Tony Cooke 9.18.19

We are so thankful for Reverend Tony Cooke being here! Here are a couple of our highs from service:

  • Transform pain into purpose
  • No matter the pain, Jesus felt more
  • The goodness of God is greater than the darkness of the world

What were your highs from service?


  1. You can let your pain make you bitter or you can ask God to help you be better and transform into a reservoir of grace I thought this was so good I liked where he said there’s nowhere in the Bible where God is mad at you for being sick or HE doesn’t want you to feel condemned or ashamed… when I feel pain I know Jesus felt way more pain and he did it for me ❤️ It’s my responsibility to ask for Gods help. Let his grace take over

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  2. So thankful for Rev. Tony Cook coming! Here are my Highs : *We can transform pain into Purpose! * If you don’t transform pain, you will surely transmit it to others, even to the next generation! * Jesus suffered more and we didn’t care!( Isaiah 53:3 NLT) Only those who have been wounded are masters at mending! 🙌

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