1. The message today was really good (as always) I got a lot out of it! Here are my highs:
    1st Service offering// I was encouraged to check my attitude when I give! Not judging, condemning, and forgiving should be in check before I give (be a cheerful giver)! I don’t want any of these things to be in the way of what I get back, I want it all!!!

    1st Service message// I was encouraged to stay “live center”! “ The smoke of deception always is accompanied by a fire! “Deception like smoke takes your breath away! God’s Word is both freedom and boundaries and you can’t have one without the other! Overall this message helped me to realize that “things” are not what they seem! Also, to enjoy what I have!

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  2. 1st service//Like Kandis I was also challenged to check my attitude when I give as well!! I can’t separate me, my attitude and my giving. If my attitude is wrong towards anyone or anything it will affect my harvest.

    I really liked the statement, “The difference between combustible Christianity and a combustible Christian is one serves what will burn; the other burns for who they serve.” SO GOOD!!
    I liked when Pastor Dean said, “I don’t live for wealth, I live for revelation.”
    People are going to talk about me no matter what!! I refuse to think about what others are thinking about what I have.
    God’s Word is both freedom and boundaries………..I will be mediating on this all week.

    2nd service//3 John 2: He wants me prosperous and I will not be ashamed!!!!!!!!!!!!! God alone moves me; nothing else!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is my source. True Prosperity=doing everything you do God’s way
    I choose to align my priorities with His priorities!
    Wisdom follows the plan of God…you prosper from the inside out!!

    There was soo much more!! I will keep reviewing my notes this week! I am determined to have a biblical view about prosperity!!!!!!!!!!!! Hallelujah!! Sooo grateful for our pastors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. The services were really good! Here are my highs: Jumpstart / *Being Right is about a position with Him and available to Him! * We have to be intentional if we are going to think right! * Right thinking is a mind fixed and stayed on Jesus! *My meditations are my filter!*When your meditation deviates from Him, they deviate from truth! 1st/ True Prosperity/ The difference between combustible Christianity and a combustible Christian is one serves what will burn, the other burns for what they serve! *The more we get rid of loop holes the less we will get looped! So good, I liked that! *Disception like smoke takes your breath away! 2nd/True Prosperity is Shalom—nothing missing , nothing broke , and Peace!* My Father’s Prosperity will not burn! *True Prosperity will keep your eyes off of what others have! 3rd/ * As His Kids we are responsible for our mess ups, not God!!! Thanks PD! 🙌🙌

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  4. Jumpstart

    I loved prov 9:1-11 lamb wine and bread = JESUS!!

    Wisdom never moved off of redemption . Wisdom is found in the redemptive realities !! Who I am IN CHRIST!

    I can NOT get answers outside of a relationship with JESUS!

    Victory isn’t found ANYWHERE outside of the death burial and resurrection !

    If my mind is unstable , my mouth and my life is !
    Stability is in my MIND!

    How I think affects EVERYONE I’m in relationship with !!! I purpose to think right about me bc that affects my seed !
    I teach them to think right about them !

    There is a resurrection in Jesus that fits ME!

    My meditations are my filter ! I have to sit and think about what I’m thinking !
    I LOVED the filter analogy!!!!
    My filter is JESUS

    ASK YOURSELF: where am I seated in this ? I am ALWAYS ABOVE IT!


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