September Book of the Month

Discover the Keys to Staying Full of God

By. Andrew Wommack

Do you feel as if your Christian life is full of highs and lows? Perhaps you attend a special church service that draws you close to God or even experience a healing.

In those moments your heart is filled with the presence of God, but within a few days or weeks you once again feel empty or sick. You are not alone. Even though many believers experience this, it is not what the Lord intended. The keys to staying full of God are not a secret and they are not mysterious, they are simple.

For that very reason few people recognize their value and even less practice them! In this amazingly practical message, Andrew Wommack reveals the essentials to a strong, close relationship with God.

Learn what they are and how to put them into practice. It will keep your heart sensitive toward God and your relationship will grow like never before!


  1. Chapter 1
    Gosh this book is going to bless my life!! I’m so grateful! Here are some of my highs-
    Gospel=too good to be true news or glad tidings. GOD ISNT JUDGING! He’s not angry. He is MERCIFUL! I looked up merciful in the dictionary and found that HE IS FORGIVING, COMPASSIONATE, GRACIOUS, KIND, BRINGING RELIEF, PATIENT, BENEVOLENT, GENEROUS, TOLERANT, EASY GOING… these are some of the words that described merciful. GOSH am I grateful!!!! People need to hear the GOSPEL-the too good to be true news… They don’t need religion! They need to hear HIS GOOD NEWS, that he loves them & he is not mad at them. Yes people need to know there is a hell and that is a place they can go but they don’t have too because God Loves them. The fear of hell doesn’t lead people to repentance but GODS GOODNESS DOES! People already know in their hearts they aren’t right with God! Every person is without excuse! There is a knowing in everyone’s heart that there is a God! When we get still God speaks to us! People don’t want to get still because they don’t want to hear the truth. I WILL GLORIFY HIM, BE THANKFUL, RECOGNIZE THE POWER OF MY IMAGINATION, and I WILL HAVE A GOOD HEART! I will continue growing and learning!

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  2. Chapter 2

    WOWZERS!!!!! This chapter literally was WOW!!!!!!! So so SOOOO GOOD!!! The main thing I got out of it is that NOTHING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING should hold value over God!! HE SHOULD BE NUMERO UNO!!!!!!! No matter what where or when! No man’s opinion should be bigger than Him!!!! Nothing should have the value to be able to move me!!!!!!! Only HIM!!! What he says matters…. nothing should have a place of value- not my life, freedom, or my possessions!! NOTHING! I really really liked when he said that when you are the center of your universe, you will always be upset when someone rubs you the wrong way. NO ONE WILL HAVE THAT PLACS IN MY LIFE!!!!!!!!! Gosh!!!! I will not be about me, myself and me!!!! HE WILL BE THE CENTER OF EVERYTHING! My value is placed in HIM!!!

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  3. Chapter 3
    GOD LOVES ME!!!!! HE LOVES ME FOR ME…. HE IS PLEASED WITH ME…. I will value His opinion of me over man’s! Man will no longer hold a place man was never meant to hold!!! GOD LOVES ME!!!! I
    Like how he mentioned Satan trying to get him to value his relationship more so with His mom than God.. and how he was so adamant in his stance.. he stated my mom didn’t die for me! GOSH!!! No man died for me!! ONLY GOD will be valued and esteemed in 1st place in my life! I will continue growing into this day by day! When we quit glorifying God then the manifestation of our joy peace healing or revelation will be stolen from! GOD LOVES ME & I will value that more so than anything or anyone! HE IS MY HOME-BASE!! I will maximize him and minimize everything else!

