Wednesday, August 7

Service was so good tonight! I’m so thankful for the TRUTH! Here are a couple of our highs from service:

  • If you’re a Christian, you want to make sure you’re following people that actually believe Christianity is the only way to live!!!
  • I want to know Him not just know about Him!
  • Freedom to choose is true freedom!!

So, what were your highs from service? What stood out most to you?


  1. Just finished listening to Nightlife! Here are some of my Highs! Service was so so good!

    HES OVERCOME THE PRESSURE! Whatever the pressure is Gods stronger! When we are willing to allow His strength to be ours we can overcome it. Growth begins when we make a decision to make changes. Godly sorrow recognizes that God is worth our willingness to change. We have his nature but we are free moral agents. We choose! free will… Choosing wrong you take on the enemy! Reflect the one who’s paid for you! You have the same set up as Adam and Eve! We can do the same thing they did or we can do what the Word says- changing and continuing to change! Freedom to walk hand and hand with the father, turning our back on the wrong things. Where you are right now is in the perfect will of God!!!!! HE BOUGHT ME! HE PAID A PRICE FOR ME SO I CAN BE FREE!!! That’s a big deal!! I will be humble and FOLLOW HIM AND BE CLOSE ENOUGH TO HIM THAT NOTHING HAS THE CHANCE TO STAY THAT DONT BELONG IN ME!!!!!!

  2. Church was sooooo good…. I’m so grateful to sit under the truth of God’s, I’m grateful Pastor Dean doesn’t bear around the bush!! It doesn’t matter what pressure comes God is stronger and he has given me everything to overcome. And he paid a high price for me. I am His and I am FREE!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻

  3. Freedom to choose is true freedom.

    If there’s no aspiration for transformation there may be no real salvation!!

    Last night was so powerful and I’m so grateful for the truth we hear here. I choose to walk in the light.

  4. Night Life was so good I’m thankful for the truth of God’s Word! Here’s my highs: * If there is no aspiration for transformation there may have been no real Salvation! Wow! That was a huge statement! *Freedom to choose is true freedom! *Simply being caught is not like knowing in your heart that you’ve been bought!!!! Great Word !thanks Pastor Dean!!!!🙌

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