Sunday, October 13

1st service:

Will you accept the challenge? 🤔 How will you show more self-control?

2nd service:

Even if this is new for you: choose this week to be bold, to live confidently, & do the Word! How will you do that this week?

3rd service:

God is worthy to be praised!! 🙌 What are some things you will begin praising Him for? ❤️


  1. 1st service I had already been evaluating some things that I felt the Holy Spirit showing me to make a shift in so I will be putting those things in motion right away!

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  2. Jumpstart :
    If I’m fearful I’m thinking the wrong thoughts ! Dang I had opportunity to put this into practice while I was still at church . I will refuse fear!!!

    I have to take authority over the suggestions the enemy brings , if I don’t talk back it got archived.

    This week I will aggressively re wire my wirings!!
    My leanings and tendencies must be dealt with!

    The enemy will take correction which is love and make it condemnation
    He will take my mistake and make it more potent than the blood
    He will take the wrongs of others and blame them on me !

    Dang I choose Jesus and I will not be accused or in fear in any way

    1st service /
    Eating spiritually is the MOST important thing but I can’t just eat whatever in the natural . I will allow him to order my eating in the right way ! I choose moderation. I will be led by the spirit ! I will make my spiritual life the most important and allow my natural life to submit to my spiritual !

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  3. 1st service//YES!!! I will totally accept the temperance challenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Psalm 50:23 I will work with Him to order my conversations aright! I will not work against myself by not doing what I know to do in the natural!!

    2nd service//I really liked how Pastor Dean encouraged those who were raised in religious tradition, that even though the words of your mouth may be foreign and seem strange it is true biblically… and just the way he encouraged people to take a stand even if it is against family and friends that make fun of you! I will continue to boldly say what the Word says about me and my situation!!

    Your head is not designed to lead your life!!

    Such great services!! Lego series is my FAV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  4. Services were all so good today ! Here’s my highs: Jump Start/ *Your thinking determines you choosing right! * If you are fearful your thinking is wrong!* If you’re wrong on the inside how can you be right on the outside? * If your mind is out of control so will your life be out of control! 💗. 1st/ This is a prime time for the men and women of God not to be ashamed of the gospel! Always be harder on yourself and easier on others , PD & PC! I will diffinitly accept the challenge to be lining myself up with the Word in something’s that I will correct putting more Word on them. Ordering my conversation aright knowing how much God loves me. This makes my life better and better! 3rd/ I found your Word and did eat it! Jeremiah 15:16 feasting on God’s Word comes removal of things that has had me blocked up! We have to say from our heart what we want before it becomes available!!!! ♥️

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  5. First service:
    I will accept the challenge!!!
    I liked when PD said to do the right things naturally so I can enter into rest naturally!! I don’t want my life chaotic because I’m living out of order!! I will maintain order naturally so spiritually I maintain order also!!
    Also when PD said your head isn’t designed to lead your life!! So good!! I will not put the emphasis on what I know but what I actually do!! And I will do the Word!!!


  6. If you don’t do better from your heart, then you ain’t doing better!! Anything not of faith (confidence in the Word of God) is sin! I will be confident in the Word and do what I know to do!!!


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