DEEP 9.16.19

OMG–I’m so thankful DEEP is back!! It was sooo good!! Here are our highs from class!


  • It’s not just the Word I hear but the Word I put action on
  • It is finished!! Everything I have is up to me!
  • Everything I say and do has a spiritual counterpart
  • The tooth brush, tooth paste, and horseradish example–OMG! I will use the toothpaste and SPIT IT OUT (repentance)

Old vs. New

  • Dishonor creates shame
  • Boundaries are protection
  • The moment you try to convince others that what you are doing is right-it is a counterfeit
  • When you fall for a counterfeit you always forfeit something!

So, what were your highs from class? What stood out most to you?


  1. Be aware of where you are don’t fake it just be real deal with it get it out and live free and real! I am not waiting on God to do a single thing more He is waiting on me.
    My perspective is my Mental View!!!!!!!

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  2. WOW!!!! Deep was seriously SOOOO GOOD!!! I’m so grateful for tonight and so grateful to be back in Deep!

    Honor- PC Said-You are your insides! WOW! I will be aware and stay humble about where I am! THE POWER OF THE WORD MEETS YOUR INSIDES! I will allow The Word to meet my insides! The ball is in my court!! What am I going to do with the Word?! SERIOUSLY sooooo Good! I SOO liked the Toothpaste and the Horseradish illustration PC gave! I will use the Word and I will repent & spit out whatever it is that may not be right! IM IN CONTROL OF ME…. Expectation in anything other than God is in the Wrong place! I will grow and I will make adjustments because I want ALL HE paid for me to have! PUT CONFIDENCE ONLY IN HIM! This is about Value and Intimacy with Him!!!!! Insecure=Not being Secure IN HIM! I sooo liked the scripture Romans 12:9-10-I will mull that over and over!!!!! GRATEFUL!!!!

    Old Vs New-
    We should live life where Spirit is dominating everything! Focused on Him = Me having His perspective about me= me seeing me as His child when I see me not wether am I skinny enough, or how do I look, etc… Seriously sooo good! In EMBRACING THE LOVE OF GOD there will be no room for comparison or judging! I’ll take on my daddy’s perspective-if I don’t I’ll live life full of shame, dishonor, fear, etc… DANG! Boundaries are right-they are there to protect you! The Word protects us when we do it! Identify where you are so you can move forward! He wants to be what you need Him to be-Forgiver, Restorer, etc.. DONT HIDE! DONT BLAME!!! DONT PRETEND TO BE SOMEWHERE YOUR NOT! Be honest with God! When I am honest wit God he is able to supernaturally do what I can’t! HUMBLE!!!! I stay humble!!! DONT PROMOTE SELF… I don’t need to convince anyone I simply just let it be from God! HE IS GOD & I AM NOT! I will not pacify!!!!


  3. Wow!!!! So so good !!!!


    I am my insides !!!
    The power of the word is meeting my insides and when my insides aren’t right, the word can’t work !
    I have to allow the word to duke it out with whatever is in me!

    The time I spend with what I receive will determine manifestation.
    I can’t just keep hearing a bunch of word and pile it on top of junk inside !!

    I loved the brushing teeth Analogy it was so so good !! I will do this nightly and get rid of any junk from the day and spit it OUT! I won’t go to others opinions but to daddy! I will admit it , repent and get it out!

    Confidence in him is about value and intimacy! Do I care about what HE thinks above what others think ?
    My confidence and expectation has to be in HIM ALONE!!
    Believing the best is different than expecting the best ! Believing is fruit of love expectation of others is rooted in fear which means my security is not IN HIM!

    My spirit dominating was ALWAYS Gods design!
    Adam and eves perspective wasn’t a hot body. They were spirit ! They had HIS perspective !

    Gods plan was always to set me up to WIN!
    Look at the WORD and see it as protection instead of restriction ! God is NOT keeping me from anything !! He has the BEST life for me!
    Rom 6:23 wages of sin is death ! Boundaries protect me from death!

    When I mess up , my FIRST RESPONSE is CRUCIAL!!! I have to humble myself , repent and be restored!
    Honor begins by just spending TIME with HIM!

    WHERE ARE YOU?! Don’t fake the funk ! I have to Identity where I am so he can be the DADDY I NEED !

    Promoting yourself is a counterfeit !
    The moment you try to convince people
    That what you’re doing is from God – it’s a counterfeit .
    Just let it be God.

    Everyone will mess up – just identify where you are !!!

    Works make you tired! Come before him as the creat- Ed ! I’m here to work your plan !

    Pacifying always deals with the most obvious instead of the real issue !
    Works and shame go hand in hand !!!

    Dang I will honor his word and REFUSE counterfeits ! I will repent right away when I miss it and run to daddy ! I will value his love and refuse works and shame on every level! I refuse to promote myself !


  4. Wow! “Deep” was amazing so glad we’re back! Here’s my highs: Honor/*You are your insides, let things go that are still on the inside!*Just hearing the Word is not enough, you have to put the Word on your actions!* The toothbrush, toothpaste example was so good, I’m spitting it out =repentance! * Confidence in Him is value and intimacy! Old vs. New / * Dishonor is a lack of respect! *I’am not waiting on God, He’s waiting on me! He’s done everything I will ever need!* I should be able to say , this is where I’am !*The moment you think you have to convince people , your a fake, a counterfeit! It was a great first night of Deep!!!!!🍁


  5. DEEP was amazing last night!
    honor//we have to split it out and stop stuffing. I have to be better at recognizing and rinsing or spitting that stuff out daily. We can’t get clogged up there is SO MUCH to do!! My insides have to be healthy and I have to know the state of my insides.

    Old vs. New//counterfeit example in NYC was so good. How many times do I try to convince myself or others that something is good and real. Just let it be good and real. No more street vendor I’m GUCCI!!! I will not forfeit anything by counterfeiting my walk with Him.


  6. Honor
    You must act on and apply the Word you hear!!
    What you do with the Word of God is deciding what the Word can do for you!
    When wrong things go on in your body, it started in your soul!
    When my expectation is not in Him ALONE, I see myself up for heartbreak!

    Old vs. New
    Boundaries=protection NOT restrictions!
    The enemy always adds a little bit of truth in with the lie he is telling you!
    Until you identify with where you are you cannot move forward!
    If you just address the fruit, it’s going to come back… get to the root!!


  7. DEEP was so amazing!!!

    Honor- what you are doing with the Word is how the Word will work for you! The ball is always in my court! I will not be emotionally constipated but on the daily humble myself and repent and judge things that are wrong!! Displaced hope will ALWAYS produce disappointment which always produces bitterness! My hope will be in Him alone!

    Old vs new- dishonor will always create shame! My first response is critical, don’t hide, just say where you are! The real deal just is!!!


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