October Book of the Month

Burn the White Flag

By. Charles Nieman

In Burn the White Flag, Charles Nieman walks through the battles Christians commonly face and shares wisdom and tools to help you fight those battles. Through personal testimonies and fresh insights into biblical stories, including the story of the Israelites’ journey from captivity in Egypt to the freedom and abundance of the Promised Land, Charles illuminates important lessons about not giving up on the promises and plans that God has for your life.

Burn the White Flag will help you to:

  • Overcome obstacles that hinder you from freedom and joy
  • Develop the traits and strength necessary to fight spiritual battles
  • Recognize God’s power and restoration in your life

When the war rages on around you, God gives you the faith and endurance you need to carry on and walk in the promises He has for you. Abundant life starts with burning the white flag!


  1. I’m looking forward to “burning the white flag” and going to the next level in my faith fight!
    Chapter One: Running to Win
    * There are two constant pressures; to quit my race and to settle for less than the win…I refuse to do either in Jesus name!
    * I reject living a mediocre, ordinary life when JESUS paid for me to have abundance!
    * Extraordinary is found on the heart, not in the bank account! 🙌🏼❤️
    * No one is born with endurance but EVERY one can choose to grow in it!
    * When you fall, get back up!
    * Faith is not about perfection, but patience!
    * How many times have I heard Him tell me in my spirit, “You know what to do, Do it”? – endurance is obedience!
    * Overcommiting and distractions will keep you from winning your race – rearrange your plate with His things!
    * Don’t make a decision based on feelings…seasons come and go!
    * Keep going until you receive your win! Breakthroughs require endurance!
    * Keeping your eyes and faith on JESUS is foundational for your race!

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  2. I love Pastor Charles sooo much! This is a great book!!

    Chapter 1//The temptation to surrender is sometimes disguised as the temptation to settle, to make due with less than what God has put in your heart and in His Word for you to enjoy!! …that is a form of waving the white flag…
    Mediocrity means average or commonplace!!
    Extraordinary is found in the heart, not in the bank account.
    Faith is less about perfection and more about patience.

    NO MEDIOCRITY FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!

    Chapter 2//We have to live by principles NOT emotion;
    A lifestyle of grit takes time and hard work;
    Some of the obstacles that get in our way and tempt us to live a lifestyle of of apathy are self-pity, cowardice, and inconsistency of emotions
    We overcome self-pity with grit!
    The question isn’t if we will face hard times, but how we will face them.
    Get grit!!
    Apathetic heart: that’s good enough, I just don’t care anymore,
    Each time you beat something, the victory tends to come a little easier.
    We might have weak moments, but that will only cause us to pray always, to seek God humbly, and to guard our faith diligently.
    Fighting against apathy in our daily lives requires grit!
    Putting on the full armor of God takes grit!!

    I CHOOSE GRIT!!!!!!!!!

    Chapter 3//Just because you’re tempted doesn’t mean you have to do it; that’s not a popular thought in culture today, because alot of people think they should be allowed to do whatever they want, whenever they want, and however they want. That is not what the abundant life looks like though. Aligning your life with truth means saying no to temptations, but it results in a life that is full and leaves a lasting legacy!!
    In moments of weariness, weakness, and desperation, the temptation is to bypass God and do things ourselves…don’t do it!
    JESUS SPOKE TRUTH! He didn’t surrender, He fought back with truth!!


    Chapter4//Fainting is an indication that something is wrong…
    Jesus’ critics didn’t get what He was trying to do…mine won’t either…who cares!!
    I really liked 1 Peter 4:4 (NLT) “Of course, your former friends are surprised when you no longer plunge into the flood of wild and destructive things they do. So they slander you.”
    At the end of my life no critics are going to be there waiting for me!!
    There are two kinds of seed: flesh and spirit–the flesh compares, the Spirit rejoices
    Don’t focus on how bad life is; just keep doing good!
    “Those who wait for the Lord”–they who gather together before the Lord!! THIS IS WHY CHURCH IS SOO IMPORTANT!!!!
    “When you feel pressured to faint–to get wearied–don’t stay away from church. Run to it! Go more, not less! Why? Because when you draw close to God, when you wait on Him and for Him, He will renew your strength. He will cause you to mount up on wings like eagles. You will run and not be weary; you will walk and not faint.” YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Chapter 5//The story about the “fake intruder”!! OMG! So good!! False perception stopped me just as effectively as a real intruder would have.
    Perception//a taking in; an awareness derived from a stimulus.
    “My perception s created by what I take in.”
    Who am I letting influence me:
    Who am I looking to for truth?
    Who am I looking to for inspiration?
    Who am I looking to for guidance ?
    Who am I looking to for correction?
    How accurate is my perception of my life, my calling, and my ability?
    How is my perception affecting how I look at the people and the opportunities in my life?
    The first and best source of accurate perceptions is the BIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    No one has all the answers, and isolation is dangerous!!
    Wrong perceptions=wrong decisions!!!
    The people of Israel looked at themselves, they looked at their enemies, and they gave up before they even started, even though God Himself had promised they could win!!
    They were ultimately defeated by shadows.
    I really really liked the two paragraphs on page 67 about other people thinking about you..lol! They probably aren’t thinking about you at all!! LOL!
    Fear has a dark power to make captivity seem attractive, to make settling look like luxury, and to make surrender seem easy.
    Don’t let fears get into your heart. Don’t let a limited, human evaluation of your circumstances take your eyes off Jesus.