    Chapter 4
    MAKE GOD BIGGER!!!!!! In our negativity we make issues bigger than they are and then Satan turns around and beats us with it and all because we made it bigger than it needed to be! NOTHING SHOULD BE BIGGER THAN HIM…. be a people who rises up and no matter what comes at you, your found magnifying God!!! Being messed up in any way = misplaced value
    We as individuals are the ones who place pressure on ourselves because of what we choose to magnify! GOSH! I like how he mentioned if your feeling pressure, worn out, or burned out it’s because you have misplaced values…. we are the ones who minimize or maximize things in our lives-ITS OUR CHOICE!!!!! The only thing that can make things hard in your life for YOU is YOU.. Who are you placing your Value in?! In the cancer, marital problem, money issue, etc… GODS BIGGER! Nothing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IS BIGGER THAN GOD

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  4. Chapter1/ We need to get this God’s not judging people, He’s not even angry. Christ’s message and the way He loved people unconditionally were both too good to be true! There is a real hell and people will go there, but it’s not the Core message of Christianity, that’s what they will choose.Its not the Good News and it’s sure not the gospel! It’s Gods goodness — not the fear of Hell that leads people to repentance.All you must do is believe and receive . This is what we should be preaching ! When you get still, know that He is God, you can hear this homing device, when you’re not occupied with anything it’ll start drawing you to God! I want to be as full of Him as I can be !Only the Word will do that! I decide!!!!!!♥️

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  5. Chapter 5
    Such a great chapter! ALL of it was SOOO GOOD! When we begin valuing the opinions & experiences of others more than what God says In his Word and how he’s touched our lives we begin to be insensitive. We quit placing the proper value on it. Gosh!!!! We have to be willing to devalue everything else and value Him the most!! The person who succeeds is the one who can look past problems, hurts, pains and actually glorify, magnify, & esteem the solution- HIM!!!!!! When I choose to magnify negative things they become insurmountable. I can reduce anything that comes against me when I place my value IN HIM! PRAISE HIM IN EVERY SITUATION! Everything in this life is temporary and I should not give it place, especially a place to move me from Him! PULL YOUR THUMB OUT OF YOUR MOUTH PATRICIA & GROW UP!!! HE IS BIGGER!! No matter what there is always reason to BE JOYFUL!! He paid for me & made away for me-I’ll focus on HIM!!!!!

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  6. Intro & Chapter 1//

    I already really really like this book and am expecting a huge transformation in me during and after reading!!

    In the intro there was a part that read God wants you blessed even more than you do. I don’t think I truly realize that to the extent that I should.

    I’m Chapter 1 I liked how he explained the true Greek translation of gospel. It is Too Good To Be True but I am so thankful for it!! And I also liked the part where he just said al you do is believe and receive. I wrote in the book next to that NOT WORKS!! I’m so grateful for the word and the truth and the reminder that it is in my life ♥️. Another high from this chapter is the 4 keys; Glorify God, be thankful, recognize the power of your imagination and have a good heart. I’m going to apply these and use them as my gauges throughout the day and at the end of the day!! I’m so excited for the rest of this book!!

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  7. This book is sooo awesome!!!

    Intro//We should be enjoying some consistency in our Christian life; no “yo-yo” experience with God!!

    Chapter 1//Gospel literally means “too-good-to-be-true” news
    I want my “homing device” to stay sensitive and alert to the Word of God and the Spirit of God
    I will:
    1. Glorify God
    2. Be thankful
    3. Recognize the power of my imagination
    4. Have a good heart!!

    Chapter 2//”You place value on everything that comes into your life. The devil comes immediately to attack the value you place on God, His Word, and the manifestation of what He’s done–and doing–in your life.” THIS IS SOOOOO GREAT!! OMG!!
    In order to value what God says I have to devalue what others say!! This chapter helped me sooo much!!
    “If you let their word have power and increase, then the value you place on God’s Word and what He has done in your life will decrease.”
    “Compared to how you esteem God, you should disesteem–decrease the worth and value on–everything and everyone else.”
    BIG STATEMENT: “Your life is important, but compared to God it’s worth nothing.”
    “The reason you begin to lose the revelation, blessing, and benefit of what God has said and done is that you’ve placed value on so many other things instead of Him.”

    Chapter 3//I will not be codependent on the “little world” I have created…
    When I will start thinking about how much God loves me, it makes every problem melt away in comparison…satan can’t touch me when I’m valuing God’s love for me.
    “The reason you are a leaky vessel is because you aren’t valuing what God has done in your life above all else.”
    I am the one who determines the value of everything in my life!

