Night Life 9.4.19

I’m so thankful for Night Life! It is the perfect way to celebrate mid-week! Here are a couple of our highs from service:

  • what keeps the Word from working is the soil it is planted in
  • to hear takes a sincere ear
  • in order to continue you must continue!!
  • you can’t allow distractions to short circuit your love for Him!

So, what were your highs from service? What stood out most to you?


  1. Nightlife is the highlight of my week! I’m so thankful for the energy the Word gives me! Here are some of my highs!
    * In order to stay focused, you have to stay focused…keep it simple, stupid!
    * We’re all one step away from leaving it all…where do my steps lead me??
    * The soil of your heart determines the level of success the Word has in your life…time to level up! 💪🏼
    * Distractions and tragedies endeavor to short circuit your relationship with God…I want to be plugged in!!
    * We take advantage of times like this, we don’t trust in times like this…We’re on a different economy!
    * The Word of God is our results!
    * The Word of God is capable of multiplying WHOLENESS in every part of your life! Nothing missing, nothing broke!
    * The goal = positioned where nothing moves me!
    * My confession: I present my heart today as GOOD GROUND for the Word to grow and flourish! I am attentive to His voice and take hold of what is mine! I am a 25%er!


  2. You have to see the Word as valuable enough to stick with it and you do this whether anyone around you determines to do that or not.

    You can’t allow distractions of any kind or tragedy to short circuit your love for Him!

    How many people cut off their opportunity when they are right around the corner if they would have just held on? Faith steps out when it doesn’t see the results. The answer is already written it just requires you to believe before you see it.

    You have to determine that none of these things move me! Nothing jacks with my eternal assignment. This is about me and Him!

    No one knows you aren’t genuine until your jacked up fruit shows up!

    This was a great service! I was so encouraged!


  3. Wednesday Night Church was so good! Here’s my highs: The attention I give God is how much attention He’s able to give me! The One I love ( Jesus) will take care of me! No one can detour your love for him but you! You alone are responsible for the soil of your heart and it’s condition, where nothing at all moves you! You don’t have a life until you have His Life! The Father is the One who produces through me the reward for being a 25% Presenter!!!!! I refuse to be a fringe believer! This was so good, thanks Pastor Dean!!!!🙌


  4. GOSH!!! After listening to this message it was PERFECTION!!!!! IM SO GRATEFUL FOR THE WORD!!! IM GRATEFUL HE SAVED ME… here are my highs

    A Life lived without HIM is no life lived at all!!!! SERIOUSLY THO!! been there and done that…. I so liked when PD started with the message saying he dont always feel it! I continue to determine not to allow my feelings to have ANY precedent in my days…. This life is about day in and day continuing!!! Taking responsibility for our lives and not giving up,. NO MATTER WHAT ARISES OR WHAT DONT ARISE!! HE LOVES ME AND I WILL LIVE MY LIFE FROM THAT PLACE… he loves me!!! I WILL STAY DEVOTED TO HIM, HEARING HIM AND BEING LED BY HIM.. CONTINUING!!!! The word is the answer! The word is able to bring wholeness in every area of my life!!! HE IS BIGGER!!!!! GOD STRENGTHENS ME, EQUIPS ME, AND HE PRODUCES THROUGH ME.. yesssss!!! JESSSUSS!


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