    Chapter 6//The word strong means, I am strong, and I am able, and I can.
    I am a child of God FIRST!! more important than anything else! I am a winner!!
    The world does not generate my emotions or my likes or dislikes.
    If we know we are able, we will also be brave!!
    Discouragement through circumstances causes us to doubt our abilities when we face darkness, wilderness, challenges, and storms.
    BUT discouragement is not irreversible!! You are not a victim of your circumstances!!
    You can choose to be recovered!!
    One of the signs of good leaders is that they are able to process failure, put negativity aside, and look toward the future.
    Find strength in the Father privately!!
    OMG!! this definition of discouraged—filled with anxiety, annoyed, shortness of spirit, depression because of oppression…irritated, impatient, and depressed!!!
    strong//to continue to insist!!
    This was such an amazing statement, “Sometimes we are more awestruck by the power of the wind and the waves than we are by the power of the Creator of the universe.”

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  3. Chapter 1:
    I had a lot of highs! This book is so good so far but I’ll share 2:
    1. I’m glad He didn’t say run the race without ever messing up! He said run with endurance!
    I’ve had a tendency to focus on “perfection” but that is not how He said to run!! The key to finishing well is endurance NOT perfection!! Own mistakes, accept correction and continue with the race!!
    2. The only logical reason to surrender would be if my life would genuinely get better as a result of surrendering. But if not, why surrender? Why become a prisoner?
    Quitting is the temptation but it will make me a prisoner, stuck, trapped! I do not want to hand over the keys because I let emotions talk me into quitting! Logically, quitting does not make sense!

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  4. Chapter 4:
    Faintness of heart is a sign that something is wrong inside. When I am weary it’s easy to put comfort before joy . It’s easy to not press into God and community but I need God and community when I am weary.

    I can’t care what others think about my decisions or how I live my life. People won’t understand why I raise my kids the way I do but at the end of my life those people won’t be waiting for me , Jesus will. He is my WHY!

    I will give ZERO place to comparison in myself or my children ! Comparison causes weariness and drains your joy !!
    The flesh compares the spirit rejoices

    The Holy Spirit has been showing me how ugly and ungrateful comparison is. It causes you to be in strife with your own self and work against your self. You become ungrateful for who God has called you to be and you try to be, look and sound like someone else. When at the end of my life , I stand before Jesus for who he called me to be. I want to hear well done! I refuse to look around and be ungrateful for all he has done specifically FOR ME!!! I run the race he has called me to because it’s the only one I am graced for !!!
    I refuse to compare and say who he made me to be isn’t enough !!
    I eradicate a spirit of comparison from my life !

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  5. Chapter 1/ We can’t even begin to know all that The Father has for us or what our future will be, except for sure we will go to Heaven one day. But what about the nasty now? Jesus didn’t come to give me a life of mediocrity or the Norm. He said I’ve come to give you life and life more abundantly , not the more ordinary! Not to just barely make it either! And we should not accept it! This is not what He has for me or my family or you! But Jesus came to give us a better life than we could ever dream of , a life that is anything but common place or barely adequate. This is why we are to not merely run our race but to finish our race , to run for the prize , to win!!!!! This is our calling to an ABUNDANT LIFE! We were all made for this. God is with us ,and His strength is perfected in our weakness. The only way we lose is if we Quit or if we Settle! We all have times I just want to quit , to quit is a chose just like choosing life is a chose. So I choose to run my race with endurance this is the key to finishing well— to winning !!!!!!! The good news is this endurance is available to all of us. This isn’t something we’re born with or naturally gifted with but We choose it. We grow in it. We develop it!!!!! And by Faith WE WIN! I want to hear God say , Well Done My Good and Faithful Servant!!!!🙌


