Sunday, September 29!

Happy Sweet Sunday! Service was so amazing! Here are a couple of our highs from service!


  • A hard heart makes excuses
  • If I’m not disciplined in the basics I can’t add the extras
  • If I hang around the rebels I’ll always be offended

1st Service

  • People don’t need a “piece of my mind” they need a “piece of my heart”
  • Correction with affection brings repentance not rejection
  • The “good of the land” is not a handout
  • Speak the Word for Word results!

I’m so excited to put away childish things! Of the 4 Pastor Dean shared today, which resonated most with you?


  1. First service was amazing! PD said success is when you let God’s words become your words! #5 really resonated with me!! Speak the word OUT LOUD Fran!! So this week I’m going to be intentional about making my confessions in the morning and paying extra attention to what is coming out of my mouth!!

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  2. Sweet Sunday is so much fun🍬 Here are my Highs: Jump Start/*Our attitude is our approach to everything He has done! * A commitment to right is a commitment to growing! * A hard heart = a prideful heart! *The farther you go the more simply God’s things become! 2nd/ It’s not what I know, but who He is! * I always need to be ready for the next season of my life! You will only have the confidence to receive from God when you’re doing what He says to do! 3rd/ We have to make a decision we will not settle for alternatives!!!!!! Great Word today! 🍭

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  3. 1st Service:
    Restrict your words to His Words.

    When Pastor Dean said “the girls never asked if they could help with the house payment growing up” it helped me visualize God obviously doesn’t “need” our help He “wants” our COOPERATION so we can receive what already belongs to us!

    3rd Service:
    Punk The Funk!
    Pastor Dean is so funny and I’m grateful he keeps it simple.
    The enemy is trying to get us in a funk but we don’t fall for that. We Punk The Funk!

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  4. Today was sooo great!! 🙂 🙂

    1st service//I really liked the for things that will be required of me in order to put away childish things. The one that resonated with me the most was…Speak the Word for Word results. LOL! This is not hard and it is not complicated…but we make it hard when we aren’t doers!! I really liked when Pastor Dean said you are never lying when you are speaking the Word!!

    2nd service//I will gauge my life, behavior, and actions based on His Word;Corrupt communication is anything that opposes God’s Word!!
    If you are hungry for the truth you will get it!!
    Your children are dependent upon your passion 😉

    Such a special Sweet Sunday 🙂 🙂


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