Sunday, August 18

Service was so good today! I’m so thankful for the Word that we heard! Here are a couple of our highs from service:


  • There is a standard and the standard is I look like Jesus
  • Carelessness does not pay
  • When carelessness shows up in my life, so does darkness
  • The enemy can only steal, kill, or destroy in my life if I let him deceive me first or if i’m careless

1st service

  • My time, energy, and money pursue what I really love
  • Godly devotion will remove deadly emotions
  • You only love the Father as much as the person you love the least
  • Love is like forgiveness; you just do it
  • Sexual perversion is nothing new. It’s the devil’s way of screwing you

So, what are your highs from service? What stood out most to you?


  1. Praise God!! I was blessed in EVERY service and so thankful for our pastors and teachers who bring us the Word!! ❤️

    1st service – PreK
    * Our friends keep us on point IN HIM!
    * When I focus on eternal things, I will have eternal friendships!
    * I will not be loose with my friends!
    * Ahohite – (1 Chr. 27:4) He went ALL IN for David, his friend! I will hold tight to the Word so I can help me friends!
    * Visual of a dolly – let Him help you with the heavy stuff; He’ll make it light!

    2nd service – Pastor Charity/Pastor Dean
    * There is power in the name of Jesus to break every chain!
    * Visual of a racing horse – blinders keep them focused on the finish line!
    I will not be distracted, I will set my face like flint, I am not moved by what I see…focused people WIN!!
    * It’s not the country that makes you prosperous but the Kingdom!
    * How do rich people talk? Then talk that way! 🗣
    * We leave behind the land of not enough, pass through the land of just enough, and settle down in the land of more than enough!
    * There is NO gray life; you’re either for Him or against Him…in the light or in darkness!
    * You can’t be selfish and have a good life!
    * I am a 25%er!! 🌱 🌱
    * I expect to grow in The Word of God!!
    * Am I really reflecting the Father in my life?
    * You can’t lay hold of God’s promises if you’re not a DOER of the Word of God!
    * The greatest investment you can make is in the Word of God!
    * Seeds must be planted into the ground, they do no good if they’re left on the surface! DIG DEEP!
    * In order to live the life He paid for, I have a responsibility to live the way He paid for!
    Hallelujah!!! I’m ready to listen again and receive more and apply it to my life!!!

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  2. Church was so good today. I’m so very thankful for our Pastor that just tells us the truth! Here are my Highs:Jump Start/ *Standing out looks different, looks just like Jesus having Godly character!*Its not about an issue of perfection but direction!*When carelessness begins to show up, so does darkness! * Having wrong things on your plate will create opportunity for carelessness! * Pastor Dean & Pastor Charity/ How bright do you want to be? 1st /Offering/* To know the Grace from the Father that I have more than enough.* To be free from lack or the fear of lack! * My value is in my doing and what God will do for those that are serious! * Humility increases your stabibilty!* You only love the Father as much as the person you love the least! I will in purpose forgive everyone! * To settle for less that Jesus paid for is just disrespectful! * Sexual perversion is nothing new, it’s the devils way of screwing you! 3rd/ *We grow in righteousness to reflect what we do!

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  3. Jumpstart Highs-
    THERE IS A STANDARD-JESUS IS MY STANDARD! REFLECT JESUS!!!! I am set apart! He (Jesus) is my Why behind my what for EVERYTHING! DONT BE SELF DECEIVED.. I will be aware of me!!!!! If I have to tell myself it’s Okay, ITS NOT Okay! I’ll be a person who takes responsibility for my actions, attitude, thought life, etc! I HAVE A LIFE SAVER & IM TAKING IT!!!! This life is serious and I will take it serious! My relationship with God is to be carried a certain way.. I will steward it faithfully one day at a time and own it when I miss it!!!!! I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR MY LIFE! I will be humble and hungry-I WANT THIS!!!!! Carelessness doesn’t pay-it unfolds a certain way! STAY AWAY FROM THINGS THAT ARE SHADED! I will not be a justifier!! I will own my life!! I refuse to wear masks or play games!!!!! Following Jesus -Community of Honesty! No hiding – getting it ALL OUT one day at a time and trusting HIM!!!!!!!!!

    2nd Service Kidz/
    In Him = In Jesus
    Jesus is the way, the ONLY WAY! Don’t be fake, acting one way at church and another way at home! Live in Him every single day! A LIFE LEGITLY focused on HIM-SEEKING FIRST HIS KINGDOM!!! The devil wants you to live life in you, in others(people pleasing), and in fear! WE DONT FEAR! No fear zone here!!!! We need to be established, be organized, have priorities, and be aware! STAND UP FOR WHAT THE WORD OF GOD SAYS! Putting God first you will be blessed!

