Sunday, August 11

Service was so great!!! I’m so thankful for this LEGO’s series!! Here are a couple of our highs from service:


  • When you are not thorough you have to lie
  • You see you- YOU OWN IT!
  • Living for myself and for other people will NEVER pay off!

1st service

  • I’m a ______ BUT first I am a child of God!
  • When I honor God He honors me
  • I will never rise above the level of my confession
  • A mirage can never produce an abundant life!

So, what were your highs from service?


  1. 1st service//We can’t compromise which means our flesh won’t always be comfortable.
    The Word of God shouldn’t be treated like a buffet!
    My faith will never rise above the level of my confession!
    His Word doesn’t change to suit my lifestyle; but there is nothing in my lifestyle that His Word cannot increase or fix or make better!!
    When my eyes are on the master, my mouth will be full of the Word so my heart will be full of good things.
    I will stop talking about deficiencies! In Christ I have no deficiencies!!

    2nd service//I really liked when Pastor Dean spent alot of this service talking about being the light…like people don’t need our building they need our example; there has to come a point in our lives where we want to do things His way…and when that happens we need to jump on it. If we can’t be bright with each other in His house, how are we going to be bright on the outside. How bright do I want to be? I will not suppress the truth! I will live it!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Church was So good today!! Here are some of my take aways from services. I know it’s A lot lol but Gosh it’s all so good to me!!!!!

    Jumpstart highs/ in order to live a life of faithfulness I have to 1. Be focused, 2. Be Responsible, 3. Live a life of reflecting not perfecting, 4. Be thorough
    Faithfulness gives the believer momentum. IN HIM WE ARE OVER-COMERS! I have what it takes In Him! I should be progressing!
    Thorough-carried our completely, extremely attentive to accuracy and detail. Not sloppy, careless or incomplete! DONT BE A PEOPLE PLEASER BE A GOD PLEASER! When you aren’t thorough you have to lie. BE HUMBLE! BE HONEST! People are fickle and I shouldn’t live to please them But Him! STOP SAYING I HATE CONFRONTATION… JESUS!!!!!! I will be better!!!! Value the honor it is to be confrontational- Be sharp! Be bold! I am nothing without Him! I can do nothing without Him! Jesus is our example-he was submitted to the Father. I AM NOT THE BOSS AND I WILL NOT CALL THE SHOTS! I will do things His way! I will NOT live for self or people but will live life for Him doing things His way!

    2nd Service Kidz/ IN JESUS WE LIVE, MOVE & HAVE OUR BEING! We only want to please Jesus!!!! Choosing life is choosing Jesus! Jesus is the Way- The Best Life Ever! He will tell you what to do! We choosing life=Choosing to honor God
    The enemy wants you to choose death- In you (you being selfish), In Others (living life considering what others think or say about us, instead of God), and in Fear! We should be the same way Everywhere! We don’t put on a costume to come to church. WE ARE THE SAME ALL THE TIME EVERY WHERE WE GO! It will be obvious your in Him! It’s your choice to do the Word of God!

    3rd Service/ Gods word isn’t a book of suggestions but one of commands! There are dos and donts! There should be a standard about my life! BE A FORGIVER!! JUDGE NOT…. DONT HOLD A GRUDGE! Be sincere in your devotion to God bu doing what His Word says! Your mind will never be right it will always look for a way to oppose the Word of God. People don’t get better because they don’t want too! The promises have to become bigger than realities! THE WORD NEEDS TO BE REALITY! Your never lying when your saying the Word! THE WORD REVERSES THINGS! Look at things like God- MORE THAN CONQUERORS, ALWAYS WINNING IN CHRIST JESUS! There is so much good in me because He is in me! I can reflect Him! HIS GOODNESS IS IN ME! What you have loaded up with the most will come out! Your mouth will destroy your life! Don’t be shallow believe Gods word and speak Gods word! DONT ALLOW EMOTIONS TO STAY!! Disconnect will happen when we are used to following other people, are flesh led, carnally led, believe man or the world’s system! That was so so so good to me! GOSH! I don’t ever want that to be a place I allow myself to get too! We DONT GO BY WHAT WE SEE FEEL OR THINK! I will be better!! When we are Right we are the Light!

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  3. The LEGO series is amazing, I’m so thankful for the truth. Here are some of my highs: Jumpstart/ *We can not be thorough in life and be people pleasers! *You cannot be strong unless you recognize first you are weak! * Iron sharpens iron , I want to be sharpened by others God has placed in my life that love me and will help me grow up! 1st/ what I say will produce and will eventually come out of my heart! The presence of His Promise comes because of His Presence in my life!♥️

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  4. Jumpstart//
    I cannot just turn my head when I see something wrong in the lives of those around me!! It’s my job to confront and bring truth!!

    Saying “I just don’t like confrontation” is a cop out! I choose to stay sharp!

    You cannot be thorough in life and a people pleaser at the same time!!

    When something is delegated to me, it’s my responsibility to do it in the EXACT WAY that I have been asked!!

    1st service//
    During offering when Pastor Dean built on what Pastor Charity was talking about in jumpstart! 🙌🏻🙌🏻… when your heart is right, you will be confident in every confrontation!
    We must see people as valuable and precious and worth being told the truth!!

    When you determine NOT to compromise, just know that your flesh won’t always be comfortable! Which is OK!!! Why do you want to cater to the flesh anyways?!?

    When you become FILLED with the Word and His presence… your feelings won’t move you!

    I can always be a better daughter and I will do my part in growing daily… not for my own gain but because of ALL He has done for me!! 🙌🏻❤️❤️

    I am just sooo grateful for the truth and the freedom that is available every time the Word is brought forth!! I will take what He has already provided for me! Thank you JESUS!!

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