the inward, you will remain carnal! As long as you are selfish, sensitive and can be hurt, you are a babe and cannot grow. I will determine to grow up and walk in divine love! Don’t stop believing in people and don’t stop believing in yourself!

    Ch 11 highs// the spiritual man knows what belongs to him in Jesus and takes advantage of it! I’m going to be more saturated in the Father’s love and spend more time in the Word and praying in the spirit so when situations come, I will be ready! Deliverance and redemption is my inheritance! The Word isn’t in you until it dominates you!

    Ch 12// I have to feed the love nature in me for me to grow! I realize how selfish I am, how carnal and I’m going to make some changes! My mind has to be renewed daily! I have the Holy Ghost to help me too!

    Ch 13/ every word, and act out of love is sin!! Love again is such a big deal! Genuine love! Spending time in the Word daily will feed our spirits! 💜like PD always says- life takes time!

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