    Chapter 4//”Depending on the choices I make and the things I focus on, I can either magnify God and diminish my problems or vice versa…
    I really liked when Andrew asked the question, what is bothering you today…will it be on your mind a year from now.,.omg! That was soo great!
    “If you are feeling pressure, worn out, and burned out, its because you have misplaced values.”
    The last half of this chapter reminds me of what Pastor Dean has said recently…you can talk your way out of whatever situation you are in.
    Andrew said, ” You can recover anything that you have lost.”
    I WILL MAGNIFY GOD ABOVE ALL because my relationship with Him is really the only thing that matters in my life!!


  8. Chapter 6
    I liked how he mentioned in the book that you struggle to do Gods will because of the value you place on other things! EVERYTHING should pale in comparison to HIM & HIS WILL for my life! Gosh!!!!! YESSS! I will be a person who fully grasps this and Values HIM OVER EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE! This takes a turning away from everything and becoming Singleminded regarding Him & His things! I WILL LOVE GOD MORE THAN SELF! He said it is key! When your value is right the Christian life becomes easy! DEVOTED TO HIM WILL CAUSE HIS DESIRES TO BE MY DESIRES! Such a great chapter! I’m so grateful.

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  9. Chapter 5//”Not only do you need to put a positive value on what God has said and done in your life, but you also need to devalue anything else that comes against you!” THIS IS AWESOME…I WILL MAGNIFY AND DISESTEEM SIMULTANEOUSLY!

    “If you ever do anything that amounts to anything, if you ever touch someone else’s life, if you ever succeed in any endeavor, there will be problems between you and that success. The person who succeeds is the one who can look past those problems, hurts, pains, and actually glorify, magnify, and esteem the solution. They can see beyond the cost and value the answer above it. That’s what separates losers and victors.” –THIS WAS SOO GOOD TO ME!!

    Acts 20:24–I will not be moved!

    I like Psalm 34:1…Pastor Kathy has on so many occasions when things weren’t going good has told me just read Psalm 34 and Psalm 37!! FRET NOT!!

    “The reason things are so big to us is because God is so small to us.”

    “You need to get focused on something other than what is going on right now.”–soo great!!


  10. This book I think is my favorite one we’ve read so far.

    Intro//we ought to be enjoying some consistency in our Christian life! God isn’t the one who comes and goes in my life. God isn’t the variable! I am. He’s already fine it all through the death, burial, resurrection of Jesus.

    1// if you are not experiencing the joy of your salvation you once knew, then you have taken steps away from him and these are the same steps you use to go back to him.
    The four keys:
    1) glorify God
    2) be thankful
    3) recognize the power of imagination
    4) have a good heart

    2// You need to place a relative worth on your life. As long as you are the Center of your universe you are always going to be upset when someone rubs you the wrong way. If you are wrapped up in yourself, you make a very small package.
    The reason you begin to lose the revelation, blessing, and benefit of what God has done is because you’ve let something else occupy that place of importance in your life that was meant for God alone.

    3// if you’ve lost the manifestation of your joy, peace, healing, or revelation, it’s because somewhere along the way you quit glorifying God.
    Quit esteeming other things equal to, close to, or greater than the Lord and His opinion of you!
    You are the one who determines the value of everything in your life.

    4// the sad truth is that most of us have become masters at making the smallest, most insignificant things bigger and minimizing God and His Word. What’s bothering you today? A year from now you probably won’t even remember it!
    The reason so many people are messed up emotionally is because of misplaced values.

    5// the issue isn’t the challenging situation on the outside but the failure on the inside.
    Your thoughts either magnify or shrink everything. It’s not what happens to you that’s important but how you perceive and process it.

    6// you need to get to the place where you value the things of God more than you value your things. When you value and esteem Him, your want tos change.

    7// as you glorify, magnify, and thank God, He becomes bigger and more powerful in your life. There’s something powerful about going back and rehearsing your victories and being thankful.

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  11. Chapter 7/ magnify God by being thankful! Unholy=unthankful
    Being thankful involves memory and humility. A proud person doesn’t believe that anyone’s helped them but that they’ve done it all on their own-THAT WONT BE ME… GOSH! that was so so good!!! I will be a thankful person!