  6. Chapter 2
    I really, really liked this chapter!
    Grit means you have guts!! Strength of character!
    Weigh emotions against His truth!!!
    Quitting isn’t a solution. It’s an escape, and that’s not the same thing as a solution!!! So good!
    What are you willing to fight to change? This says more about your heart than you realize!!
    Apathy- avoiding potential disappointment if you try your hardest and fail!
    I got so much out of this chapter! Just recognizing where I’ve allowed apathy and eliminating it!! We all get the temptation but I have grit so I don’t quit and I choose to eliminate any apathy!!! What are you willing to fight to change was so huge to me!! I’m going to meditate on that this week!!!


  7. Chapter 5 – overcoming the shadows

    WOOWWWWW!!!! I SO liked this chapter

    A lie is as good as the truth as long as you get somebody to believe it! Perception determines how I react and what I believe !
    My perception is created by what I take in!
    I will ask myself : who am I looking to for truth ?
    I will go to the word ALWAYS!! I align my perspective with the word ! No matter how I feel or what it looks like , my perception isn’t my senses it’s the WORD!

    I really liked how he talked about the Israelites and their perspective of themselves as grasshoppers so they said that the enemy saw them as grasshoppers too. You have NO idea how others see you!
    We try to figure out what people think about us and it gets weird ! Unless they tell us what they think, we don’t know. So we end up basing our actions and reaction on our perception of their perception of us and in all reality nobody is thinking about me !!! They’re too busy doing them !

    I call the enemy’s bluff !!!im a giant a conqueror a champion!!!!
    I will it let a limited human evaluation of my circumstances take my eyes off of Jesus !!
    I get my perspective through the word !!!! I do not listen to shadows!

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  8. Chapter 2/ This chapter was if we are honest was reading our mail, I know it was for me.It was so good and spoke to my heart with such truth and encouragement. I don’t know how I could ever want to quit again those things I learned and heard in God’s Word but yet like Pastor Charles said we’ve all been there! But we don’t have to stay there! Praise God! That having Grit as the men and women of God is amazing. We don’t have to give in to the pressure. We don’t have to wave the white flag, but it will take us having Grit , having the doggedness , I really liked that too. To persevere, to be steadfast, to maintain in spite of difficulty and have long-continued application that is simply Grit!!! It’s something we develop, develop in the face of adversity. We build it into our value system, our reactions , our decisions ,and this is big — our self identity ! Putting on the whole armor of God, prayer and perseverance are our overarching qualities. I choose to run my race to fight, to be gritty about this fight it’s a good fight. Not with apathy or self-pity , but with the conviction that no matter what people say or do , no matter what emotions or thoughts assault me I can stand firm! I will go with Grit and win!!!!! God will give me friends who will be there for me in every battle I face! Putting on the full armor of God takes grit! 🙌♥️

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  9. Chapter3/ We do know according to the Word of God we will have temptations , test , and trials, not fun! But we don’t have to yield to temptations, it is possible to say a big NO. You don’t have to do it! That’s not a popular thing today , because people think they can just do anything they want , whenever they want , and however they want.But this is not the abundant life Jesus paid for us to have nor is it what it looks like. Aligning my life with truth means saying NO to temptations , but it results in a life that is full and leaves a lasting legacy! Jesus spoke truth in the face of temptations , He didn’t surrender, He fought Back with truth! I will look to Jesus and fight back with truth as my ultimate example for how to handle temptations!!!!!💗

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  10. Chapter 6

    Each chapter keeps getting better and better !!!
    This chapter is soooo good to me !

    Satan wants us to believe that we are not able because then we won’t move forward in the path that God has for us!!!
    We are able because the Bible says we are able!!!
    It’s so important that we focus on who we are IN CHRIST, rather than who we are on our own.
    I see myself as a child of God FIRST more than any other definition or label I could give myself!
    I’ve learned to care more about Gods opinion and validation of me. That means my choices decisions attitudes the way I walk think and act are ALL influenced by the reality that first and foremost I AM A CHILD OF GOD!!!! The world does NOT generate my emotions or my likes and dislikes!
    Even in my weakness I am able and capable in Christ and HIS STRENGTH!!!
    If we listen to Gods opinion of us , If we understand that IN HIM we are able, then fear will find NO place in us !!
    Dang that’s sooooooo good !!!!! I will focus on HIS OPINION ONLY!

