Sunday, August 4

Service was so good today. I’m so thankful for the Word. Here are our highs from service.


  • When you are at war with yourself you have conflict with everyone else
  • Pride and insincerity give the enemy access
  • Faith is not generational nor is it relational although that can be influential- faith is personal

1st Service

  • When I pull back from distractions i’ll be more free
  • If you say you are free but you live bound you are self-deceived
  • Don’t be a compromising Christian
  • Calling evil good is nothing to play with

So, what were your highs from service?


  1. today was such a great day saying goodbye to the 5th graders going to jr high i believe they will be the light in their youth years (:

    jumpstart // pastor charity made the statement “if you are consistent spiritually then you will be consistent every where else” it’s not even hard! just be consistent in what’s most important! it’s the least i could do. then consistency in other places will happen with so much more grace

    1st service – legos // wow, lol! ephesians 4:29//when i talk i want it to be beneficial for others, not trash. i can’t call evil good but expect it to stay away from me! proverbs 17:11-14 is going to take some major meditation on… seriously calling evil good could jack up everything in my life and affect the lives of others around me

    kidz // dare to be daniel! i have a God given purpose there should be no reason to compromise. daniel was a great example when he was caught praying after the law was passed that no praying to any other god he went and prayed with windows opened and all! made it out of the lions den in perfect condition

  2. 1st service//BY HIS GRACE I will talk like I believe His Word is true! I will find the promise in His Word and say that!!!!!!!!!!
    I made a note for myself to watch my words more closely this week; all the words that aren’t His Words–are they in line with His words because if not I will SHUT-UP IN JESUS’ NAME!!
    Overcoming is a mouth and a heart thing!!

    2nd service//I am a speaking spirit made in His image.
    I liked when Pastor Dean shared about adult children; at some point young men and women have to make this personal for themselves!! The Father and His Word can be trusted!!
    If He is going to remain my firs love then I am going to have to fight!! 1 Timothy 6:12

    I LOVE THIS SERIES!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  3. Church was so good today! Here are my Highs:Temptations will come, but it’s what I do daily is how I will prevail! *My body or what I do tells my story! *I will surrender to faith, not hide or do things in the dark or be insincere!* I’m determined to be God -inside-minded!!! 1st/ Say it right or don’t say it! Gosh!!!!!! Jesus only said and only did what the Father told Him to say and do! I want to be so hungry for more of Him I will guard what I say and do!*If we’re not doers of the Word, we are deceiving ourselves! 3rd/We are to judge what we say and judge it before we say it! * The Word of faith and our confession is a Bubble of protection!

  4. Services today were so good and I’m so thankful! Here are some of my highs..

    Jumpstart/ I really really liked the whiteboard and what PC wrote on it.. I will definitely have it before my eyes and be aware of myself!!!!! WE ARE GODS MASTERPIECE-WE ARE UNIQUE!!!! Anything contrary to who God is, is a lie & it’s inconsistent. LOVE LIGHT TRUTH & FULL OF PASSION IS WHO GOD IS AND THAT IS ME! He is not doing anything new in me!!! It has always been the same! When you are conflicted you are at war with yourself and at war with everyone else! OUCH!!!!! So thankful for truth!!!! GOSH! I will be aware so aware! NO ONE IS MY PROBLEM!!!!! I am my own problem when I allow myself to go in that direction of being conflicted! There is a standard for my life and Jesus is that Standard! I SURRENDER day in and day out and allow Him to show me, me so that I can make changes where needed! DO NOT ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE INCONSISTENT- one way at church and the other way at home… BE THE SAME EVERY WHERE! Be honest!!!!! The call is to look and act like Jesus! There’s NO gray!!!!! Be aware of what I am producing in my life because what I reap I will sow! Religion is a circus! If there’s drama, strife, discontent, etc I can sure tell off on myself that I am in religion! That SO helped me… I will do one day at a time with excellence and I will be consistent spiritually! THANKFUL!!!!!

    2nd Service Kidz/ gosh seeing kids graduate was tender! Seeing how much PK genuinely loves the kids in kids church so blessed me today!!!! Something that really stuck out that was my High was this and it so so ministered to me-DARE TO BE DANIEL, DARE TO STAND ALONE, DARE TO HAVE A PURPOSE FIRM, DARE TO MAKE IT KNOWN. This blessed me as she was teaching the kids gosh!!!!!! In every season we should purpose to let this define us wether it be with friends, work, family, etc!!!!

    3rd Service/God wants us to rely on Him!!! You can’t soar with eagles and run with turkeys! So so good! What you say develops who you are and how you see you! TAKE AUTHORITY AND DOMINATE! Don’t blame.. Take all excuse making out!!! He wants us to see ourselves the way he sees us! I will say what he says about me… HE IS ALL ABOUT US DOING WELL!!!! Identify with His perfection! BE A DOER!! If you don’t do the Word Patricia that is being self deceived! I WILL BE A DOER OF THE WORD! People get offended because of the Word! The enemy is after the Word! I will put the Word in my mouth!!! NEVER TRUST YOU! TRUST GOD! Your either gathering or scattering, All in or Not!

  5. Jump start// cultivate consistency. For the next 12 hours, this is how I choose to live. If you are consistent spiritually, you will be consistent in every area of life.
    No sloppy living! What I do will produce and it effects my seed!! Judging is just part of it. You must repent and it there should be sincere remorse. You uphold it privately and defend it publicly!

    1st Service// James 1:22 if the Word says to do it, do it! He will then see to it I won’t be deceived. My legos take me out of or put me in trouble.
    My faith is my believing and speaking. I have talked myself into what I have now.

  6. One more jump start high// before the truth can set you free, you must recognize the lies that hold you hostage.

  7. When I’m specific about hearing Him, then what I hear will keep me in a place of growth and confidence!

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