    Chapter 8//if you don’t stir yourself up you will settle to the bottom. REMEMBER-sit & spend time remembering all Gods done for you. When you do this discouragement will leave. When your looking at things properly you will be thankful. In that thankful state it don’t matter what comes at you, you know that God on the inside of you is bigger!! Getting your eyes off Jesus will cause you to be in a depressed not right place!! Everyone is facing the same things just different situations. When your thinking your the only one-YOUR DECEIVED! SOOOOO GOOD! GODS BIGGER!!!!!

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  12. Chapter 2/ You cannot truly glorify God and everything else at the same time.You must esteem one and disesteem everything else!Jesus disesteemed the shame associated with His crucifixion. He intentionally minimized and shrunk the cost.Most Christians don’t function that way. We would have valued our own life,peace,and security in such a way we wouldn’t have been able to value what God called us to do. Most still do that today! These other things that are so important in our lives are sapping our time , energy, and attention. Due to this , what the Lord has done in our lives has diminished over time. It’s not because God has changed toward us or has quit giving to us, it’s because we have let something else occupy that place of importance in our life that was meant for God alone!!! It’s all about the value we place on things!!!!!

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  13. Chapter 3/ Don’t be a leaky vessel, we have to value what God has done for us in our life above all else.We need to get to a place where we can honestly say, “God, You’re more important to me than anyone or anything else. Nothing will compete with you. Intentionally glorify God and disesteem everything else! The Lord looked down through eternity and saw you and me. He saw our hurts, pains, sicknesses, diseases, poverty. He chose to redeem us from all this and bring us joy. He placed value on setting us free and triumph over Satan and liberate the human race. He suffered and died for me and knew the cross would not be the end but the beginning. Jesus chose to focus on the joy!!!! He chose to love me, God Loves me, I choose to disesteem everything else and value and love Him most of all!!♥️

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  14. Chapter 2:// do you glorify the things of God more than the things of this world? The seesaw picture was 🔥!! The Holy Spirit definitely busted me out right here! There are things that I allow to be more important and then Gods things slip down. I’m grateful for light shining in on those dark areas so I know what needs to be eliminated.

    Chapter 3:// God has shown up many ways for my over the years and I cannot let the enemy get into my head and discredit that and make me question all My Father has done for me. What he has done for me are the things I need to value more than anything.

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  15. Chapter 4:// My biggest take away is purely MAGNIFY GOD 🙌🏼🙌🏼 there is a part in this chapter where Andrew talks about the woman wanting to conceive children and she goes on to have many and didn’t give the doctors place or the cancer. I love how he says that God is bigger than that cancer. It truly is all in my perception of how big my Father is. He is bigger than any issue that wants to buck up against his word!! I am going to aggressively make this a daily habit to magnify Him before I let any lie in the natural get me to worry or anxiety!

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  16. This book just keeps getting better and better!!!

    Chapter 6//The reason you sometimes struggle to do God’s will is because of the value you place on other things. People generally will do what they value, prize, and respect the most.
    Respect//to turn the eyes away from other things and fix them on some one thing
    I refuse to think about count or dwell on things I am “giving up”…I choose God’s way!!
    I will glorify God by saying, “You are all I want!!!!!!!!!”

    Chapter 7//Thanking God keeps what He has done in the forefront of my memory!! This was such a great chapter!!!!!!!! Unthankfulness is a sign of the times…I REFUSE to participate!! Being thankful involves memory and humility!! To stay in the race I have to be thankful!!

    Chapter 8//You can’t be depressed without first getting your eyes off Jesus and what He’s done, forgetting His goodness…SO GOOD!!!! It doesn’t matter what is happening around me, what is in me is GREATER!!!!!!!!!! I will never face any pressure that is beyond God’s ability. What I face is temporary!!

    Chapter 9//When you look at your circumstances in light of eternity, it changes your perspective! THIS IS SOOO GOOD!! I REFUSE TO ALLOW THINGS THAT ARE SO TEMPORARY TO BUG ME!!
    If you are depressed, discouraged, and losing your joy, you aren’t looking at the Lord and His Word…no excuses there folks!!
    If you aren’t experiencing life and peace, it’s because of your carnal mind–again…no excuses!!
    Faith in God will cause me to overcome no matter what I face so I have no reason to gripe or complain!!!!!!!!!!!

