November Book of the Month


by Nancy Dufresne

God’s plan for His children is that we live days of Heaven while on this earth. Walking in the light of the Word and living in rich fellowship with God enables us to do that.

To have a heavenly atmosphere in our home and around our lives, we should do as Heaven does- worship. When we worship God, we replicate on the earth the very same atmosphere of Heaven. Our worship draws Heaven. Just think of the quality of lives that would be produced in a home that holds such an atmosphere.

Not only will worship replicate the atmosphere of Heaven in our homes, but it will assist us in living and walking in the Spirit, helping to keep us ever mindful of the Greater One within and of His indwelling Presence.


  1. Love Pastor Nancy!!! This is a great book!!

    Chapter 1//Worship has a significant place in the life of faith. I was so encouraged to just lift up my voice and magnify and worship God throughout the day; allowing that to be the ongoing theme of my life. My life is about a message…Hallelujah!!

    Chapter 2//Genesis 5:22-24–such great verses about Enoch…what separates us from other men is our walk with God! “Having a rich fellowship with God is part of living a life that God can flow through unhindered.” We have to be skillful in order to manifest the power and the anointing and the presence of God through our lives. Relationship and fellowship are two diff things!! I draw near to God by turning my heart and my attention towards Him….I will just keep yielding, yielding, yielding to Him.

    Chapter 3//”They don’t live in Heaven’s blessings because they don’t worship me enough.” Praise and worship brings the anointing…it is an act of faith that will bring the presence of the anointing every time, It is an act of faith; we are releasing our faith to Him. Being dominated by the mental arena makes life hard! “Circumstances of life may be difficult, but faith in God turns difficult things easy. It doesn’t matter what comes against us–if we won’t give it our attention, it can’t get into our minds and trouble us!” WOW!!!
    “Worshipping God not only positions us to receive “great and mighty things” from Him, but it also helps keep us safe with the increase we receive–safe with increased blessing, increased prosperity, and increased influence.”….it keeps pride out!!!

    Chapter 4//I LOVE PSALM 34:1!!! I choose to be a doer of that word in Jesus’ name!!!!!!!! Praise will be my lifestyle!! praise//thankfully acknowledge and confess and glorify His name. Deuteronomy 11:21…days of heaven on earth…I will experience them!! A troubled atmosphere will be changed the moment we get into the flow of worship!! Worship creates an atmosphere of heaven and faith!! I really liked the part when Pastor Nancy was talking about the Holy Spirit being the performer…when we will speak the Word He will bring it to pass!! Hallelujah!! It is so easy to live in victory!! It is soo easy to serve God!!!!!! How and what we worship Him for is who He will be to us!!

    Chapter 5//Laying hold of what has been provided for us requires the proper honor and respect!
    Discipline yourself to begin and end prayer with praise and worship…sooo good!!

    Overall I am challenged so far to give NO place to negativity, complaining or even just idle expressions; HIS PRAISE WILL EVER BE ON MY LIPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hallelujah!!


  2. I have just started reading this book! I got it yesterday. I really like all of Nancy Dufrense’s materials she is one of my favorites, PK is my favorite favorite then her…lol!

    Chapter 1// this chapter helped me to realize just how good I have it with PD and PK being my pastors! The statement Nancy made “ It matters how we treat a man of God at the end of his life” really got my attention. I then began to realize that what the man and woman of God have imparted to me over the years needs to not be forgotten! God is promoting His message through them and I need to pay attention and honor it! Honor is worship and worship is honor!

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  3. Chapter 2// Reading the verses about Enoch I was drawn to him being in Habitual Fellowship! This to me says his walk with God was not casual it was a way of life ! Just the thought of being known by my fellowship with God, it encourages me to move in closer to Him! I started to think to myself I wanna get closer! I thought about Tre when he was a toddler we had this thing we called snuggle and cuddle. He would always wanna snuggle and cuddle with me! He would get up under me and we would be under the covers and we would watch Sesame Street! For me I wanna snuggle and cuddle with the Father!

    “We are the ones who determine how rich our fellowship with the Father is”, just says to me as PC puts it “the ball is always in my court”! It’s on me never on Him! I really liked how she explained the difference between relationship and fellowship! It helped me realize just how important fellowship is in the relationship I have with the Father and with others! Major revelation for me!

