DEEP 10.21.19

Life of Honor:

What you ignore, deny, or refuse to uncover will always have power in your life! What will you begin to do differently so you give only the right things power?


If you don’t believe AND confess you’ll never possess! What will you begin speaking into your life?


  1. I’m so thankful for Deep! Here are my highs: Honor/ *Truth only works with truth! *What you ignore, deny,or refuse to uncover will always have power in your life.I will begin to ask the Father to show me if there is any root deep down in my soul that I need to get out that would be keeping me from going forward with Him! To leave nothing uncovered or be in denial about any issues to simply let them go. I want no power in my life operating but the law of His love and forgiveness.*My Roots matter! *In order to have a relationship with God I have to be real. * At the end of our life only His opinion will matter! Faith/* If you say faith didn’t work, it wasn’t faith!*To be bold and super confident you have to speak even though you haven’t seen it!* I will be selective, willing to be corrected.*When we continue to hear the most valuable thing, we will do the most valuable thing, then we will have the most valuable thing in our life!!!!* When you order your life according to God’s order , you will love your life! So good!♥️


  2. Honor //
    Pride lives life ignoring the root
    My roots matter ! They Are absolutely crucial to the word producing.
    What I ignore , deny or refuse to uncover will ALWAYS have power in my life
    In order to have a relationship with God I have to be REAL and put my past in its place!
    When you do what you know not to do, or someone violates you – that takes root and YOU are the ONLY one that can reverse that contradiction !
    You can’t “ put on “ honor . It has to flow from the inside , out .
    ** Discipline without delight is RELIGION
    You can not honor the Lord when you are counting on the honor from man
    I have to be in pride to think something is more important than the word !
    I have to be prideful to diminish the value of what God values in my life!
    God values :
    The word
    The Holy Spirit
    The gifts he has given
    The tithe and offerings
    His bride the church

    So so good !!! I will value what he values ! And I will deal with roots and contradictions!

    Faith //
    The enemy is going to try and wear you out with lies in order to weary you of doing what will ensure you of a great harvest.

    You must refuse distractions and stay focused on Jesus!!!
    Nothing I see Is permanent !!
    Bible faith will never be about what I see but what the WORD SAYS !
    The faith fight is about not allowing your senses to steal your authority and inheritance.


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