    Chapter 10//Everything Jesus has made available to me and for me is CONSTANTLY AVAILABLE!!!!!!!! The problem is never with the transmitter but with me as the receiver! I will not beg or ask God for what is already mine! I will take it and thank Him for it by faith!!!!!!!!!! …and then maintain it–GLORIFYING GOD!! BEING THANKFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Otherwise I will get vain in my mind!! GROSSSSSSSSSSS!!! I really liked the statement, “Praise is one of the most important things you can do.” Complaining attracts demons…gross!!! My imagination is a by-product of my focus!! My imagination is the creative part of me!! I really really liked the end of the chapter when he talked about sober minded literally means to be void of speculative imagination–that will be me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I reject that in Jesus’ name!!!!!!!!!! I will not do it!!

    Chapter 11//I cannot function contrary to the image I have inside! I can change who I am!! I choose to allow the Word of God to dominate my mind and I will picture on purpose the positive, the best possible outcome!! If you can’t see it on the inside, you won’t see it on the outside…this was sooo good to me!! I can see anything the Word says is mine!!!!!!!!!! In the imagination is where we conceive…and God our Father sees all of our imaginations!!

    Chapter 12//I really liked this chapter on preparing your heart…and you do so by REMEMBERING…making a monument to and of the amazing things God has done!! You can’t fall into sin and disobedience without first forgetting the goodness and the faithfulness of God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  17. This book has totally challenged me! The main thing I am taking away from this book is that he matters the most ! He loves me the most so I love him the most 💖
    I value him above ALL!!! I don’t value anything or anyone above him 💖 he is so good! I value him MOST!


  18. Chapter 4/ When we magnify God and give Him glory we value Him the most before anything else. We are seeing Him Bigger than any problem, or situation that comes against us. You are saying God you are awesome and I trust You in this! When we start Magnifying Him, you will grow in faith and anything is possible! But it’s up to us! I choose to put Him first to praise and glorify Him. To value God the most! To love Him the most! I’m the one who determines how full I want to be. Not God! That I would be so full of Him I will overflow onto someone else! This is up to you and me!!!♥️


  19. Chapter 5 so so good !!
    The blessing, benefit and joy of what God has done for us starts wearing off when we quit placing the proper value on it!

    Not only do you need to put a positive value in what he has said and done in your life , but you also need to devalue anything else that comes against you!

    If I put the proper value and worth on God and spiritual things , nothing in this life can compare! I can dis esteem and de value ANYTHING in this life so that NOTHING can bother me or steal my joy !

    WOW!!! I de value anything that isn’t him !!!!

    The reason things are so big to us is because God is so small to us! If we would exalt magnify and VALUE the Lord properly, he would become so big that all this other stuff wouldn’t matter !! It wouldn’t even be important and once I get that attitude , everything in life will work bc my value is on HIM not on circumstances or people !! Thank you JESUS!!!! I will VALUE YOU MOST!!!!!!


  20. Chapter 9
    SUCH A GREAT CHAPTER! Whatever it is you face in life face it knowing it’s only temporary! SOOO GOOD! Keep Gods things fresh and when you do you are esteeming eternal things! HIS THINGS SHOULD BE THE BIGGEST AND LOUDEST IN MY LIFE! All of your problems are small in comparison to God. Adopt Gods attitude and start seeing things through His perspective-The Word! I’ll continually stay aware-WHERE ARE YOUR THOUGHTS PATRICIA?! They should be fixed on HIM!! HIM ONLY!!!!!


  21. So I read books like I used to eat my Burgers. I eat the meat and cheese in the middle and the bread and veggies last not always the veggies lol. I can’t start and front and read to end I jump around and get all the good stuff lol. Releasing Gods power was really good (when we glorify and thank God my imagination will start conceiving things differently.

    Your imagination is where thoughts take power. Thoughts will come at time but if we let them enter and take residence is when we have just given them power. Shut the thoughts down with the word and your legos before the thoughts have time to get comfortable.