    I purpose this week to be intentional with fellowship with the Father and others and to be aware! Also to yield to Him, turning my heart and attention toward Him and then yielding to Him some more! 🙌🏾🙌🏾❤️

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  4. Chapter 3//…we are to worship Him in gratitude for all that He has ALREADY provided and made ours. Along with what I am learning through PC’s teaching about everything already being done there is so much to be thankful for that He has already done! He has done so much!

    Worship is an act of faith that will bring the anointing!
    It doesn’t matter what comes against us- if we won’t give it our attention, it can’t get into our minds.
    Worship helps us keep our hearts right so that we handle the blessings of God with a right heart and do the right thing with the blessings we receive.
    I am a thousand times bigger on the inside than I am on the outside!


  5. I just got this book too myself but knew when I started reading it ,this would be such a great time spent in Worship to Him and drawing closer to the Father! Chapter 1/ I’m so grateful for our Pastors Dean and Kathy and how they have always blessed us with the truth of God’s Word and revelation. Knowing I’am a better person because of my Pastors , I never want to forget that. I have nothing but the upmost respect for PD and PK. I really liked what Nancy said about God told her “It matters how you treat the man of God at the end.”We should honor our Man and Woman of God by never forgetting the message and revelations they have given to us then promoting what God is promoting —for others need the message too! I love my Pastors !

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  6. Chapter 4// Okay so this chapter in its entirety to me says as PC puts it “ the ball is always in our court”! My highs in this chapter were: * we must develop a spiritual habit of continual praise. *Worship will assist us in living and walking “in the Spirit”. * A troubled atmosphere can be changed in a moment simply by entering into a flow of worship (this one major for me 🙌🏾). *To lose momentum of faith is to become unsteady and then quit making progress altogether. No matter what you face, don’t let down your faith. * When we worship Jesus as our Victory then that’s when we will experience victory. Jesus can only be to us what we worship Him as ❤️🙌🏾.

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  7. Chapter 5// This chapter encouraged me to not give into having bad days! If I am continually praising and worshipping Him those kind of days wouldn’t stand a chance! There is proper way of approaching Him and it is tied to me receiving what He has provided. I have been challenged to not just begin my prayers with praise and worship, but to end my prayers with praise and worship! I purpose this week to be aware of how I approach the Father.

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  8. Chapter 2/ I’m the one who determines how rich my fellowship is with the The Father, not Him. I really like what Nancy said our desire to walk with God is based on our fellowship with Him. In James 4:8 God told us to draw close to Him ; and He will draw close to us.He will draw near to me based on how near to Him I want to be., drawing closer to Him.God is a perfect gentleman —He won’t do anything uninvited. We are the ones who initiate our richness of fellowship -as we draw near to Him. He will always respond to us . When I yield and respond to His Presence within , my fellowship with Him will be a rich flow that not only will bless my life , but the lives of others!😃

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  9. Chapter 1- I really liked the part about Elijah and Elisha!! I didn’t see it in that way before but it’s just not how you start but how you finish!!!! It was so important for elisha to not just start but to stay with Elijah to the finish!! I also liked when she said we are to steward, carry on, and build upon the revelations we’ve been given!! I think sometimes we want something “different” or “more” but are we really doing what we’ve already been given? I want to just evaluate and be a better steward over what I have!!!

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  10. Chapter 2
    I really liked relationship vs fellowship! It’s so easy to deceive yourself that you are good because of your relationship with God but do you have fellowship? That really challenged me!! I wouldn’t be good in a natural relationship that had no fellowship so why would I settle for a spiritual relationship with no fellowship!?! It makes no sense!! I will be more intentional about fellowship and heart behind everything I do!

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  11. Chapter 6// This chapter encouraged me to step it up and I learned so much and got a clearer picture of what true worship is. I really liked how Nancy broke down what worshipping in spirit and truth means. It is not based on feelings it is based on the Word. When she explained false worship I was grateful for it because I don’t want to be a false worshipper. I can be honest and say I have fallen in false worship before, but now that I know what it is I can steer clear from it! I purpose this week to be mindful of my heart being engaged when I worship and not being somewhere else. I really like the part about truth vs. fact! Truth trumps facts! Lastly, the part where she said “remember all the things God has done for you. Rehearse them in detail as you worship God. Rehearse the details of how He saved you, of the time He healed you and worked miracles for you.” There are so many things in my life that He has done for me and worshipping Him for these things keeps me humble and grateful! Thank you Lord!!! ❤️🥰

