DEEP 9.23.19

DEEP was so good tonight! I’m so thankful for Monday’s and growing together! ❤️ Here are a couple of our highs from class:


  • I might feel it but i’m bouncing right back!!
  • A field belongs to its owner it doesn’t belong to itself
  • If i’m fearful of uncertainties i’m in works NOT faith
  • In order for things to get better I have to do something!!

Old vs. New

  • When you get offended by something in the Word realize that is where you are the most troubled
  • Killing of animals was pacifying sin NOT eradicating the power of sin
  • You can’t just pray your way out of sin, you have to do something!!
  • Planes don’t defy gravity they produce enough force to overcome it!!

So, what are your highs from class? 🤓 What stood out most to you?


  1. GOSH DEEP was AMMMMAZZING!!! I’m grateful for the Word… SERIOUSLY SOOO GRATEFUL… everything was my fav about deep so here goes-

    PC- I really liked how PC said that she took time in her day to think about Pastor Neiman and the impact he had with the Word in their lives.. I think the same about PD & PK-seriously where would I be had the truth not been presented the way PD and PK and their entire family presented it to me and my family… I’m grateful! ITS A BIG DEAL!

    Bitterness = misplaced expectations…ONLY ROOTED IN HIM! CHRIST IN ME = HOPE! I’m eradicating from my vocabulary“I don’t know”… I DO KNOW! I have the answer in Me!!!! GOD IS IN ME!!! Nothing or Noone should ever have the power to move you and if they do then your expectations aren’t IN HIM, where they should be! ALL SECURITY SHOULD COME FROM HIM!!!! Locate disappointment-if I had it my way? flimsy expectation=selfish
    BE PATIENT WE ARE ALL IN PROCESS.. this takes me back to one of the things that Has changed my life FOREVER that PD says-LIFE TAKES TIME… it’s been foundational for me… and helped me…
    The enemy is not creative, he is still doing the same thing… I determine to draw the line and be the change in my family… BE INTENTIONAL-I will be so aware!!!! Satisfaction only comes from Him… MY LIFE BELONGS TO HIM! MY AIM SHOULD BE TO PLEASE HIM! Absence of love=strife, lack, sickness, etc…. The word isn’t in you until it’s your first response! PROGRESSION IN OUR LIVES!!!!!! My prayers don’t move him they position me…. I have to be willing to do something with The Word! Vulnerable to the Father!!!!! HUMBLE…

    If you have to convince or promote = counterfeit.. Sin will produce an invoice-You will have to pay.. GODS NOT FAKE! God is about the position in my heart…. Continually asking myself where are you?! Being humble and honest! SIN COSTS! The enemy wants you to rely on yourself. Sin is a twisted idea that doing things your own way is Right… ITS A LIE…. the enemy will make you think your farther along then you are…I PURPOSE TO BE HUMBLE AND HONEST… surrendered to HIM!!!! You can’t love others until you embrace HIS LOVE!! If I find myself listing after anything I have to be aggressive with myself… SIN HAS ENERGY… it jacks with everyone around you.. WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER! Everything is in me that I have need of-ITS IN ME!!! Repentance is preached not love and acceptance… STOP COMPARING YOURSELF TO OTHER PEOPLE!!!!!!! Gods about God promoting not self promoting.. I so liked the plane illustration & how I HAVE POWER TO OVERCOME!!!! Gosh! I take that and I run with it and SEE MYSELF SEATED IN HEAVENLY PLACES, SOARING……IN HIM!!! I will not pacify but own where I am and in total surrender be humble and make adjustments! IM POSITIONED IN VICTORY…..


  2. WHAT!!!! Man deep was so good last. Everything is up to me. People say “I” did this or “I” did that “I” made it here or “I” make this much money. Listen start with “I” owning where you are and stop letting the fake shine through the “I” we have all missed it from time to time but when you are all alone with no one around the “I” knows the real truth. If you are going to be an “I” then let it be “l” surrender “l” glorify and magnify God. “I” am healed “l” serve only one God. Put down the littles god’s of this world that steal away our “l” time with the real God. There is a saying if you are not talking risk you are not living. As an “l” (self) your risk will fail even if they look good. Let our “l” be in H”l”M and no matter how it looks you will never fail. Be real know who your God is and call on Him we are not waiting for Him to move He is patiently and lovingly waiting on ME!!!!


  3. Deep was so good !!

    PC- honor

    Col 1:27 Christ is my HOPE!!! I put my heart on that !!! Christ is my hope ! I am God inside minded !!!

    Envy = disgusted comparison
    I won’t allow this in my heart I will get to the root and get it OUT!!!

    He ALONE is my root !! If i respond to someone incorrectly , that person had too much power in my life.

    I have to focus on who I am IN HIM!! I have to put my flesh in its place EVERYDAY! That will never stop I will never be above that!
    I can not compare my process with ANYONE else’s !!!
    If I’m in disgusting comparison I have to start asking myself questions and working backwards. Psalm 19:12-13 show me ME!
    I can’t get used to my own smell!! Get it out !!
    2 cor 5:9 MY AIM IS TO PLEASE HIM in everything i do!!!
    I want to STICK to him !! I don’t want to lose my sticky bc I’m sticking to too many things.
    I have NO DREAM NO AMBITION that would supersede his desire for me!

    what I Have access to in HIM:
    Compete victory no matter what the situation
    Healing always
    Riches and provision beyond my dreams
    Rich relationships
    A security that can never be shaken
    Grace for every assignment

    Dang he’s covered it all!!
    I simply keep getting better one day at a time !!! I do one thing more than I did yesterday !
    I fill my heart with the word so that it is my FIRST RESPONSE!
    He is not waiting on me !!!! He is ALWAYS in position , I simply have to get in position. Every need is done !!! Paid for ! Finished !
    I will maintain my soil so that I value the truth the MOST!!!!
    Those who HUNGER and THIRST after righteousness – HIS WAY , they WILL BE FILLED!!!!!

    I value truth the MOST!!!

    PF Old vs New

    THE WAGES OF SIN IS DEATH!!! I will get an invoice and have to pay!!
    Everytime I sin there is something I will have to pay !!

    The devil only has 1 M.O – to get me relying on ME and not on the Father !
    I will not rely on me or focus on me. I will focus on the father and how I look IN HIM!

    You can’t love others if you haven’t embraced the love of God for yourself!

    I don’t want to be known in the flesh but IN HIM!

    His love looked past all the times that I would mess up or give up .
    I will know that love more and more everyday ! I will not pacify . I will deal with the real issues. I admit when I have missed it and I repent !!!
    Whatever I’m lusting after , I get AGGRESSIVE with it !!! I want HIM MOST! I own where I’m wrong and I repent and grow !!


  4. WOW! I’m so thankful for “Deep” on Monday nights! Here are my Highs: Honor/ In order for things to change you have to do something!* Ask yourself what do you want! * The ball’s in your court! *Incorrect emotions effect everything in my life! Old vs New/ * Pride will always cause you to hide! *Every time you sin there is something to pay! * You never move past your last act of disobedience! I will walk free and live from a place of victory so that I can impact a lost and dying world for His glory!🙌


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