1. Highs 🙂
    Jumpstart- I have to think right about me and my priorities. Your meditations have everything to do with how you manifest the plan of God. How much more should I continually take an inventory of what I’m thinking and think on purpose! Speaking comes from thinking!!! I’m going to think on the Word more this week and talk about it!

    1st service- to save face is to frustrate grace! God wants to pick us up and restore us but we have to be honest and real with ourselves. What face do I have without His Grace? The face people need to see is His face! Anyone whose teaching opposes that of the Lord Jesus is an antichrist, or one who opposes Him! I commit to not save face!


  2. 1st service//I am definitely not going to live a life of saving face!!!!!!! I am wholehearted, straightforward and sincere!!!
    Religion//anything you do for or out of any other reason than your love for the Father!!
    Saving face will frustrate grace!!!
    You can’t change on your own…we don’t have this on our own
    If this is going to work for you you have to be hard on you!
    You are never too old to study!!

    2nd//I really liked when Pastor Dean read from Hebrews 12…correction is necessary for us to grow! We have to be told the truth or we will never be free!! I’m so grateful Pastor Dean always tells us the truth!
    We are the church!! We should be mature!!!🙌🙌🙌❤️❤️❤️

    Great day at church today!! 🔥🔥🔥


  3. Jumpstart

    Every child that you have has to be INTENTIONALLY LED! Godly children have to be TRAINED.
    This isn’t glamorous it takes work!
    I will , one day at a time , put in the work and listen for his voice so I can be intentional with each of my children!

    If my goal is to be flawless and perfect I will always lose and open the door for the enemy.

    Christ like perfection is MATURITY- ALWAYS PROGRESSING!
    Life takes time it’s a daily progression!! I keep getting better and I never quit quitting!

    Your life isn’t determined by what happens or what is done or said when I really believe IT IS FINISHED!!!

    Processes produce responses!
    The enemy is always looking for extremes. Stay in the middle of the road !

    Be honest and humble about YOU.

    This week I will sit and think about what I’m thinking about .
    I will NOT let my heart be troubled

    I have to be willing to receive the word with gladness even if it makes me uncomfortable.

    God doesn’t have any magic dust, he sent his word to deliver us !

    He’s not about me getting a warm fuzzy, HES about me knowing the truth so I can deal with myself!
    You don’t need magic dust you need to do what you know to DO!

    The sooner you make a decision to be honest with yourself , the better your life will get.

    1st svc kids church PF
    When I open the door to darkness it brings

    1. Confusion
    2. Fear – there is NO fear in the light
    3. Hurt

    There are things in life that hurt but you can choose to stay Hurt or be restored
    Humility leads to health . Admit that hurt my feelings and then make his healing bigger!!

    Hurt people hurt people .

    If I’m confused where did I let the dark in ? What am I exposing myself to?


  4. Sunday services were so good! Here’s my highs: Jump Start/ *To be right means Faithfulness and commitment to move forward! Meditation is about my thought life and what I’am thinking! I will think on the Word, having no accusing thoughts about myself or anyone.To be talking about the Word , intentionally spending time in the Word. Making sure He is my everything even in my thinking , speaking and doing. Having myself soaked with the Word of God so that I’m thinking about it continually! Bro. Hagin, PC! 1st/ *When you save face there’s no grace! *The face people need to see is your face, reflecting Him! Deceiving one’s heart begins to start sudtly! 3rd/ We don’t have to put up with sickness and disease ! We were healed! 1Peter 2:24 🙌


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