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  12. Chapter 3/ Worshipping God enables the heart to receive “great and mighty things.”Being in His Presence won’t leave us the same; it will have a mighty effect upon our hearts. By spending time in the Presence of God, Who is so Great, our enlarged hearts can lay hold of more , receive more , and contain more.I liked what Smith Wigglesworth said , “I’m a thousand times bigger on the inside than I’am on the outside.” This comes from spending time with God, feeding and meditating on His Word , and being doers of the Word. Worship helps keep our hearts right , I really liked that because it’s what we’ve been hearing from PC in Jumpstart. We’re to be right!!!!! Our hearts are to be right so we can handle the blessings of God with a right heart and do the right thing with the blessings we receive. 💖

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  13. This book has been such a blessing!! An eye-opener for sure!!! 👏🏻🙌🏻❤️
    Chapter 1
    -God won’t do anything uninvited; He never forced anything upon us!!
    -We must NOT allow our spiritual leaders and the revelations they have brought to be forgotten!!
    I am so grateful for the leaders God has placed in my life and I will make extra effort to hold to every revelation they bring and let those things become reality in my life!

    Chapter 2
    -What separates us from other men is our walk with God!
    – I can only make an impact on the world to the degree that I know and walk with God!!
    I will draw near to Him more and kore each day by spending intentional time with Him and the things He has given (the Word, the Holy Spirit, my pastors!)❤️🙌🏻 to help me in my life!

    Chapter 3
    -It doesn’t matter what comes against us— if we won’t give it our attention, it can’t get into our minds and trouble us.
    -As our increase, success, influence grow, spending time in Gods presence helps keep pride out!!

    Chapter 4
    -Praising and worshipping is an act of faith and since it is, it will get our faith loving and keep it moving!
    -The Holy Spirit is a performer, and He is present in us waiting to hear our words!
    It’s up to me what He can do for me!! While I’m praising and worshipping I am inviting Him to move on my behalf!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

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  14. I really really like this book!!

    Chapter 6//True worship is not just about an outward posture but is your heart in it!! I have to discipline my mind to keep my attention on Him only!! I really liked Psalm 111:1–I will worship with my WHOLE HEART!! Worshipping Him in Spirit and in truth is about worshipping Him based on the Word and NOT my feelings, I don’t have to feel it, I worship Him for who He is and who He has made me to be! I really liked this statement from this chapter, “When we leave the mental arena, we leave the arena Satan works in, but when we hook up to the spirit arena, the faith arena, we hook up to the arena that God works in. The help for our life is in our spirit, and as we worship God, we stay connected to the place where our help issues from.” He is healer, deliverer, provider etc…if any of these things are missing in my life, I have failed to worship Him.
    Truth and facts are two diff things! Truth trumps facts! Faith holds to the truth despite what the facts say!

    Chapter 7//What we continually worship God for He will continually do for us. What we rehearse God will repeat! This is soo good!! CHARITY quit thinking about the problem, talking about the problem or trying to reason with the problem…just maintain an attitude of worship and praise!!

    Chapter 8//There is nothing you can’t praise your way out of. I like when Pastor Nancy compared the enemy’s work coming to an end in our lives to a bell ringing…like when it stops there is still a little momentum remaining…but it is only a matter of time and that bell will stop moving…no more noise!!
    Worship holds our attention on Jesus instead of the problem!! Worship positions us to hear from God because worship is an act of faith, and when faith is operating God can move.”
    We are not worshipping God to try and get Him to give us something…we already have it we are just laying hold of it naturally!!! I liked the three steps at the end of this chapter: answer the devil with the Word, then command him to leave, then worship…repeat!!

    Chapter 9//Worship brings wholeness!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will keep my attention fixed on Him!! Worship is an act of submission. Worshippers are teachable. God doesn’t respond to fear He responds to faith! Worship + right believing + right speaking=YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The story of the little boy who took of running!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Chapter 10//When you pray you lay hold of things, when you praise you win battles!!! Every man will pray when he is faced with a need, but only a man of faith will praise when he’s faced with a need. Even though under the new covenant, he lives in me–his anointing can be released through me!! In rejoicing power flows!! First response=take time to seek God!!! Faith and fear can never dwell together!! Worship is an act of faith!!! When the mind tries to raise up…I just put it back in check in my worship and praise!!

