Sunday, September 1

Happy 1st day of September!!🍁

Service was soo good today! I’m so thankful for the TRUTH! Here are a couple of our highs from services!


  • Nothing can remain if I put it against the blood!
  • Leadership = influence
  • Influence involves: 1. words 2. time 3. resources 4. Shoulders
  • If I see it, I’m responsible to address it

1st service

  • Because He orders my footsteps I’ll always be in  the right place at the right time if I obey!
  • People need what’s in me NOT me!
  • Discipline is a forever process
  • When I die (to self) for Him, He’ll live BIG in me!

So, what were your highs from service? What stood out most to you?




  1. Services were so good today, I’m so grateful for the truth of God’s Word! Here’s my highs : 1st/ Don’t talk about what the enemy’s doing, but only about what God’s Word says He’s done!* We should have such a confidence of what God has already done in our life ! * People need what is in me, my heart and my mouth!* God’s called everyone of us to die so we can live and have the life that brings Him glory, without making excuses! 2nd/ We are snared by the words of our mouth, we can talk ourselves out of a mess in our life ! * God’s promises have already been paid for , it’s what we believe and speak is the life we will have!!!! ♥️

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  2. Today was sooo great!! Here are my highs:

    1st service//I expect protection, provision, and direction. I choose to have an attitude of faith that will mark others. Discipline is a forever process. When I don’t serve Him the way I know to, I will not be satisfied. The Holy Spirit told me, “If you will discipline yourself to say only what I say, doing what I want done will follow.”

    2nd service//The power in me is the Word that I honor. I talk to the mountains not about them. Whatever He paid for I have a right to come against!! My destiny is about my heart and my mouth!!
    When I focus on Him He will take care of things I don’t know anything about.

    These services were such great reminders…I WALK BY FAITH…BELIEVING AND SPEAKING THE WORD ONLY! I will not talk about what I feel or see! I don’t have to do God’s part…I simply CHOOSE TO believe!!!


  3. Here are my highs from service! I’m grateful for the truth! ONE DAY AT A TIME!

    Jumpstart/ WOW!!!! This message after I listened was EXACTLY ON POINT!!!! I’m grateful grateful grateful!!!!!! I DO WANT TO GROW & so I know I have to own my life and take responsibility for all that has been provided for me. I NEED CORRECTION & know as I’m corrected I’m being loved and as I step up and correct the way I was designed by the Father to, I’m loving the way he designed me too!!!!! God loves me and there is NOTHING that can stand against the blood no matter what it may be past or present! When I put the blood on it, it can’t stand! This has EVERYTHING to do with what I do with what I’ve been given! I will be FULLY AWARE & JUDGE MYSELF & not others! I will love others by being honest and intentional!! I will CONSTANTLY put my flesh in its place! I am a carrier of Jesus & ITS A BIG DEAL! I should present myself like HIM-LOOK LIKE HIM!!!!!! Not from a fake place but from a place of knowing I have relationship with Him and continuing day in and day out presenting myself in surrender to Him, staying humble and hungry to become ALL he created me to be! I WILL GROW! Progress won’t happen if your not connected. I’ll stay connected and I’ll be accountable.. I’ll let people in my life who will help me with things in my life that I may be facing… HONESTY=LOVE!
    Every time I’m addressed doesn’t give me a right to get prideful or want to to quit!! NO!!!!!! Heck NO!!!! I clean up and know that I’m growing and being trained so that I can find myself FULLY MATURE! I’ll stay humble and teachable!

    2nd Service/DONT DOUBT!! DONT EXPECT THE WORSE!!!! Speak to the mountains-Dont make a buddy out of the mountains. We have all power and authority. DEAL WITH DECEPTIVE THINGS IF YOU DONT THEY WILL DEAL WITH YOU. The devil is NO BIG DEAL! No matter where we find ourselves it can be reversed! YOU WILL HAVE WHAT YOU SPEAK! NO ONE RIVALS OUR MASTER! Traditions will make the Word of God of no effect-it will cripple you! Change how you see what needs to be done. CONFIDENT!!! EXPECTANT HOPE! Your love and devotion to Him will reverse the curse! You cannot count on anybody else’s faith! TRUST & COUNT ON HIM! You have to be one who hears His voice! GOSH!!! I’m his sheep and I hear His voice!!! HE IS THE BEST THING THATS EVER HAPPENED TO ME! I’m grateful! If I’m in Him I’m in truth! I will delight in HIM ONLY! If the results aren’t according to His Word then the process wasn’t according to His Word! SOOOO GOOD! Personally responsibility!!i will own my life!

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  4. Jump start// your flesh has to be put on board daily.
    Leadership always equals influence:
    1) words-confrontation
    2) time
    3) resources
    4)your shoulders-touch people
    I have to be intentional.
    Maturity and immaturity is revealed in my mouth.
    You have to be vulnerable, accountable, and humble.
    If the Word says to do it, we don’t need a leading!!
    2nd Service// ill have to relisten so I can get this down exactly as Pastor said it but he said something like if the results aren’t according to His Word then the Word wasn’t the standard. In other words, it’s not God’s fault!! I’m personally responsible for my part!! His Word is settled, no one can keep me from this but me!
    3rd Service// until you know your value in your relationship with Him, you’ll always be looking for what you need in others instead of Him!! He’s always looking for someone to allow Him to BE them!! Wow 😮

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  5. Jumpstart highs// live a life worthy of the calling, we each have one! Faithfulness is what you do with what He has done for you! Make much of your calling, your salvation! Guilt is banished by love and truth, without truth, you won’t ever be free. I want truth! Training requires correction!

    1st// be faithful to do what’s written, He’s asked me to trust Him and surrender!

    2nd// my destiny is about my heart and my mouth! Have a heartfelt belief for the Word! 💜

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