    I really liked when he talked about how David encouraged himself in the Lord which means he FASTENED himself to The Lord! Discouragement comes to make you think Jesus is failing you and separate you from him .
    Just because discouragement comes in doesn’t mean courage has to leave! Shift your focus to COURAGE!! Turn your emotions toward WINNING THE FIGHT!!

    Definition of strong / to continue to INSIST on things
    I LOVE THIS!! I continue to INSIST on what HE SAYS!!!
    I don’t fix my eyes on my circumstances !! I fix my eyes only on JESUS !!!!

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  11. Chapter One:// My favorite favorite part of this chapter is…Faith is less about perfection and more about patience. It’s less about not having weakness and more about persevering in spite of weakness. The Father and the Holy Spirit have been over and over showing me to loose the expectation of perfection. Even this morning in my quiet time he told me to just be grateful and keep my eyes on him and hold no expectation for the day. A lot of times in my head I hold an image of how I want a certain event to go and it doesn’t go that way at all. I’m learning to just let go of that expectation and be thankful I am alive I have my husband and boys and the day is going to be great! Love this extra reminder as I was reading too!! ♥️♥️

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  12. Chapter4/ There are two kinds of seed: flesh and Spirit. The flesh compares , the Spirit rejoices. The flesh follows the path of someone else, the Spirit follows God’s path for us!! We keep sowing the right kind of seed . Keep doing the right thing. Let us not grow weary of doing good , for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up. Paul was saying in our sowing and living, we can’t become faint -hearted. We keep doing good, we keep thinking the right way. Not to focus on how bad life is. To keep going in the right direction, believing the right things. Don’t sow to your flesh. Don’t be led astray. Don’t be pulled off track. Don’t wave the white flag and surrender to the world!!!!!! This was so good the whole chapter but this part really stood out to me because it’s so easy to allow comparison to to get in our lives we don’t even recognize it. I never want to have any comparison it is a joy robber and will show up in sorrow and loneliness ! God wants me to have the abundant life He has for me. Deep, meaningful relationships , like-minded spiritually engaged people can help heal the weariness that comes from loneliness, sorrow, and comparison!!♥️ 🙌🙌


  13. Chapter 2:// my most favorite part of this chapter was simply deciding that you are gritty, preserving, fight-till-you-win kind of person. It’s just like faith you see it before you actually see it in the natural. I just determine to stand and do what needs to be done regardless of what I see or emotions. It opened my eyes to the lies I let myself believe and realizing there truly is so much more available to me. Grit and faith will see me through and will bring so many blessings. It’s like a Nike mentality, Just do it!!


  14. Chapter 3:
    The enemy isn’t just looking for a weak person; he’ll settle for a strong person going through a weak moment!!
    That really stood out to me and helped me! Don’t beat myself up but just know I had a weak moment that gave him access but I am not a weak person! I don’t have to let it continue, I am strong so I fight back!!
    Some other highs were:
    Experiencing temptation is not an indication of sin or lack of spirituality because Jesus Himself experienced temptation and He is perfect!!!
    Desire can become lust when it grows out of proportion and begins to destroy your life!!
    I will give my desires to Him so I don’t deceive myself and let desires take over!!
    When temptations come, fight back with the truth!! Jesus did and I will too!!

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  15. Chapter 7//This chapter was sooo great!! 🙂 🙂
    God calls us to be confident when discouragement comes our way.
    Discouragement means to dishearten or to take your heart out.
    This was one of my total favs, “For me, if you’re not in the arena also getting your butt kicked, I’m interested in your feedback.”
    I really really liked this statement, “Somehow, we have to be fighters without being mean, ugly, or resentful. You have to strive for a win, but you also have to rest in Jesus. It’s one of those dichotomies in Scripture that can only be resolved when you realize who are in Jesus and what He does for you. The truth is, people around us need us to be all we can be in Jesus, whether they understand it or not. If you’re called to stand out and lead, then do it. Be a tall poppy, but without arrogance. Be confident but not proud. Be strong but not abrasive. Be brave but not foolhardy. Lead with empathy and vulnerability. Don’t let others cut you down to their level; seek to help others grow as tall as you.”

    When Pastor Charles said, “I have learned that the people who have achieved the least in life tend to be the most critical of those who are trying to do something more than they did.”