    Chapter 11//Worship is more than a song but how I live my life!! The Spirit led life produces holiness! “Holiness is simply doing the will of God with joy.” I LIKE THAT DEFINITION SOOO WELL!! To carry out the will of God with the wrong attitude is not pleasing to the Father. Lack of gratitude can open the door to the enemy. Doing His will with joy gives us the best life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂

    Chapter 12//Walking in the light of the Word positions us to receive what belongs to us!
    Walking in the light keeps us in position…I DON’T WANT TO GET OUT OF POSITION!!! I like the steps that Bro. Hagin gave us!!!!!!!! God is faithful and has already provided everything!!

    This isn’t hard!!!!!!!! But I am definitely going to step up my daily praise and worship game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Chapter 12//


  15. Chapter 7// Omg! This chapter really blessed my life! What we continually worship God for, He will continually do for us. Also, if I talk about wrong things that happened to me, wrong things will continue to happen! This part took “you will have what you say” to another level for me! What we rehearse God will repeat! This encouraged me to examine what I rehearse and change what I rehearse that is not of Him! I am challenged this week to be aware and change what I rehearse because I desire for Word to repeated in my life!!! Cheers for change!!!

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  16. I really really like this book. It has blessed me so so much 🙌🏻❤️

    Chapter 1// I like how she emphasized on how important it is how you see the man of God in your life. I’m so thankful for PD AND PK,, they are amazing and it truly does matter how you see your pastors. I liked where she said if you won’t honor the man, you won’t honor and steward the revelations. So so good.

    Chapter 2// I am growing and I desire to have a better relationship and fellowship with the father. It really stood out to me that we can have relationship with God, but not know him at all with no fellowship. I know how important our time with the father is!! And what separates us from others is our fellowship with HIM!!! We are the ones who determine how rich our fellowship is with him ( the ball is in our court)!!!

    Chapter 3// was sooooo 🔥🔥🔥 For me. So so so good!!!! I need to continually ALL day worship HIM!!!! Gratitude for all he has already done. Thankfulness!!!! I’m reminded of all the good he has done for me. He is so faithful. I like the part where it says praying for the sick is right and having faith and confession is right but that that never takes the place of worship,, you can’t ever use one of those as a substitute for another!!!! They all have a place. And I’m learning how important worship is!!! I also liked where she talks about circumstances in life might be difficult but faith in God turns things that are difficult easy and I’m so grateful,,,, and when I fill my mind & my heart with the word of God then I’m not dominated by fear and worry and doubt but as I worship him my mind is set towards faith and peace and joy!!!!! I really enjoyed this chapter. Such a great book

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  17. Chapter 4/I’ve always loved Psalm 34:1 I will bless the Lord at all times, His Praise shall continually be in my mouth! This is one way we get our faith going and keep it moving. When Pastor Nancy said through praise and worship God can bless us , our faith is always moving and the door is always open, l thought WOW , I should be worshipping and praising Him more! This flow of Worship is an act of faith for the whole church family to participate in. Our Worship invites Him to be what we need Him to be to us! 💖


  18. Chapter 1//
    I loved the emphasis on honoring a man of God at the end of his life and remembering the PRECIOUS supply that I have received. I am so so thankful for our pastors and the freedom and answers I have received from them . I will honor and remember !!!!


  19. Chapter 2//
    Fellowship with daddy determines everything. The more I sit with him and fellowship , the greater he can show himself to me!!! My desire is to know him to fellowship every moment of everyday to ask him “ what do you want me to do today ?!” I will continue to fellowship and yield to him. I will know him better everyday 💖💖💖
    He has the plan for every day every detail every child in my home every dollar in my hands . He is faithful !!! I will yield and fellowship ❤️🥰


  20. Chapter4//. Was Ahhhh-mazing!! I can choose to change the atmosphere in our house. I will praise HIM!! And WORSHIP HIM -this will set the atmosphere for our home. I will continually praise him, it will be in my mouth. I’ve learned so much!!!! I will worship HIM FOR WHO HE IS MY HEALER MY PROVIDER!!!!! Thank you JESUS!!!!

    Chapter 5// so so good!!! The prayer of praise and worship( this should be the beginning and end of prayer ). I need to remember to be thankful and praise him. And approach his throne the way the word says to!!!

