DEEP 10.7.19

Journey through the Bible

Honor the Word and you won’t live a shipwrecked life!!! Where have you dropped your honor for the Word? What will you do to pick it back up?


You can’t expect Plan A results when you do Plan B-Z. Where have you been doing Plan B-Z? What are you going to do to change it?

“That which you receive intellectually will not produce supernaturally!”


  1. I really liked classes tonight!!! So good!!
    Journey through the Bible//just seeing broken down book by book how the Bible has every answer for every issue!!! You don’t have to live like doing what you “think” is right because the Bible clearly answers! Also, how Peter told John Mark what to write for the gospel Mark. I didn’t know that and that really stood out to me. Peter was always outspoken and talking but when his passion was in the right place he was able to speak about what matters and now we have that gospel to look to!!

    Faith//I really liked the Plan A! Sometimes I catch myself doing plan b but expecting plan a and it’s like a shock when I don’t get the right results lol! It’s silly!! I can’t be deceived and rush through, or mix my own way, but expect His results! It’s not going to happen!!! Also, the body grows when everyone does their part and reaches out!! The story about the golf course invite! No matter where you or are who you are with there is opportunities to share the truth and make a difference!! I will be more aware and willing to step out of myself and reach out!

  2. Deep was so very good! Journey / *The Word should be the most important in my day! *When you get the Word in you, the Holy Spirit can get it out of you! *When I honor the Word I won’t be shipwrecked! ♥️ Faith/* That which you receive intellectually will not produce Supernaturally! * If you don’t use your faith you will loose it! * The Word of God is Heart food!* When your heart believes your head will go along!♥️

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