1. Church was so good today!🎃. Here are my highs: Jump Start/ When your meditation deviates from Him, they deviate from the truth! We should always be singing and praising , not thinkers. I desire to be walking by faith , ruling and reigning!If I live by my feelings it’s an indicator of my thinking and no one makes me think anything. It’s my Responsibility to take Authority from start to finish, always wearing the Armor of God from my heart!!!!! True Prosperity/ *Everything Jesus said was from a position of victory! *Prayer is worthless without Obedience! *Life needs Obedience in order to experience True Prosperity! 3rd/ *God wants to be my director of everything ,and when I let Him there will be no sorrow with it!!!! *He will take care of what He authors! Thanks Pastor Dean for always great Word🙌


  2. Church was sooooo good to me today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂

    1st service//what you sweep under the rug will make your life lumpy and bumpy!!
    I am not sure exactly what Pastor Dean said, but the Holy Spirit had me write it down this way, “Charity if people can move you they can manipulate you…I cannot be moved by people!”
    Everything we pray and say must be from a position of “It is finished.”
    If any part of life sucks it can’t be fixed with bucks!
    Prayer is worthless without obedience!!!!!!!!
    True prosperity is intentional!!!!!!
    THIS IS PERSONAL!! There is no reason for me to blend in with the congregation!!
    “What is required is not how they see me or how I see me–but living with the reality that HE SEES ME!!
    I know I can do more!!!!!!!!!! I repent, sincerely desiring progress!
    Believers shouldn’t need miracles we have promises!!!!!!!!!!

    2nd service//If I can do it, God’s not in it!
    prosperity//whole, flush, full, every answer
    The blessing of God brings NO TOIL!
    BOTTOMLINE: Me and Him and what are we doing together?
    In Jesus’ final sacrifice is wealth, spirit, physical and financial!!
    In John 17:23 there is no more shame!! We are all “only children”

    It was such a great day today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂


  3. Today was the best day ever for me at church! I was not only corrected but encouraged!
    1st Service//
    During praise and worship PC read Isaiah 43:18-19 and it was so encouraging! I don’t know exactly how she said it, but she said in reference to not remembering the former things that that means good and bad things, the past is the past! His mercies are new every morning! This was a power surge for me to continue progressing!

    PD’s message highs:
    * You have to be willing to be willing!
    * Life needs obedience!
    * Prayer is worthless without obedience!
    *True prosperity is intentional. It starts with loving Him enough to do what He says!
    *The bucks won’t fix what sucks!
    * The only standard that saves and brings true prosperity is His standard!
    *Believers shouldn’t need a miracle, we have promises!
    I am so grateful for the Word that is preached at Chooselife and grateful to have a man and woman of God in my life who don’t want me to “feel good” but grow and progress! Today was like a good massage! The kind where the masseuse gets to the muscles that you didn’t know existed and the pressure applied is so good!


  4. Service was awesome!!(: 

    The bucks won’t fix what sucks! You cant expect God results if you are not living right! Someone who sins is someone who rebels against Him! I don’t want to be rebellious! I have to believe the Word enough to love Him and be obedient! Religion sucks!


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