    3rd Service/
    I really like when PC stated this after praise and worship WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER!!!
    *I will take my place and stand!!*
    God will do for me what I believe and speak if I don’t doubt & believe what I say!
    Soooo powerful! REFLECT HIS GOODNESS! Be willing to take correction! I NEED CORRECTION IN MY LIFE! I’m never above that!!!! I need it!!!! As I am corrected I will make adjustments! Pressure is meant to keep you from all he paid for you to have. I will keep going, moving forward! Mind packed with the Word!!!!!! Narrow way is the High way! Being his daughter there’s a reflection of the Father! Jesus paid for my past so he could be the heart of my future-THE CENTER OF MY LIFE!!!! Him being the center of my purpose, conversation, desire, etc! UNRESERVED COMMITMENT-doing what the Word says! Not backing off! I won’t settle for less because that is disrespectful! Godly Devotion will remove deadly emotions-Emotions will take you out of the race! Feelings are fickle! I’m grateful for the Word to continually be converted to all HES called me to be!

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  4. 2nd Service//
    Pastor Charity
    – You put your blinders on just like the race horses and you set your face like flint on Him!! Focused people win!
    Pastor Dean
    – being rich has nothing to do with an amount but with my position!
    – You only love the Father as much as the person you love the least.
    – To settle for less than Jesus paid for is simply disrespectful!

    3rd Service//
    Pastor Charity
    – be still and know that I am God! Death couldn’t hold Him! He tore the veil! He silenced sin and death!! Praise Jesus!!

    Pastor Dean
    – the decisions I make, I make, based on my understanding of His Word and Love.
    – when you get corrected you make adjustments
    – when something falls through the only question I ask the Father is, where did I miss it?
    – on the narrow path nonsense will come against me, there will be pressure, I will have to put my flesh UNDER. If I want to enjoy this life I am in for a fight!
    (Takes me back to what Pastor Charity said, we can choose to praise Jesus even if we are surrounded by poo like Paul and Silas! It just takes one hit to remind the enemy he’s already lost! )

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  5. Church was so great today!! It is my favorite!!!

    1st service//Perfect is about pursuit!! –wanting Him more than what your flesh wants.
    The proper response to God’s love is unreserved commitment.
    I have to not only choose the narrow path, but think like a “narrow pather” and defend my place on that path.
    People on the narrow road need other people on the narrow road to help them!!!
    I like when Pastor Dean said after the sexual perversion statement that the enemy can’t get you but he can get you to get you! Soo good! Honestly after Pastor Dean’s last statement all I could think was literal MIC DROP!!!!!!!!!! Epic!! I love Him! Love that he is my Pastor, my daddy and one of my closest friends. He is such an incredible man and communicator!!

    2nd service//I refuse to be religious; I will reflect and look more and more like Jesus every day!
    This was soo great–You can’t quote faith verses if you aren’t a doer of the Word.

    You can’t just show up…you have to be a seeker

    Humility increases your stability.

    Godly convictions produce life-changing restrictions!


  6. I am so beyond thankful for the Word and every time I get the opportunity to hear and put it to practice in my life!

    Everything we do, say and watch must be filtered through His example!
    The enemy has to have your partnership in order to destroy your life… you partner with him by lying, hiding and being insincere!! I will evaluate my life and make sure non of these things are present!! I will not allow the enemy any access in my life!!
    Wrong things on your plate created an arena for carelessness! Keep your eyes on Him and do only what HE SAYS!!

    1st service//
    Chains ⛓ BREAK at the mention of His name!!!! Praise JESUS!
    The value of what I hear is in my DOING!!! I am a DOER!
    I will not allow comfort to stop me from pursuing all He has for me!!
    When you’re really free,, you’re going to find yourself free from those who don’t really value the freedom He has provided.
    See the Word of God as the parameter for living!! If it’s not in the Word, I won’t do it!
    The proper response to Gods love is UNRESERVED COMMITMENT!! There will be no second thought about doing His things when you really understand and have embraced His love!
    Godly devotion will remove deadly emotions!! Emotions will NOT run me!!! I am His daughter and my devotion to His things bring PEACE!!
    The enemy cannot get you but he can get YOU to get you when you fall prey!!

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  7. Jump start// you have to be a doer of the Word. This is being thorough. You don’t want to protect yourself from the very thing that could help you. Don’t be self deceived. Self deceived tells yourself it’s ok. Never takes responsibility for its faults. And don’t be careless like david with the arc of the covenant. He knew what to do but instead of taking ownership for not doing it he got mad at God like it was His fault. It’s crazy how we think sometimes.

    1st Service was my favorite service today! Perfect isn’t about arriving but pursuing.

    I must see the Word and determine these are my perimeters. I’m going to tighten things up.

    Humility increases your stability.

    You only love the Father as much as the person you love the least.

    How much you love you is predicated on how much you love Him.

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