Sunday, August 25

Service was so good today! I ❤️ Sunday’s! Here are a couple of our highs from service:


  • Faithfulness is simply a life lived full of faith
  • Just because you have it, it doesn’t mean you honor it
  •  Don’t be a know-it-all
  • Teachable is willing to learn, capable of being taught, and readily receiving instruction
  • A partial truth is a lie

1st Service

  • The Word is all about absolutes
  • You can’t allow anything to be in God’s space or place
  • The only thing I need to fight is my flesh
  • I can talk my way out of who I was
  • Entertain alternatives and they will show up

So, what were your highs from service? What stood out most to you?


  1. Today was a Sweet Sunday!🍭Here are my Highs : Jump Start/ *Faithfullness is simply a life lived full of faith! * This is how I reflect Him in the earth in my world of enfluence !*You have to be teachable , capable of being taught, willing to learn , readily to receive instruction!* I will not be prideful or stubborn! * If I lack clarity I need to bump up my sincerity! 1st/* I just need to fight the good fight of faith, not people! * My Legos or words are the most powerful in the earth —my self-talk will determine what I will have! * I can talk my way out of who I was! 2nd/* I must decrease so He can increase and fruit comes for His glory! Such GOOD WORD , so greatful for truth!🙌♥️

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  2. My favorite parts of church today:

    1st service//I can talk my way out of whatever circumstance I am in!!
    Unless I KNOW it is true and it is true according to the Word of God–don’t say it!!
    Psalm 46:10//In the silence I will have ears to hear. I will not allow my words to break the silence!!
    I will not speak legos that oppose my inheritance.

    2nd service//Even if it looks exactly like death I will only speak life!
    The more I say what He says the ore identified I am with Him.
    What good is it to be a child of the king and not talk like your daddy?
    There is divine health in my mouth…it is all in my mouth!!
    In my love for Him I will say what He says!!
    I may say it for awhile before it registers but it will register!!

    Great services!! I am so thankful for this series!!


  3. Jumpstart// without a teachable Spirit you won’t trust God’s Word!!!! If we lack clarity maybe bump up your sincerity! Relationship with God will cultivate a desire to do what’s right💜

    1st// what goes on in between your ears begins to be how you see you! I will meditate more on who God says I am and not my past!

    2nd// don’t possess how you feel! Watch your speech or it will deceive your “heart” quarters!

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  4. Church was Awesome Sunday! Here are some of my highs:

    BE FAITHFUL-live your life Full of faith PATRICIA! I am NOTHING WITHOUT HIM!!!!! I will REFLECT HIM!!! I’ll continue growing, learning and making changes (adjustments) in my life. I’ve been given a second chance at life & ITS A BIG DEAL! I’m GRATEFUL! I DONT know it all-I NEED HIM IN EVERY ARENA OF MY LIFE!!!!! I’ll live life SINCERE… I DO NOT WANT TO BE FAKE! I’ll own where I am but I will NOT STAY THERE! I refuse to stay where I’m at!!! THERES MORE! I have HIM INSIDE OF ME SO I CAN DO ALL THINGS!!!!!!!!! HES is in me!!!!! HE IS MY DADDY!!! To be humble is to acknowledge what I am not without Him, WHICH IS NOTHING-but what I am WITH HIM & to live from that place! SOOOO GOOD!!! I DESIRE HIS PLAN!!!!! I haven’t arrived but I know that I know THERES MORE & I NEED HIM and I need the people he has placed in my life! I’m grateful!

    2nd Service/
    TRUST HIS WORD & let HIM take care of the rest! Separate yourself from the results. This was SO GOOD to me!!! HE WILL BE FOCUS NOT RESULTS!
    There is something about being calm & quiet-A place of wonderful in that place! BE STILL & KNOW HE IS GOD!!!! Be has a life side & a death side. Even if everything looks like death refuse to speak death ONLY SPEAK LIFE-HIS WORD! Faith says it’s already happened! I will NOT BE IN A HURRY!!! Get to a place where your no longer interested in your opinion or others opinions. He is sees you as a winner! How he sees you matters!! SOOOOO GOOD! It’s not about you arriving-He has already arrived!!! ITS FINISHED! Watch your speech Patricia!!!!!! If I don’t watch my speech I will deceive my heart quarters & from that place my relationship with Him becomes worthless! I’ll be aware!!!!! Believing is followed by speaking!

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  5. Jump start// faithfulness is a life lived full of faith.
    Faithful is teachable//obedient, willing, pliable,docile
    It’s not just doing the right thing but doing it willingly.
    If you are not smart, slow, not skillful you are not humble, obedient, or willing.
    There is a right, there is a standard and I want to know what it is. Labor with Him to make changes.

    1st Service// sin needs the energy of your words. Restrict what we say. Less is more as a child of God. Learn to be ok with silence.
    Romans 14:23 whatever is not of faith is sin. If it’s not backed by God’s Word it’s sinful.


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