    Chapter 6// I will worship HIM in spirit and I’m Truth. So so good. I will aim to control my thoughts and attention while I’m worshiping HIM,,, I want to please Him and be worshipping him as a true worshipper!!!! And when I worship him faith comes and when God finds faith he will manifest himself. Y’all this is life changing for me. So so good 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻


  21. Chapter 8// This chapter is my favorite so far!!! This chapter encouraged me and taught me to stay in praise mode regardless!!! The analogy she gave about someone ringing a large bell and how after it has been rung it continues to ring because of the momentum she then says “ just because the bell is still ringing doesn’t mean someone is still ringing the bell before long it will stop ringing”. Comparing that to lingering thoughts was brilliant and it hit home with me. *Also, when she said that worship holds our eyes and our attention on Jesus instead of on the problem. *Worship positions us to hear from God because worship is an act of faith…*The Praise Cure is a sure cure! * The good fight is refusing to change what you believe just because of what you can see and feel. Lastly, the steps to walk in victory over every test… I purpose to continue praising Him and worshipping Him no matter what! 🙌🏾❤️


  22. Chapter 9// This chapter was sooo good! It just reminded me of how powerful worship is! Also, you can take this chapter and put into other areas of your life not just healing! The story of the 10 lepers, I have heard this story preached many times, but there were things Nancy pointed out that I didn’t see before. Seeing the acts of worship in each of these stories were amazing! The connection between my worship and things in my life being restored! Wow! *Worship will put back what was lost. The story of Jairus took me back to Mrs. Vonnie’s DEEP lesson last week when she said “At His feet is where the power is”! At His feet is worship! Wow! * Worship right, believe right, and speak right! It all goes together! It’s like a recipe and you have one ingredient missing and it throws offthe whole dish (recipe)! It’s not quite right! The same is true with this, if one thing is missing it throws off the results! Lastly, *Real faith has nothing to do with the clock and calendar! I purpose to not put expiration dates on His things or put time or days to it! I am just going to choose to see His things as forever! If there is ever a question of how long my answer will be forever! Glory to God!


  23. My children love me but are living in poverty sickness and defeat.
    They don’t live in heavens blessing bc they don’t worship me enough !
    He has paid for EVERYTHING!!!!!
    I worship him in gratitude and I will have ALL HE PAID FOR!!!

    Praise and worship destroys the yoke!!! There is a freedom when I worship him for who he is !!!

    To stay in faith we must hold our attention on God and his word and worship helps us do that !

    Being dominated by the mental arena makes life hard . But as I worship God I’m drawn into the spirit arena and it’s there that I’m held in PEACE.

    It doesn’t matter what comes against us if u don’t give it my attention it can’t get into my mind and trouble me!!
    Worship keeps me focused on him and in total PEACE!!

    He does great and mighty things for worshippers !!
    He just wants my love and my heart and as I worship him he shows me how good he really is !


  24. Chapter5/ We receive from God by faith , and a person of faith is one who’s grateful , respectful , reverent and honorable toward God. We can never bypass the proper reverence , respect , and honor toward God if we are to receive what we need.We should start our Prayers with Praise and Worship.It gets my faith moving , it activates my faith so I can receive answers to my prayers! Let us come boldly to the Throne of grace , that we may obtain mercy , and find grace to help in time of need! I have so much to Praise Him and be Thankful for I will Bless His Holy Name!!!


  25. Chapter 10// There is NOTHING you can’t praise your way out of!!!!! This chapter for me pumped me up!!! There are so many things to praise Him for!!!! Here are my highs: * when you pray, you lay hold of things, but when you praise, you win battles! * In the rejoicing, power flows!
    * There are times we don’t know what to do, but we are to hold our eyes and our attention on the One who does know what to do. That’s where our help comes from.
    * Fear is not simply a feeling, but it is a spirit that we have complete authority over.
    * Praisers get to see what others don’t.

    This chapter encouraged me to keep on praising and not allow anything that opposes me to get in the way or keep me enjoying what belongs to me!


  26. Worship chapter 5//

    The prayer of praise and worship is the highest kind of prayer – because it is the prayer that must accompany every other kind of prayer in order for them to be effective

    Every prayer – start and end with praise and worship !!

    So so so powerful!!! I’m doing this and seeing so much change !!

    When reverence and honor are restored there will be a restoration and multiplication of the miraculous power of God !


  27. Chapter11// I really enjoyed this chapter I learned so much! Here are my highs: * Worship is more than singing a song and lifting hands, it is a lifestyle (how you live).
    * We have the grace and power of God to draw on and empower us to live as He directs! Praise God for help!
    * We are to love and hold to all that is right and turn away from anything that is wrong and not pleasing to the Lord no matter what!
    * Holiness is simply doing the will of God.
    * To not be joyful toward something that is the will of God is to think wrong…
    * Walking in the light of the Word helps us to close the door to the enemy and keep it shut!
    I purpose to examine my attitude doing the will of God. Be intentional to delight in doing His will and being obedient in every arena of my life.


