DEEP 9.30.19

Life of Honor:

Keep your eyes on the ball! Where is it? You pass the ball to the enemy every time you yield to fear!

Journey through the Bible:

Don’t yield to distractions! Analyze, what distractions have you allowed?


  1. Honor

    Honor is what you do with and how you relate to the word.
    I really like how simple that is !!

    If the seed doesn’t produce it’s not the seed , it’s the environment . My roots. My soil.
    If my roots aren’t right the word can’t penetrate!


    WORD has to always be out front

    He paid it ALL but what I experience is on me!
    When she said all the promises of God are not in my future they’re in my past ! Dang 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
    He has already set me free from
    Debt !!! And I hear him every moment and I’m led by him in how to walk in that !!!
    I sit down at the table and I take what is MINE!!!
    If Jesus carries the anointing and he’s in me then I carry the anointing ! And it destroys all bondage !!!

    I CAN put my flesh under bc he put HIS under!!

    The difference in being satisfied and pacified is my honor.
    The ball is ALWAYS in my court . I give the ball to the enemy when I give in to fear and if I try to give the ball to God he gives it back bc he’s already done his part !!!!

    If you aren’t hungry you will not be filled!
    What have I been feeding ? What has kept me full ?

    In honor I have NO WANT!
    Need and want denotes lack !
    I want for nothing but HIM!
    Fruit happens when I steward the details!

    I control my appetites with my WORDS!
    Giving in to flesh just gives me more to deal with . I refuse to do it !!

    Journey thru the Bible
    Get in the word so they word can get in you!!

    Make getting in the word my top priority! Value it above else !!
    Remove distractions

    When you spend time with the Father you will understand his love !
    Love him with ALL your heart !

    What God has called me to do he as equipped me to do!!


  2. Deep was so good! Here’s my highs: Honor/* I’m not waiting on God to do anything, He’s waiting on me to get it! * If you’re not hearing right you’re not growing!* The ball is always in my court!* You pass the ball to the enemy every time you fear! I don’t want for anything, Lord you are more than enough!!! ♥️ Journey/ *The Word is a Love Letter from our Father!*You have to be disaplined to be in the Word*Everytime we read the Word it’s Jesus speaking to us, that’s how we should see Him! * To value the Word is precious , it’s alive in our life!


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