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  22. Chapter5/ The reason things are so big to us is because God is so small to us.If we would exalt , magnify , and value the Lord properly , He would become so Big to us that all the other stuff wouldn’t even matter.Not even important. When we get that attitude everything else in the natural will work better. Jesus faced the cross , but focused on “the Joy that was set before Him.”It took effort , but He looked beyond the cross and saw the “Joy” there! He saw the truth that this would please The Father! It’s not what happens to you that’s important , but how you perceive and process it.You can disesteem and devalue anything in this life so that nothing can bother you or still your “Joy!” Gosh this chapter really marked me ,nothing can still my joy unless I let it!!!! Just the same as the devil can’t steal the Word unless I let him! ♥️


  23. The “all times” section was my favorite out of chapter 5. Proper value on the word of God will give me the strength I need to look beyond frustrations and know that in the end God is for me worth of every single praise and whatever situation I face in the moment is insignificant. This was very helpful as I’m having somewhat of a frustrating day. It helped me put things into perspective and showed me I have room to grow here and to quit letting the enemy steal my joy.


  24. Chapter 7
    I will remember everything he has done!!! Gosh he has rescued me from so so much! He has provided for me and taken care of me!! He has given me freedom from lies that held me captive !!! He took me from a horrible life and showed me unrelentless love !!! I am so so grateful and today I will rehearse all he has done !!!!


  25. Chapter 8- I can’t get depressed without first getting my eyes off of Jesus and all he has done !!! I will REMEMBER all he has done and magnify him ! I have no right to complain !!! Gods supply is far bigger than
    My need ! I won’t value problems I value HIM!!! I am so blessed and have ALL victory !! I will check myself today and NOT COMPLAIN! I will remember Jesus !!!


  26. Chapter 9– I will remember his goodness !!! I will value him and not a problem ! I will focus on eternal not temporary !!! I can’t be depressed thinking about how good he has been !!! Father forgive me for complaining and forgetting how good you have been and every time you have set me free!!! I REMEMBER your GOODNESS!


  27. Chapter 10-
    Such a great great chapter!
    The Lord is constant we aren’t! We aren’t waiting on a move from God.. Everything Jesus paid for is constantly available… we should be plugged in, turned on and tuned in! GOSH!!!!!!! Soooo good! Gripping and complaining attracts demons -WOW 🤦🏽‍♀️
    SOOO GOOD! I WILL BE A GOD PRAISER!!!!! I will FOCUS ON HIS THINGS!!! To be vain is to be idle and not productive-THAT WONT BE ME🙅🏽‍♀️ My mind is constantly imagining something. WOW WOW!!! Be aware!!!!! Be aware Patricia!
    if you quit glorifying God and being thankful, your imagination is forced to work against you instead of for you.
    Negative = Fearful… be void of speculative wise don’t minister to people for their acceptance.. – do it for Him…don’t think speculate or imagine.. Trust God! DONT JUDGE-BE MERCIFUL… YOU DONT KNOW WHY PEOPLE DO WHAT THEY DO…GOSH!!!! I grow from this chapter and I move forward!!!! HE IS BIGGER! 🙌🏼🙌🏼


  28. Chapter 10- this was super convicting for me!!!

    If I quit glorifying magnifying praising and thanking God, my imagination will Automatically gravitate toward negative things!
    I will not allow my imagination to go to the negative I will REFUSE to be moved by circumstances of the day !! I WILL glorify and praise God ! I REFUSE TO COMPLAIN! I will MAGNIFY HIM!!!

    Also the part about speculating why someone does something . I refuse to do that. I don’t have a clue why they do what they do and I refuse to speculate about ANYONE! I have no right to allow my imagination to do that. Your imagination will take offense over things that never even happened !!


  29. Chapter 11
    WOW!!!!!!! Before I read this chapter HS was already dealing with me regarding HOW DO YOU SEE YOU?! This chapter totally confirmed it….. I like how Andrew started the chapter with this-In your heart, you have an image—a picture—of who you are and what you’re like.
    most people haven’t let the Word of God paint that picture. WOW WOW WOW! I humble myself and continue in the process allowing HIM & HIS WORD ONLY SHAPE ME & HOW I SEE ME… We need to take God’s Word like a paintbrush and change that inner image to agree with what the Word says about us. I WILL DO IT!!!!!!! Gosh! One day at a time- I will allow His Word to paint the picture of who I am to me! I will stay Grateful and Expectant-POSITIVE!!!!!! It’s very important what I imagine….. it has to be HIM & HIS WORD that saturates my imagination… Andrew said You can get to a place where you don’t know how to sin-MY GOAL……🙌🏼🙌🏼MIND STAYED ON HIM!!!!!!!!!


