1. Tonight was so good!! PD always brings truth into my life and I’m so grateful! Works are not the root of salvation but the fruit of salvation! If you couldn’t do enough to get saved, how can you do good enough to stay saved? We brought nothing to Him but a receptive heart and we just continue to be a willing vessel! Man sees your fruit but the Father knows your heart! He’s a “heart” man(:


  2. When Pastor Dean made that statement I really stopped for a moment because I really want everything I do to be because HE said to do it. If I really love Him I will be a doer of the Word.


  3. I’m so grateful for Night Life and the truth of the Word! Thanks Pastor Dean! Here are my highs: *Man sees your fruit, but the Father knows your heart! *Works are the fruit of my salvation not the root, this is good works; reflecting Him with all my heart!* What He did confirms what He did, not what we do or enjoy! I do what I do because I know if it’s from Him I’ll do it for Him with all of my heart!🍁


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