    The enemy uses people just like the Father does: we can’t be distracted or discouraged by them! But take authority over the enemy and keep doing what we know to do!

    Chapter 8//”Taking possession of God’s promises was a process that required ongoing action. It was action motivated by vision and characterized by courage, but it was also hard work.”!!!!!
    “Success and prosperity come from obeying God” So simple but yet sooo true!!!!!!!!!!!!
    How I meditate will ultimately determine if I win the inner battle which depending on if I win that, will I really win!!! “day and night” is at every opportunity! I will steward opportunities daily to meditate and think on His things!!
    I liked these tips also: The Word needs to be in your mouth, not just in your mind!”
    The Word of God will produce a response in you and that response includes emotion.
    I really liked the definition of prosper//to break forth; to become mighty, to succeed, to be victorious

    Chapter 9//I really liked in this chapter when Pastor Charles said there is no reasoning with rejection; just acknowledge that Jesus faced it and overcame it for me!
    When you are lied on? Toughen up and let your fruit speak for you!!!
    Poverty mentality doesn’t attach itself to your income but attaches itself to your fear!! I refuse to fear!!
    “A spirit of generosity invites growth!”
    Intimidation causes us to compromise who we are…instead we need to faithfully steward and develop the gifts that we have!!
    Humility is agreeing with God’s definition of you!

    Chapter 10//The calling on each of our lives is beautiful, powerful, and personal!
    God gives us words to fight with!!
    “Buy the pearl!” YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Peter’s response…where would I go??? NOWHERE!!
    He fills and satisfies all in all!!
    I am working with Him…just the idea of leaving God hanging…its horrible!!!
    I will be a builder…I will not make excuses, I will not blame others, and I will not settle for managing!!

    Chapter 11//I refuse to give into discouragement because I know the future is better than the present. I will not look back and I will not focus on devastation and loss but keep my eyes on healing and hope! It is mine in Christ Jesus and because He is on my side I never have a reason to quit…I always win in the end…

    I BURNED THE WHITE FLAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  16. Chapter 4
    This chapter was really good!! Probably my favorite statement was “you’ve got to stop looking inward and look up”. Wow that was so good to me!! I can’t look in and try and fix it or look in and justify emotions or look in and stuff- look up because He is the answer and His Word leads me thru!!
    My other favorite was not being comfortable!! So many times we are right on the edge of the abundant life but we don’t want to make a couple small adjustments so we settle!! Gosh I do NOT want to settle or just live a comfortable life! I will not wave the white flag but will pursue everything He has for me!


  17. Chapter 3:// ignore the roar!!! Yes for sure need this in my life!! There were things in every page of this chapter that stood out to me!! Aligning my life with truth means sayin no to temptations but it results in a life that is full and leaves a lasting legacy. Yes the devil may fight dirty but Jesus resisted and so can I!!! I use the word in my mouth to fight back and I will refuse shame and guilt and thoughts of I should be further along. Yes I should but the fact is I see the mistakes and I know what needs to be done to correct them and I will continue. I burned the white flag!! I will ignore the lies whispers and temptations of the devil and allow the word to be the most dominate inside of me to lead me on the outside. Ignoring the roar for me will start by simply choosing to focus my thoughts on My Father God and all he has done for me. My lust and desire is for more of the word in my life!! More word means stronger inside which means more and more of God’s victories in my life.

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  18. Chapter5/ I really liked this chapter. We need to always have the right perception of what God is showing us in His Word concerning our situation or circumstance. He always has an answer it just may not be the one we were expecting! Fear has a dark power to make captivity seem attractive , to make settling look like luxury , and to make surrender seem easy! ‘‘This is a lie! In our lives what would we go back to? It would be like a dog returning to his vomit in proverbs! Don’t believe the deceptions of the enemy in your mind—-the lies that say you aren’t strong enough or big enough. With God on our side , we are not grasshoppers. We are the giants, the conquerors, and champions! The devils afraid of us and he’s not looking for a fight.I’am not quitting or giving up! So we need to call his bluff not him calling our bluff!Calling him out on his lies! God is not going to bring me to the edge of His promise only to abandon me at the last second! This was so very good! Praise Jesus!!!!!♥️


