DEEP 10.28.19


You can’t do your it your way and have His results! A version of truth is still a lie! What will you start doing HIS way so you can have HIS results?

Faith/Renewing the Mind

It’s not how eloquent your prayers are but how serious your life is!! Challenge- Do a study on prayer! Will you join the challenge?


  1. I really liked classes tonight!!
    From honor a version of the truth is still a lie!!! I really liked that statement!!! What I really related it to was if I do what He tells me to do, but I mix my own way into it, I’m living a lie and won’t be blessed!!! I have to honor Him and my leaders by doing the whole truth!! Not mixing anything with it!!

    Faith/renewing the mind- yes!!! I will take the challenge!!!! I don’t want to deceive myself in my prayer time!! I will be a doer of the Word!!!!


  2. Deep was so good! Here are a few of my highs: Honor/* A version of the truth is still a lie!*We should always be on a mission for Jesus, never to be without focus!*Friends don’t let friends compromise! This was so good!!! Thanks PC!💖 Faith/* For those who are faithful it becomes easier for them to have faith in what God has done for them! * Just remind yourself who you are , you are who He says you are! I will take the challenge to remember to continually renew my mind in the Word, that never ends. Understanding I’am a three -part being: Spirit,soul, and body. Created a Spirit being first.I will take authority over my thoughts not giving the enemy any place and ruling over the the territory God has given me!Thanks PD! 🍁


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