  28. Chapter 4
    I really liked this chapter!! The atmosphere can be changed by our praise and worship!! Don’t respond naturally in the flesh, but charge the atmosphere spiritually!! In good and trying times- worship!!
    I also liked the bike analogy!!! When learning you want to go slow but in that you are unsteady and quit making progress!!! I I will not allow myself to loose my faith momentum!!! I will continue moving forward refusing to give place to unsteady!!


  29. Chapter 5
    Praise and worship is the bookends of every prayer!!! Start and end each prayer with praise and worship!
    A person of faith is someone who’s grateful, thankful, respectful, reverent, and honorable towards God!!!
    I will praise and worship at the start and finish of every prayer and just endeavor to show how grateful I am with my words!!!


  30. Chapter 12// This chapter was really good like all of the others, but I found (light bulb moment 💡) where I had been missing it in my faith walk all of these years! It was in the time waiting for it to show up! I wasn’t worshipping until it showed up! Glad I know this now! Some of my other highs were: * our prosperity and increase are connected to our love walk. * The blessings of God don’t operate automatically even though they belong to us. They are conditional. * Failing to not walk in the light of the Word takes me out of position so that His blessings can’t reach my life. * Lastly, the steps at the end (#4 was where I was missing it). I really wasn’t sure what to do the rest of time until what I was believing for showed up. I would worship at the time I was doing the other steps… 🎶 “I can see clearly now the “smoke” is gone🎶…Lol! Praise God! Hallelujah!!!! Oh, it’s on now 🙌🏾🙌🏾!!! Great book!!! ❤️


  31. Chapter 7// so good I really like the story about the 2 angels. And how God did mire for him than he expected and that the other man who gave the money have to obey too. So good. What we rehearse we will receive. What I worship him for is what I will revive

    Chapter 8// the praise cure. So good. I will praise HIM more. He is so good. And so so faithful I will praise him. I n like joe she said answer the thought or symptom and tell the devil to leave and worship God. No matter how Ming it takes. Worship him until the anointing comes.

    Chapter 9// I love that his faith ( expression of thankfulness ) made him WHOLE!!!! We should be so thankful. I liked the comparison of the 3. And how Jesus am was t moved by the dear in the woman. Bit when we speak right believe right and praise him HE RESPONDS!!!! I wasn’t to please him. So good ❤️❤️


  32. Chapter6/ We can’t Worship God with our whole heart if our thoughts and attention are somewhere else. If I will practice having disciplined thoughts and disciplined attention , then I will become skillful in Worship, even in the midst of adversity and circumstances! Worshipping God from my heart will hold my attention off the wrong things and on the right things! Praise Jesus!!!!💖


  33. Chapter 7/ We will have what we say ! Mark 11:23-24. We will have what we say to God! That’s why we are to continually Praise Him. To let the Praise of God be continually in our mouth! We are setting up our future to be full of what we are Praising Him for! Hallelujah! I’ll take that!!! Thank you Lord. But we don’t want to talk about what people have said to us or done to us because that’s what we will have too! This the flip side of what God wants us to have from Him as we Praise and Worship Him.I really like when Pastor Nancy told the the testimony of The Two Angels ! What I will Worship God for , tell , and testify to others , God will do more of. When I Worship Him for what He’s done in my life , healings . Miracles , answers , all the ways He has moved in the past for me personally , He will do more of it. What I rehearse , God will repeat! I put this in first person even in the book as I read it for I want to be and will be Praising and Worshipping Him more. Calling the Angels on my behalf in Jesus Name!!!!!


