1. Lego’s was so good today! Here are my highs: Jump Start/ My meditation has everything to do with how the plan of God manifest in my life!* My first responses matter! My life isn’t determined by what is said or done if I believe it is finished ! Our hope is an anchor to my soul ,and without walking in love my faith won’t work . So this week I will get my hopes up, take more time with Him, watch for negativity , take back control and my perspective. 1st/* Prayer is not a replacement for not being a doer of the Word! * It’s the Doers that are blessed! * If we’re not honoring Him our prayers will not be answered! *We are deceiving ourselves when we hear the Word and don’t do the Word!* You can never make up in sacrifice what you’ve done through disobedience! I will Honor The Father by just simply obeying His Word, to hear , to meditate on what I hear, to speak the Word, then to do the Word. Not doubting in my heart, but believe what I LEGO will actually happen is what I will have in my life.Such good Word, thanks Pastor Dean!!😍

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  2. 1st service//I really really liked service today!! Legos was such an amazing series but I especially liked how it ended today. Prayer is never a replacement for being a doer of the Word. I am obedient!!!

    I really liked when Pastor Dean said that the Father doesn’t bless me based on throwing a fit or having a need!! All our whining can be answered in our disobedience!

    There is nothing more important than the Word.

    2nd service//You can’t pray your way out of trouble!

    If I am going to legally experience what He did I will have to honor what He has to say.

    Our victory is in our obedience!! Soooo good!!

    What a sweet Sunday!!!!!

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  3. 1st Service:

    When we don’t obey, our disobedience destroys our confidence. This is why it’s so important that we do what we know to do!

    Lev 27:30 The tithe is HOLY to the Lord!

    Prayer is NOT a replacement for DOING the Word. I’m so thankful for the common thread of personal responsibility that can been found all throughout the voice of our Pastors teaching. Like Jerry H said “Pastor feed us good today!”

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  4. Services were so good today!! It was a great Sunday!♥️
    You don’t have to talk about the problem in the middle of the problem!!! Use my words correctly!! I will not talk about the problem but the answer!!
    Hope! I have to see myself as something before it manifests or I’m just in religion! I can’t confess things enough I need hope in the right things!

    1st service:
    Prayer is not a replacement for being a doer of the Word!!
    Only the doers are blessed!
    I am a doer!!!

    2nd service:
    My victory is in my decision!! I have the power! He’s already paid for it, but I have to decide how much I want!! I want it all!

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