DEEP 11.11.19


Know your benefits package!! Are you taking advantage of it?

Renewing the Mind

Make sure what’s on your plate is valuable. If something is on your plate that isn’t producing remove it!!


  1. Tonight at DEEP I was encouraged to meditate! I really thought that Mrs. Vonnie and PD’s lessons went together! I always enjoy listening to Mrs. Vonnie because the way she is with the Father reminds me of a kid who is in awe of their parents. I remember when Tre was little he would always tell our family members, if they needed something fixed or if they had an issue, “my dad can fix that”! I remember one time he said it so much my mom asked “is their anything you dad can’t do”? Lol! This what I get from Mrs. Vonnie and she inspires me to love on Father this way! One thing that Mrs. Vonnie said that got my attention was “mouth to mouth resuscitation” she said it was simply just speaking His Word back to Him! This was sooo good to me!

    PD’s lesson challenged me to not give myself wiggle room when it came to my thoughts and what I think about! I was challenged and encouraged to stay on top of myself when comes to my thought life and to get aggressive! One thing PD said that was so freeing was “ Revelation produces spiritual intelligence. Education produces mental intelligence. Your heart receives spiritual intelligence. Your mind receives educational intelligence. What’s in your heart will dominate and move past your thoughts”! I immediately thought about the scripture Ephesians 5:18 that translates …be being filled with the Holy Spirit… This statement PD said showed me the importance of filling myself to capacity with the Word of God! PD’s lessons always challenge me to push myself to right and take personal responsibility! 🙌🏾❤️


  2. Deep was so good ! Here are my highs: Prayer/ I enjoyed the way Ms Vonnie shows us how we are to come as a little child and love on our “Daddy!” I really liked what Ms Vonnie said about when we speak the Word it’s as the same as Jesus spoke the Word , mouth to mouth resuscitation! It’s so important that we get alone with the Father , having a quiet time and hearing His voice . This time should be what is the best time for you , and a place with NO distractions.In order to receive direction , to be vulnerable , humble! Be still and know that I’am God!! This is my responsibility which will dictate my time with the Father or my responsibilities will dictate my life! So valuable to our Knowing Him!!!! Thank you Ms.Vonnie💖 Renewed Mind/ Your brain is in you, not for you! Revelation produces Spiritual intelligence , education produces mental intelligence! My heart dominates my brain when it embraces Spiritual revelation! Check my plate making sure what is valuable or get it off my plate! Thanks PD , great Word!🙌😊


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