Back-to-School Rally 2019

Service was so good tonight! I’m so thankful for Pastors Dean & Kathy and the truth! This will be a year of victory and the best school year yet! Here are a couple of our highs from service:

  • Focus everyday on living from the Word of God!!
  • Refuse pressure because pressure affects your priorities!
  • You have been graced to do what you’ve been called to do!
  • Make pre-choice choices!
  • Develop in your home a no strife zone!!
  • Pray for your kids everyday!!

So, what were your highs from service? Begin doing everything you heard tonight, the victory is already here but we have to choose to walk in it!!


  1. Church was really good, I’m so thankful for Pastors Dean and Kathy for this Back to School Rally message! Even though as a parent I do not have my children at home , they are grown and have their own families now. But as a grandmother I have precious grandchildren to apply these principles and priorities to when I have them. Here are my highs as a grandmother: * To develop in my home a no strife zone! *To refuse pressure, it effects my priorities with them! * To make pre-choice choices or boundaries !* To pray with them everytime I can *To play and have fun!!!! Thanks Pastor Dean and Kathy ♥️

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  2. Service was exactly what I needed to set my own priorities for my home. And also reaffirming that we are still on the right path of what we are already working out, but also shining light in areas where we may still be missing it. My part is to remember to communicate with my older kids with the open ended questions. That part still needs work.

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  3. Gosh I just listened to Wednesday Night Service & I’m so so thankful for the info that PD and PK continually give us as individuals and as families! I am so so grateful because honestly they have helped me as a mother and a wife to grow and have been explicit examples for me to look to-To know it does work if I will be willing to work The Word! Here are some of my highs-

    DONT PARENT OUT OF FEAR PATRICIA!!!!!!! Trust God! I will steward and teach my children the Word! I will be the example for them that I need to be. I will continue growing and making adjustments as needed so that they can see what real living for Him looks like! My focus will be living a Godly life in front of them. I will purpose to live a life free of strife and drama and develop this within our home! I WILL BE BETTER Because I can DO THIS!!!!!! I will communicate with my kids and at the same time discipline them as needed directed by the Holy Ghost. I really liked how they reiterated to have fun with your kids! I WILL DETERMINE TO GET OUT OF ME & to HAVE FUN! To make life fun for my kids! I WILL CELEBRATE THEM! It’s a big deal to have my kids and I will not take this lightly on any level!!!!!!!! I CHOOSE TO TRUST GOD!!!!!!!

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  4. I really enjoyed hearing pastors dean and Kathy share together.
    The three P’s: Priorities, Pre-choice choices, and parenting

    I’m so thankful for the wisdom they shared like: ask your kids open ended questions, don’t always criticize, steward your children!!! Don’t force your kids into extra curricular activities. Check their phone daily! I am ridiculously responsible for my son!

    It’s so helpful to see how they patented so I can learn from them. Thank you pastors dean and Kathy!

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