  19. I took a little time away from the book but man, what a right on time chapter to start back up on! Here are my highs from chapter 2:
    * Prayer and perseverance make the whole armor of God work!
    * Perseverance = GRIT!
    * I’m going to use Pastor Nieman’s definition of grit from the bottom of page 24 as a daily confession!! So good!!
    * We all have many emotions BUT we must have the grit to bring them to God and weigh them against His truth!
    * I like the visual of the runners carrying a fellow competitor to the finish line…Thank God, I have friends like that! I determine to be that friend!
    * Wow! On the bottom of page 31, when Pastor Charles is listing all the pressures we face from the inside and outside was so good! It really did help me see how necessary GRIT is to overcome and live in God’s plan every day! I refuse apathy!
    * Don’t get discouraged if you find yourself in the ring with the same opponent again…you are STILL a winner!
    * This chapter reminds me of what our awesome pastor talks about, “Don’t quit quitting!” 💪🏼
    * Pastor Charles poses a question at the very end of chapter 2, “Do you have grit?” And my answer is a resounding “YESSSS!!“ 🙌🏼

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  20. Wow…chapter 5 is my favorite so far!! It was so good!! Our perceptions create our reality!! So big!! It doesn’t matter if it’s a lie if we believe it we make it truth!! The story of the Israelites! I had heard it a lot but seeing it in this context really, really spoke to me!! They were worried about how they thought others saw them, worries about how they looked to others when the truth is most of the time others aren’t even thinking about you lol!! But in their case they perceived themselves to be so small when the truth was everyone knew they were stronger and had been in fear of them!! They missed their God plan because of fear, comparisons, and intimidation!! I won’t do that! I will keep God in every equation and know I am well able!!
    The last statement totally summed it up for me “walk into your Promised Land like you own the place”!!!🙌🏻

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  21. Wow!!!! This has been such an amazing book!!! I’ve been trying not to highlight EVERYTHING!!! 🤣
    Chapter 1//
    We need to toughen up, stay the course and finish well. We can all win but it requires effort, passion, perseverance and discipline!
    If faith is an internal conviction, endurance is an external action!
    The temptation to give up is often the greatest right before the biggest breakthrough!! I will NOT GIVE UP!!
    Chapter 2//
    Your daily battles must be surrounded by prayer and dependence on God!
    Grit means you have guts! You have strength of character. There is a toughness to your life!! I will live by principles, NOT EMOTIONS!
    We overcome self pity with grit; we speak truth to ourselves to replace the narrative of self pity.
    We must have the grit to bring our emotions to God and weigh them against His truth!
    We need to be the kind of people who are known for our strength— for being iron for our friends.
    Chapter 3//
    He’s not just looking for a weak person either: he’ll settle for a strong person going through a weak moment.
    “The devil made me do it” is a cop out because the devil doesn’t have that kind of power or control!
    Speak truth to the temptations as Jesus did!
    Chapter 4//
    You know you are truly trusting God when you are able to have joy even in tough circumstances and believe for God to give you joy!
    When we are weary, it is easy for us not to press in to God and community.
    All of us go through sorrow— it’s a real, human emotion— but you must set a limit on sorrow!
    You must fight against comparison… it only causes weariness and drains your joy!
    Chapter 5//
    The Word we read and hear has the power to come into our hearts and divide things up for us!
    Caleb and Joshua had faith in God while they other 10 spies had the wrong perception which caused them to make the wrong decision! Their limited perception removed God from the equation!
    We try to figure out what people think about us and it just gets weird! People aren’t thinking about me!
    Chapter 6//
    if we listen to Gods opinion of us, if we understand that in Him we are able, then fear will have NO PLACE in us!
    I can choose to recover. I am not a victim of my circumstances!
    God doesn’t waste words. When He is redundant, it’s on purpose!
    Sometimes we are more awestruck by the power of the wind and waves than we are by the power of the creator of the universe!!

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  22. Chapter 6/ Satan just wants to stop us by getting us to think we are not able as children of God. But the Word of God says we are “ABLE” 2Cor. 12:10. That we are strong which means , I’am strong, and I’am able, and I can! It’s important that we focus on who we are in Christ! I care about what God says and thinks about me, His opinion and His valuation of me! I’am a child of God! If we will listen to God’s opinion of us , if we understand in Him we are able , then fear will find no place in us. We can take courage , be brave to take heart. Courage is an essential ingredient for finishing strong. Courage is what keeps us from waving the white flag.Jesus said, Take Courage I have overcome the world, John 16:33. That means discouragement and courage can coexist. But that doesn’t mean courage has to leave! Just shift our focus back to courage , reject discouragement and choose courage. Not letting emotions paralyze you , you turn them toward winning the fight. Which is what David did! 1Samuel 30:4-6 , he chose to encourage himself in the Lord and so can we. David didn’t strengthen himself in his logic or strategies , but in his military might. Not in himself at all. He found strength in God! First in private , then by going to the priest and seeking guidance for his next steps. For us Jesus is in the business of healing discouraged hearts. We can find our faith again, our hope, courage and direction to face whatever trials and tests may come our way!!!!🙌💗

