DEEP 11.4.19

Classes were SOOOO good tonight!!


We need traction if we are going to keep going!!! How will you develop more traction in your life?


Will you accept the 5-minute challenge and give Him the first 5-minutes of your day?


  1. I got a lot out of the lessons taught last night at DEEP! So thankful for the teachers taking time out of their lives to help me grow! We are in this together! ❤️

    Honor// If your heart is not right, the Word of God will not produce in your life. This is a statement I highlighted in my manual. I realize that tending the soil of my heart is important and if I don’t keep a constant check on my heart I put my growth at stake. I wanna grow! I wanna grow up! In the area of the wayside heart I really liked when PC said “what you honor and respect you can wrap your head around it”! This helped me to look into my life pinpoint and be honest with myself that I have not been as interested in Him as I should be! In the area of the stony heart when she said “you choose to feel the wrong things” and “harden not your heart by waiting” man, these things helped me! It didn’t feel good or taste good, but I had to swallow this and do better at keeping my heart soft! Thank God for truth! I wanna grow! In the area of the thorny heart I could see areas I needed to work on as well. I really liked how she broke down the word distraction. I could easily see places where I had lost traction. When she said “things with Him should get better not worse. If they are getting worse I have lost traction”. I had a light bulb moment on this one! In the area of good ground when PC said that good means honest. This changed my perspective on this part of the scripture because all this time I was thinking good was doing everything right. I purpose to be honest because I want the soil of my heart to be good because it is the only ground that produces. Lastly, I am God’s garden! This encouraged me to be a better steward over my heart and the place where He resides!

    Prayer// “At His feet is where the power is” this got my attention. When Mrs. Vonnie had mentioned there where 3 instances that Mary was at His feet and that she knew where the power was, changed my reason of why I spend time with Him and why I do what I do. This is where the power is!

    I accepted the 5 minute challenge Mrs. Vonnie gave and I also received her encouraging us to go over our notes to help with the Word being rooted in us! This is so simple but I was making it so complicated! Thank you Mrs. Vonnie for helping me simplify my life! 🙌🏾❤️🥰

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  2. Deep classes were so good just what I needed to hear! Here are my highs: Honor/* It’s not the Word you’ve heard, but the Word you accepted! * Hard hearts always take things the wrong way!*Humble ground isn’t flawless, but is sincere!*I’am the Place,positioned in Him , a carrier of the divine presents of God!!* Doing the Will of the Father is knowing Him (intimacy) Prayer/ *Prayer is Peace and abiding in Him! The power is sitting at the feet of Jesus , hearing Him , praising and worshiping Him, with no distractions! * To be effective in Prayer your motive must be correct , prayer should be motivated by love and nothing else! Soooo very good!💖

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