Night Life 8.22.19

Night Life = the best night of the week! I’m so thankful for the TRUTH!! Here are a couple of our highs from service:

  • Pay attention and you will have better retention!
  • If you are born-again but comfortable sinning, maybe you really aren’t born-again
  • The difference between true repentance and sensory driven repentance is the fruit

So, what are your highs from service? What stood out most to you?


  1. Night Life was so good! Here’s my highs : * If you pay attention you’ll accually have more retention! That was so good too!* We don’t have to sin, we are born of God, take a check up from the neck-up! *If you’re comfortable with sinning, you are probably not born-again! * Worldly sorrow is a satanic counterfeit which is the manisfestation of Pride!!!! *Godly sorrow is heartfelt and produces genuine repentance or empowerment to change! Such good WORD PD! 🙌


  2. Highs// make a decision to go all the way or you’ll be miserable! PD said there is nothing worse than being being a born again Christian and trying to sin, it gets harder if you don’t make a decision to go all the way! When you know to do and don’t do, that’s the epitome of pride. I don’t want to be in pride!! I love the part about a sincere repentant heart makes sincere decisions💜 I will be sincere!!


  3. If I’m going to be different I have to do different.

    When something really happens things begin to change.

    Don’t tell me what you are; show me what you are.


  4. NightLife Service was sooo Good!!! Here are some of my highs:

    IM FREE TO BE THE ME HE’S CALLED ME TO BE!!!! SOOOO GOOD!!! Fruit is Everything-It speaks. Pay attention & be engaged..the soil of our heart should be hungry for the Word& desire humility-It makes a difference. The word of God empowers me to push myself away from things that are killing me. Love Him all my heart, soul, mind and strength and love others. I will LOVE HIM & OTHERS the way I was created too! It brings great honor to the Father to have children who are strong, energetic, fit, holy & free from sin. GO ALL THE WAY!! WHEN YOU KNOW TO DO AND DONT DO IT-THATS PRIDE, A REAL YOU ISSUE.. Gosh soooooo Good!!!! I will be sincere and humble and continue growing.. I NEED HIM!!!


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