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  23. Chapter 7/ God calls us to be confident when discouragement comes our way. He wants us to be so caught up in Him and in His plans for our lives that when anyone challenges or discourages us, we are able to keep on our path and stay in the race. I really liked that statement! The Bible says faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see! Hebrews 11:1. But if we don’t have hope there is nothing for our faith to attach itself to. Discouragement means to lose our confidence.Our confidence is the very basis of our confession of faith. We can be Tall Poppies , but we don’t have to be haughty or ugly to people , the truth is they need us to be all we can be in Jesus, whether they understand it or not. If we are called to stand out or to lead them we can do it. We can be a Tall Poppy without the arrogance. Confident but not proud. Be strong not abrasive. To lead with empathy and vulnerability! Seeking to help others grow as tall as you! We should be people who reject discouragement and stand in faith! ♥️

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  24. Chapter 6-
    I really liked the example of David in this chapter!
    You can choose to recover!!!!!!!
    You can choose to recover before you feel recovered and before you look recovered!!!!
    Instead of letting emotions paralyze him or lead him to dumb decisions David found courage in God and turned his emotions towards winning the fight!!
    David didn’t strengthen himself in HIMSELF, he found strength in God!!!!
    Wow!!! I will choose to recover! To not dwell on the negativity or emotions but choose to move forward!!!! Find my strength in HIM!! Not a false strength in myself or what I can do!!

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  25. Chapter 7-
    If we don’t have hope, there is nothing for our faith to attach itself to!!
    This reminded me of jumpstart!! I have to see myself where I want to be and then line my faith up with it!! If not I’m religious and am not using my faith!!
    Joshua and Caleb refused to allow others discouragement to effect them and eventually they led the Israelites into the promised land! I was just encouraged to not allow negative reports, or negative circumstances get me discouraged!!! I will remain faithful no matter what and walk into the promised land!

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  26. Chapter 8/ In order to keep your vision clear and centered around God’s Word, we must do these three things. #1. Take your thoughts captive. #2. Speak truth to yourself. #3. Growl like a lion. I really liked this chapter. There are just times we need to get our growl back! When the devil comes to threaten your vision or tell you that you can’t do that or you won’t prosper or you’re going to fail, growl back at him. Don’t back down , stare him down, and stand firm.He’s a liar! The Word of God will cause courage to rise up in you heart. You’ll feel righteous anger about areas where the devil ,sin, or circumstances have tried to limit you or lie to you. Let the Bible fill your vision with strength and truth as you meditate on God’s promises. Joshua 1:8. No obstacle or enemy can withstand God’s WORD.You will have clear vision, be prosperous and successful! This for sure is the opposite of waving the white flag, and it sounds like the kind of lives we all want to have! I know I do!!!!! Praise Jesus!😃🙌

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  27. Chapter 8:
    If you find yourself not taking action to reach your goals, take a look at your vision and your courage level!!
    Obedience is not an accident!
    Don’t let busyness distract you from putting in the hard work to keep your vision!!!
    What are you meditating on?!?
    This were my highs from this chapter! There is no excuse!! Joshua has a lot going on but he still made time to meditate on the Word!!! I will not allow what’s going on around me to keep me from time with Him!!! Obedience doesn’t just happen, I choose it!!!

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  28. Chapter 9
    I really liked the part on intimidation!
    Intimidation creates a habit of compromise- it pressures you to compromise how you are!!
    True success and influence come when we faithfully do what God created us to do; it is then that we experience true growth!!!
    Humility doesn’t mean letting others define you, humility is agreeing with Gods definition of you!!
    Be who God made you to be and be proud of who you are in Him!!!
    I will continue to meditate on these thoughts and just continually focus on who He called me to be and what He says about me!

