Sunday, September 8

Service was so good today!!! I’m so thankful for the truth!!!! Here are some of our highs from today!


  • If something’s really important to you, you’ll make it!
  • Don’t hide or sugar coat things!!
  • Find someone who will shoot straight with you!!

2nd service

  • When we are speaking the Word we are speaking the life of God!!
  • I have to choose to stay hungry!!
  • We LIKE “the Cowboys”, we LOVE God!
  • Be more serious about His things as you are about the game!

So, what were your highs from service? What stood out most to you?


  1. Happy Sunday!! 🙂 🙂

    1st service//I made this note: “Charity, you cannot put your mouth on what is contrary to the Word of God.”
    When I say what His Word says it will drive the doubt out!!
    I really liked when Pastor Dean was talking about making mountains out of molehills…mom and dad told me that sooo many times growing up, still do! My perspective has to be fixated on the Word so my words will line up with His.
    I always defeat the enemy with IT IS WRITTEN!!
    I like when Pastor Dean said you have to hate what hurts!!
    “The Word will work for you supernaturally in the natural.”–so great!!
    I will not be an unbelieving believer.

    2nd service//”The highest purpose for words is communicating the creative power of His Word.”
    When I speak the Word I am speaking the life of God!!
    The Word woks offensively and defensively!
    I can put my attention on whatever I choose to put my attention on!

    I was sooo soooo encouraged in church today! God is for me and I will walk in an defend the victory He has provided for me!!

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  2. 1st service
    Doubt keeps victory out!!! It’s up to me to fill up in God’s Word so doubt has no place!
    Every distraction, regardless of its level, needs to be seen as of the devil!!! My eyes will stay fixed on Him and His direction for my life!
    Loud, biblical fruit will do two things:
    Attract those who are hungry
    Repel those who are hating!
    My fruit will be LOUD!!
    If you get caught doing wrong, be grateful for the opportunity to change the course you are on!! Get back on track with Him!

    Pre-K 3rd
    Until you know the foundational truths of the word… who is God? Who is Jesus? And why/what you believe about them, then you won’t have the boldness and confidence to share the truth with those around you! You have what people need!!

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  3. Jump start// without faithfulness we won’t have endurance.
    Systems of order facilitate growth.
    Honesty will protect you…the case for two!! You need accountability! If you look for someone to let you off the hook you will remain a baby!

    1st Service// none of these things move me!
    Knowing His character is paramount when you are standing on his Word!
    Man will not live outside of the words he has spoken over his life!!! I will LEGO the right things!!!

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  4. Sunday was a great day! Here are my Highs : 1st/ We are called to be like our Father in His image! He is the Author of everything Good! Jesus was taken into the wilderness so we never would have to go there! 3rd/ God’s Word is revealed to the humble, the hungry , they are the ones who get it! The devil has no challenge for the WORD!!!! 🙌♥️

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