Sunday, September 22

Service was so good today!! I am so thankful for the church and Sunday’s!!! Here are a couple of our highs from service:


  •  My security needs to be in the Assigner
  •  Christ defines me NOT my giftings!
  • Being right is a pursuit of progress
  •  Progress is my part; promotion is God’s part!

1st Service

  • God did what He did so He could have us!!! So big!
  • How we react to what comes our way determines how what comes our way effects us!
  • No one can align my desires but ME!
  • The Father’s integrity won’t allow Him to contradict His Word

So, what were your highs from service? What stood out most to you?


  1. Church was so good today. Praise and worship was sooooo good !!!! And I’m so grateful PD always preaches the truth. How we react to what comes our determines how what comes our way effects us. So good. I refuse to be moved. I also like what PC said cast down any thought or feeling that exalts itself above the word. I’m so thankful. I’m growing.

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  2. Church was soo awesome today!!!!!!!!!

    1st service//How you see and how you say is how you will be!!!!! I really liked how Pastor Dean amplified on Psalm 23:1 pretty much all day!! Soo good! I saw “lust” in a deeper light today as Pastor Dean was reading James 1:13-18; Pastor Dean said that lust is anything that draws me away from Him; it can be a thought or even a feeling. I started thinking about the fact that in the last days in 2 Timothy 3 when Paul said that men would be lovers of self…selfishness can move into lust as I exalt anything in me above Him and His Word!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!

    Sin mostly begins in my mouth!! I really liked that! Sin isn’t just behavior but it is saying the wrong thing!! I wlll sepnd more time talking about His goodness as opposed to the negative in everything!! This requires I be disciplined and grateful!!!!!!!! Faith has a focus and I will stay focused!! When we see ourselves in a position of light–we handle darkness accordingly. The molehill is not a big deal…pride thinks it is!!!!!!!!

    2nd service//We have to defer to Him of our own free will! Because nothing can separate me from His love that means I have access to His goodness all the time!!! He will be in my life as I see Him!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is soo great!! When I am deceived or distracted I have given the enemy access…I refuse!!!!!!!!!! If I can’t talk it I won’t be able to walk it!!
    Phone…tool of fools OMG!!!!!!!!!

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  3. Sunday church was so good! Here are my Highs : Jump Start/ *Being Right is a pursuit of progress in grace! * In Redemption is my Prosperity! *Progress is my part, Promotion is God’s part! *My security is in the Assigner! *You’re either a Producer or a pretender! 1st/ * Declare The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want! Everything I do changes when my heart is set on Him! *Jesus has overcome any and everything that would try to come against me!* The Fathers integrity won’t allow Him to contridict His Word! 3rd/ Your heart should be filled with what you want—Speak and Beleive!!!!! Good Word PD!!♥️

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  4. Jump start// you’re either a producer or a pretender. Faithful people at work are producers. Producers don’t plan today, today. I should be progressing and everything else progresses as a result.

    Service highs// how you see and how you say is how you will be.

    Sin mostly starts with the mouth. Once it’s released out of your mouth, you have to deal with it.

    As myself as good and make good professions about myself! Say what He says about me!

    The fathers integrity won’t allow Him to contradict His Word.

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  5. I am so grateful for church yesterday! As I went over my notes here were some of my highs-

    BEING RIGHT=A COMMITMENT TO GROW! I will Grow in Grace (Jesus)! My security should ONLY BE IN HIM not in anything more-not my place at work, not serving at church, being a mom, wife, money, etc.. ONLY HIM! If your security is wrapped up in what you do, you’ll never be able to do what you do. SOOOO GOOD! I want my everything to be wrapped up in HIM, HIM BEING THE FACTOR FOR IT ALL… HIM BEING MY ONLY SOURCE. HIM DEFINING me!!!!! Don’t EVER become satisfied Patricia, THERES MORE! I WILL GROW!!! I’ll be aware of my place and be right in my my place! I don’t do anything from a motive of Self…. I SERVE!!!!! wrong motives materialize into frustration, strife and betrayal…. 🙅🏽‍♀️ I will faithfully steward what I have been given and give it my all! I will serve……

    2nd Service
    I so liked when PC said after announcements-TAKE GOD AT HIS WORD & SUPERNATURAL TRANSPIRES! That was so good to me!!!!!
    I soooo like how PD reiterated Psalm 23:1-THE LORD IS MY SHEPARD I SHALL NOT WANT! I take that and run with it!!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼when he is your Shepard and you do not want, you will be FULLY SUPPLIED in ALL things and for all things! HES GOT ME!!!! MORE THAN ENOUGH!
    God doesn’t get people’s attention by any other way but by HIS WORD! I choose to give him access to my wool so that he can multiply it and I don’t find myself hung up! HE ALLOWS WHAT YOU ALLOW!!!! I have all power and authority! I no longer have to put up with mess-I have the keys to loose and bind…. 🙌🏼🙌🏼 I HAVE BEEN GIVEN THE ABILITY TO GO OVER! GOD LOVES ME AND THERES NOTHING TO BIG FOR HIM!!! Fear is a magnet.. DONT FEAR! Fear separates us from his love! I wrote in BIG BOLD LETTERS-HOW BIG ARE YOU GOING TO SEE GOD PATRICIA?! He is only as Big as I make Him out to be!
    I will pay attention to what matters-HIM!!!!!!


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