  30. Chapter 11 WOOOAAAHHHH!!!!!
    This chapter was so convicting for me!
    In my heart , I have an image , a picture of who I am and what I am like !
    I will allow Gods word to be my picture !
    I saw in this chapter how powerful my imagination is !!!
    I will SEE myself rich! I SEE myself the way the word says !!!
    I value the word and I begin to see things so so different !!
    I love how he said to not allow your imagination to see yourself failing.
    Your imagination is where you conceive ! I refuse to imagine the word not working ! I imagine victory healing riches peace and freedom!! I PICTURE it until it becomes reality !
    I will NOT allow myself to see myself failing in ANY WAY!!! I see winning 24/7!!!

    “ some people are so negative that all it takes is the devil to whisper a word and they make a paragraph out of it. he can just go on vacation because they’re so wonderful at amplifying and magnifying the negative “

    That will NO LONGER BE ME!!! I will meditate and see the word as my image !!! If he said I’m rich then I am ! I see it !!
    If he said I’m healed then I am ! I see it !!
    If he said I’m loving and kind then I AM, I SEE IT !!!!!!


  31. Chapter 12
    SOOO GOOD! OMGEEEE! I continue learning growing and making adjustments & TOTALLY HUMBLE MYSELF because I need Him! Memory is sooooo Powerful! What I think on is so vitally important to how I see EVERYTHING in my life! I WILL REMEMBER GODS GOODNESS OVER ANYTHING & EVERYTHING that arises in my life! I will see people Thru only Gods goodness-I will remember ALL the good things about people… GOSH!!!! I grow from here! I want it and I see myself growing up—NO MORE THUMB IN MY MOUTH… DONE! I will not live life disconnected-NO!!!!!! I like how Andrew said, remembering the goodness of God will ruin sin in your life-SOOOO GOOD!! I WILL REMEMBER HIS GOODNESS! Consistency is everything because it creates an atmosphere of Gods goodness! A worrywart is just someone with a vivid imagination in the negative realm. If you’re anxious about things, your imagination is functioning in the wrong direction. I LET GO OF IT ALL & I GROW!!! I think on ALL the ways he’s been good to me and GOSH it’s endless…… I’m grateful for this chapter!


  32. Chapter6/ It’s always better to choose God above anything and everything else. You’re life will work out in you’re best interest every time. We just need to change our value system and disesteem everything else.Getting to the place where we look away from anything except the Lord. We will say “Father you are all I want” Your will is all I want in my life.”When the Lord is worth more to you than even your own life, then the Christian life becomes easy!♥️


  33. This was a great book! Just like Pastor Kathy said! I know I will be referring to this blog over and over and my notes in my book!

    Chapter 13//anablepo-seeing twice! I will not just look after things naturally; I will see them with the eye of faith!! I will perceive with my spiritual eyes!! LOOK up!! Take God’s Word and let it paint a picture in your imagination…don’t just read it but allow it to paint and internal picture. I go to God’s Word to find out what He says about me and that’s what I go with!!!!!!! God will be and He is bigger in my life than any situation!!!!!!!!!! I will not be ignorant or lazy!!!!!!!! I GLORIFY GOD!!!!!!!!

    Chapter 14//I really really like 1 Corinthians 14:10…it is by His grace that I am what I am!!!!!!!!! I love that! He is my why! He is my everything!!!!!!!! I choose to release what God has done for me and in me!!!!!! That is on me!!
    “What you do doesn’t affect God’s heart towards you, but it will affect your heart toward Him.” OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT AN AMAZING STATEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The first key to maintaining the flow of God in my life is glorifying Him!!!! The second key is being thankful!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It takes effort to walk in victory!!!! I have to control my imagination!!!
    “How you see things on the inside is actually a driving force in your life.” OMG!!!!!!!!!! SOO GOOD!!
    God is after my heart!!! That is what pleases Him!!! It is not the outside being all cleaned up that He is looking for!

