1. Omg!!! The message was sooo on point for me! It really hit home!! ❤️❤️🙌🏻
    **If I’ve got issues in my life, I must get to the place where I understand that I HAVE BEEN MADE WHOLE!!
    **Act as if everything is taken care of… because it is!! He’s got me but until I KNOW He does, He can’t!
    I don’t want to try and make anything happen on my own!! I am HIS!!! And He’s got me!!! I’m so so grateful!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻

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  2. Church was so good today! Here are my highs: Jump Start/* To be Right is how we think and progress in order to mature into what we were made to be! * If you think wrong in opposition to the Word you can not have a supernatural life!* Once He has instructed me I have to hold my ground, not stepping out of Love and direction from the Holy Spirit! 1st/ Offering/If you don’t Tithe you’re cutting yourself off from the blessings * Why would I think a Father who made it all , and had it all , wouldn’t want me to enjoy it all! Money is the least of anything I could have , The Father is my source and supply! *The enemy cannot do anything I will not let him do! 2nd/ * God wants us to have the desires of our heart but not at the expense of our relationship with Him! *He is more than enough , my God owns all the cattle on a thousand hills!*True prosperity is Peace, joy , deliverance , health, soundness , safety , completeness, contentment!

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  3. Services were really great today! I’m so thankful for church!
    If my life is out of control my mind is out of control
    If you think wrong you cannot have a supernatural life
    I’m either in harmony with God or I’m in opposition!
    Everyday I will choose to be more aware and in control of my thoughts. To not allow negative thoughts linger and mess with my emotions! The videos of the two groups singing- it just sounds, looks, and is sooo much better when I am in harmony with God!!

    True prosperity//PD
    The Father wants my life to be whole!!
    The 2 definitions of whole that stood out most to me were unimpaired and unbroken!! I don’t want my life to be impaired by negative thoughts, emotions, ideas, or me just doing my own thing!!! I want to be whole in Him!!!

    Prosperity is not in things that burn! Peace means more than money!!
    I really, really like that!!!

    True Prosperity//PG
    So many Christians are trying to carry what they aren’t supposed to carry. I don’t want to toil and be miserable from carrying something that wasn’t mine to bare!!! That statement just really has me meditating on what I am carrying or what I have on my “plate” and just really being sure everything I have is what the Father intended for me!!

    I will not kiss what’s available to me!!!!🙌🏻

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  4. I am so excited about this new series and church was soo awesome!! Everyone looked great in their new shirts!!!!!!!!!!!! yay!!!!

    1st service// I really liked when Pastor Dean asked us why we were in the room…that is so important to answer and for it to be accurate…we are ready to grow and receive. I really liked the definition of the word “whole”…I am untouchable…Pastor Dean said, The one who hates me most has been defeated and anyone he uses I just love and forgive them!! Hallelujah!! I will not be ashamed of what I have, but things will also not have me…I have them. God doesn’t have a problem with His children being rich but being covetous!

    2nd service//He wants me to have the desires of my heart and be fully furnished but not at the expense of my relationship with Him!! Obedience and humility move me into position to receive. The enemy can do nothing in my life that I don’t allow. See the blood deeper than the sin and you will win! YESSSSSS!!

    3rd service//WIth sonship comes ownership!! Maybe we aren’t experiencing prosperity because we are untaught, undisciplined, or resistant…sooo good! It’s not what you have but what has you! God’s grace is a head start and you get it through humility! If you believe the Father’s hand is tight your perspective isn’t right!
    meditate//think deeply, focus one’s mind!!
    toil//worry, anxiety, fearful!!
    Word of God prosperity has no toil!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you Father for all you have made available for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. I am really grateful for what I get at CLC! Yesterday’s message was amazing and I got a lot out of it!

    1st Service// When PD said that this isn’t intellectual and that life with Him is heartfelt humility and that it isn’t from the outside in but from the inside out! I realized that the inside is the most important and however I am on the inside it will show on the outside whether I want it to or not! It doesn’t matter how much makeup, perfume, cute outfits or hairstyles I put on it the inside will tell all on the outside!

    When PD said stuff doesn’t make your life better, but busier… it’s the world that promotes stuff and I wasn’t called to promote it, but to use it and enjoy it! I have been called to promote the Father and that is all I need to promote! So I see just how insignificant stuff is and putting it in its proper place in my life! So freeing!!! 🙌🏾

    When PD talked about wholeness! I just kept thinking about mediocrity and being average. I realized that mediocrity and being average is not okay with the Father! As a child of God this is not normal! If I am operating in mediocrity then I have opened the door to the enemy and his company! Jesus paid for me to be whole!
    Oh! and the intro music to the series “Jesus Paid It All” is one of my oldies faves! It was the first solo I sung as a child in church!
    Lol!!! Okay back to my highs… being whole is true prosperity! The definition of whole uninjured was the one that caught my attention. Nursing a injury and have a temporary fix to an injury is not okay! He paid for me to be uninjured (healed)! This lit a fire in me to heal and allow my myself to walk in it because it has already happened. To stop picking at the scab! I am so excited and hungry for what else the messages in this series will bring!!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

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