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  29. Chapter 10:
    Omg! This chapter was SOOO good to me!
    Some of my highs were:
    When you find yourself stumbling or falling the Bible should be your first recourse!
    God gives us Words to fight with, rely on, and overcome!! Don’t rely on logic and willpower!!
    Everything on taking a stand!!!
    Don’t trade the invaluable for the valueless!!!!
    We have to make a decision to stand firm and not give in to falling not even when we have a hard day!
    Literally almost everything on page 134-135 lol!!!
    I’m a builder!!!! Not a destroyer!!!
    I have control over my life! I decide if I’m going to build something worth while!!
    What I build is far more valuable than the temporary pressures and pains we face!!!
    You know you’re managing when your thinking gets smaller and you’re okay with okay!!
    Excuses are the flavored syrup the devil gives you so you can swallow quitting!!
    It doesn’t matter what they said or did it matters how I responded!!!
    All of this wow it just really helped me so much!!! I am a builder!!!! I will choose to build something value and build people up!!! I’m not a destroyer, I’m not a critic; I AM A BUILDER!!!

    Chapter 11;
    Joel 2:23//rain = blessings and times of joy!!!!
    God wants me to be blessed and full of joy!!!! Misery, pain, negativity are not in His plan!!
    God wants to give me MORE than enough but I have to go trust in Him!!
    Believe that my future is secure in God!!! No fear!!!!

    “You are too important, too valuable, and too loved by God to give up!!”

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  30. What an awesome book! Here are my highs!

    I’m so grateful we do these things together as church family…we have the BEST CHURCH AND PASTORS EVER!!!!

    Chapter 1// The temptation to surrender is sometimes disguised at the temptation to settle, to make do with less than what God has put in your heart and in His Word for you to enjoy.

    Mediocrity//average or commonplace. We are not called to be ordinary. The only way we lose is if we quit or settle.

    Chapter 2// Perseverance//endurance, patience, long-suffering, persistence in course of action, purpose, doggedness…GRIT- something we develop in the face of adversity. Grit attracts grit. Strong people attract strong friends – iron sharpens iron.

    Each time you beat something, the victory tends to come a little quicker. I think this is the case also because you are not as easily phased. You get stronger and stronger with every attack then victory.

    Chapter 3// God had a glorious plan for Jesus’ life. It was a plan that required pain and sacrifice (which by the way mine doesn’t even compare…common Trisha!!) but it resulted in the fullness of joy for God, Jesus, and all of us. Satan tempted Jesus to pursue a path that would require less sacrifice, a plan that would be ultimately unsatisfying and he tempts us in the same way. He tempts us to follow paths that will not lead to the abundant life God has for us (but look to be the “easier” way). Satan tempts us to live independently of God.

    Chapter 4//Weariness left unchecked results in surrender. You know you are truly trusting God when you are able to have joy even in touch circumstances and believe for God to give you joy,

    Faintness of heart is a sign that something is wrong on the inside: with our thoughts, emotions, spirit, soul, motivations, values, our focus.

    Keep sowing the right seed; keep doing the right things!!!!

    Chapter 5//We have to guard our perspective and our perceptions because if we don’t we can lose sight of how good God is and end up getting discouraged by pressures and battles along the way. The Israelites problem was their perceptions were wrong therefore, their decisions were wrong. Don’t let a limited, human evaluation of your circumstances take your eyes off of Jesus.

    Chapter 6//It’s as if God was saying to Joshua, “You’re going to come across kings, cities, and giants. But don’t you dare think you are not able. That’s what the previous generation thought, and it kept them from entering into the promise. Don’t turn coward when you face those temptations, tests, and trials. Joshua, you are able, and you need to know that. I promised to give you the land. Here it is. Now go get it.”

    Chapter 7// One of the greatest enemies of endurance is discouragement.
    If we don’t have hope, there is nothing for our faith to attach itself to. If we lose our confidence, we lose our voice.

    Somehow we have to be fighters without being mean, ugly, or resentful. You have to strive to win, but you also have to rest in Jesus.

    Chapter 8//courage is not enough. It must be attached to vision. Taking possession of God’s promises was a process that required ongoing action. It was action motivated by vision and characterized by courage and hard work.

    The Word needs to be in your mouth not just in your mind.

    Chapter 9// Don’t let the size of the enemy or the difficulty of the fight discourage you. The bigger the giants, the harder they fall. The promised land doesn’t come without a fight.

    Chapter 10// Joshua had to face 31 kings!! When the temptation to quit comes, you need to fight back!

    When you find your pearl of great price, don’t leave it for anything! Lord, where would I GO!!!

    Chapter 11//God will restore the years the devastation took and the locusts have eaten. Restoration is extraordinary! It makes you and those around you take notice. Loss is all too frequent in life, but restoration is a miracle. It is public proof that God is with you and for you!


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