    Chapter 15//The condition of my heart dictates how I act; right actions are a by-product of an intimate relationship with God! If I can’t hear God speak to me in the small matters I won’t be able to hear Him in the big matters! I have two minds: a natural, carnal mind and the mind of Christ; I have to choose to operate from the mind of Christ on a daily basis!! Carnal=5 senses!!
    I will allow my spirit to be my master controller and my natural mind will just be the processor for everything He is and says!!

    Chapter 16//If I think like a lost person I will get a lost person’s results! As I start to think like a new creation I will get new creation results!! My heart will become sensitive to whatever I focus my attention on and it will be hardened to whatever I neglect!! I put more value on Him than anything else!! My imagination is where thoughts take on power!! I live from HIs love and I allow His peace to rule me!! Nothing will steal my peace!! I really like how Andrew said that even if it looks like he will be late and have to run to catch a connecting flight that he will not; he will just miss it. He will not do anything that opens the door for anxiety! That was soo great!!! My relationship and time with God isn’t just about quality but quantity also!!

    Chapter 17//I really like the way Andrew defined meditation; it is reading and then closing your eyes and seeing it!!!!!!!!!! SOOO GOOD! GREATER WORKS!! I HAVE BEEN MEDITATING ON THAT!!!!!!!!!!! “Until you see it on the inside you can’t see it on the outside” I DESIRE HIM MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE!!

    Conclusion//I will make a conscious decision to glorify God!! I don’t want the acclaim of people!! My love and commitment for God stands alone!! I will intentionally minimize the negative, doubt, worry and fear!!!!!!!! I will not compartmentalize my life…I will infuse His Word and His Spirit into every part of my day!! HE IS HELPING ME BE AND DO ALL THAT I NEED TO BE AND DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  34. Chapter 13-
    WE HAVE THE ANSWER-HIM!!!!!!! We dont look at natural resources instead we look to Spiritual resources. SEE YOURSELF ABLE!! I AM ABLE!! See things by faith! Dont allow what you see to limit you! We dont have to plead with God to give you something you simply look up, receive sight, and see what you already have. LOOK UP!!! SEE WITH YOUR INNER MAN… SEE YOURSELF THE WAY GOD SEES YOU!! DO NOT MAKE COMPARISONS-LET GODS WORD PAINT THE PICTURE!! LET HIM AND HIS WORD HAVE THE FINAL SAY… We have it all already!!! IT IS FINISHED!!!!! I will look up… HE IS THE ANSWER!


  35. Chapter 13
    If you would consistently glorify God , be thankful and use your imagination in a positive way it would be impossible for you to fail ! The inner pressure of God in your life would overcome the outward pressure of the world , the circumstances and the devil.

    Wow!! I choose to see Like he sees!!!!


  36. Chapter7/ How could I forget what the The Lord has done for me all of my life ? Oh! I guess at some point I might or I could, But not today!!!!! He is the first One on my heart when I get up each morning. I could think about some one or something else , but not today! When I remember where He brought me from all I can do is “Thank Him” for giving me a chance to know how much He loved me then and loves me still. I remember where I was when God touched my life and as with most people ,it wasn’t pretty not even close. Today , any day it would be unthinkable not be grateful, not to be thankful for the Life He has given me. This is only all about Him being in me and me in Him! How could I not magnify Him giving Him all the glory , all the thanks for His forgiveness for His unconditional love! There’s no , nor can be an intimacy as this One ! I will not forget, not today!😊


  37. Chapter8/ I may have been slow finishing this book which by the way has been soooo amazingly good! I believe I’ve learned so much that I could never forget how far God has brought me just by having been so blessed by all He has done! I want to give Him all I’ve got in even more diligence because of all He has given to me! Growing and actively being the woman He’s made me to be! He gets all the glory! We have no right to complain or grip, if you are saved. We should be thanking God, not a gripper and complainer. We should be Praising the Lord! we ought live to and for Him, not people.Don’t grow weary and faint! Maintain your faith and be a good receiver knowing you have the victory!!!!! Just serve Him with all your heart, for after all your reward comes from Him alone! You already have everything you need! Thank you Father! 🙌🙌🙌


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