Wednesday, August 28

Happy Anniversary Pastors Dean and Kathy! Service was so good tonight! I’m so thankful for the truth! Here are a couple of our highs from service:

  • Honoring Him requires that you trust Him
  • What you have in you is what the world is looking for
  • God is for you so you shouldn’t even be against you!

So, what are your highs from service? What stood out most to you?


  1. Happy Anniversary Pastor Dean and Pastor Kathy I love you! Service was so great! Here’s my highs:* As 25 percenters we should be totally uncomfortable about anything that doesn’t bring Him glory! The Bolder we get the more damage we can do to the kingdom of darkness! * Pride proceeds a fall anytime you think you can do life on your own! Mark 4:9-15!Good Word!🙌


  2. I really liked the RJ Laterno story. He asked the Lord to show him what to do and he would give 90% of his income and live off of 10% and he did that and was a phenomenal businessman. Why limit God? He is so big and wants to use us if we will just be obedient with what we have been given right where we are!


  3. This service was SO GOOD! I’m so grateful for our pastors and the truth they present!

    Without him I had no where to go but because of Him I’ve been delivered!! He will take you out of the Fool-class… PRAISE GOD!!!!! God is Big!!!! He multiplies…HE IS CRAZY IN LOVE WITH HIS KIDS! He rebukes the devour for my sake!! Everyone will call YOU BLESSED!!!!! SIMPLY TRUST HIM & HONOR HIM! If your a doer of the Word your life will get better! He will make it clear to you… Don’t rob God because your robbing Him of an opportunity to bless you more! It’s all a set up to get MORE to YOU! People aren’t looking for you, they are looking for the one in you-HIM!!!!! The older we get the bolder we get and the more damage we can do to the kingdom of darkness! Don’t waist time by thinking you don’t need the HS to give you revelation. Pride proceeds a fall! You don’t want to be on your own! YOU NEED HIM PATRICIA!!! THERES MORE! Don’t stay satisfied where your at-THERES MORE it’s never to late to do things better! Put your best foot forward! GOD IS FOR ME!!! DEVOTED TO HIM!


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