  34. Chapter 8/ Gosh! When I read this chapter it was as if Pastor Nancy had been reading my mail! Lol! This was a huge revelation for my life and I’m so grateful the Father loves us so much to show us where we have been missing it when it comes to receiving from Him! We are not trying to get victory we have victory, it belongs to us. We’re not tying to get healed ,we have it already . I realized I was missing it , just by not Praising and Worshiping Him 24\7. Yes ! We are to be reading the Word , praying in the Spirit, confessing the Word, but there is something called” The Praise Cure !” Our Father loves us so much to give us what we need just at the right time, knowing that we will get it! But I wasn’t ready for this 6yrs ago. I would not have received it like I have now! If we will give a wholehearted , all- out effort to the Word and to Praising God, it won’t take long for our Victory to manifest .I really liked it how she compared symptoms , feelings or thoughts that don’t stop immediately to a bell ringing and when it stops ,becomes silent so does the momentum of someone having been on the rope ringing it ! We tend to leave out the most vital flow of Praising and Worshipping God. Does the enemy just stop his strategies against us? That would be a no ,but when we get our focus and attention off of what we’re facing and redirect it to God , then victory will show up. Oh! Praise God I’m so Thankful , grateful for the “Praise Cure !” Praise The Lord! Leaning into Him more and having Joy unspeakable and full of glory!💖


  35. Chapter 5
    In order to lay hold of all that Jesus provided we must give him the proper respect and gratitude through our worship!!
    The prayer of praise and worship must accompany every other kind of prayer in order for them to be effective!!

    Chapter 6
    Worship is an act of faith, and when God finds Faith, he finds a place where he can move and manifest himself!
    I am called to worship based on the truth of the Word and not based on the feelings of the flesh.
    I must discipline my mind and attention so that my heart is engaged in my worship of God. I can’t worship God with my whole heart if my thoughts and attention are somewhere else!!
    The part of the word we worship him for is the part he will manifest in our lives!
    As you believe and worship God for the truth of the word, it will override and change the fact of your need. Truth trumps facts!

    Chapter 7
    What we continually worship God for, he will continually do for us!! This is not a one time thing! I will worship God everyday all throughout the day so He has the entrance to enhance and make my life better!

    Chapter 8
    There’s nothing you can’t praise your way out of. The exit road out of every test is paved with praise!
    You must stay on top of the area of praise in order to see constant victories in your life!!
    Where my attention goes, my faith goes! It’s so important to keep my attention fixed on God so that I’m not moved by the things going on around me!
    The praise cure is a sure cure! It will always work!!!

    Chapter 9
    The story of the grateful leper!!! ❤️❤️❤️ Making the request of Jesus brought cleansing but worship brought wholeness!!
    In every good thing that happens in my life,, I will intentionally return the worship back to the One who makes it happen!
    Worship is an act of submission, meaning you’re willing to be led!!
    Jesus didn’t respond to the fear… he responded to the woman’s faith!!! I cannot go to God in fear and expect a response!!! Faith is what gets Gods attention!


  36. 1:// how important it is for us to not allow our spiritual leaders and the revelation they brought to be forgotten. Working with the word at home is so important. The boys and I always talk about our highs in the car but just this afternoon we talked about ways to implement changes because of the word we heard!!

    2:// someone is going to have to pay the price to become skillful with the word. This is a choice for me to make not to get a atta boy from others but because I truly want the word and all it has for me.

    3:// if we are going to live in heavens blessings we must worship long enough for the anointing to come. There are so many times where I want a microwave answer I give up because of impatience. I’m grateful for grace but am making it a crucial part of my day to just sit a be quiet longer.

    4://The Holy Spirit is our performer and he is present in us waiting to hear our words. He is hovering over our situations waiting for our words of faith and our words of worship to direct him. Silence isn’t faith. I cannot be quiet and expect to see him move in my life. It doesn’t work that way.

    5://we are to enter into his gate with thanksgiving. I am guilty for just starting my prayer with what’s heavy on my heart instead of just being grateful for all of the things the Father has provided me with. Flip that script Fran and be thankful cause really my life is nothing compared to those who are having serious challenges.

    6:/to worship Good in spirit and truth is to worship based on the truth of the word and not based on the feelings of the flesh. In this moment my nose is leaking MAJOR boogers and I’ve been so frustrated but it was just a reminder hey lift up your voice and praise God for the healing I have. These boogers are out the door!!!


  37. 7//: wow the angels!!!! This chapter was so small but so impactful!! There is no need for me to figure out or worry when I just put the word in my heart, my mouth and thoughts The Father can do wayyyyy more than I ever could!! ♥️♥️


  38. 8//: I will praise and worship to hold my eyes on Jesus and not the problem!! I believe this book is so perfectly on time for the season I am in this moment. I know that worship is what I am missing to see the fruition of the things and circumstances I’ve been believing and praying for! I will use the Praise cure and Praise the Lord for every gift and blessing🙌🏼


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