1. Such a good word!!!

    My first priority should be to be attractive to the lost!

    The ones with issues and the difficult ones are on his heart !!!

    Going to church is something you should do but you begin to do better when you allow this to be personal and you BECOME THE CHURCH!

    When you’re sitting at his table , the mess is just temporary.
    There is no mess that can stick on you when you focus on the mess fixer.

    People need to know that they can control how they feel act and react!

    I am called to be a minister of reconciliation ! My assignment is important ! Let people know that God is good with them if they will be good with him !!!


  2. Night life was so good! Here are my highs: *When you live with Him , you reign with Him!* God will provide opportunity for me to speak to others and He will fill my mouth for them and it won’t be awkward!* I don’t bring anything to the equation , and everything that God does through us is supernatural! I refuse to love the world more than Him. The church’s first priority is primarily for the lost and what do I have to offer those around me? Being a believer is the first step! Such a good Word!♥️


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