1. I enjoyed DEEP last night! Here are my highs:
    Holy Spirit// * The Holy Spirit never leads believers contrary to the Word of Hod, but confirms and supports it.
    * Knowing that Holy Spirit is my advocate was really huge for me! I would always think I had to stick up for myself and look out for myself.
    * Regeneration is the work of the Holy Spirit. I didn’t know what this Word meant. Mrs. Vonnie explained it, it is renewal and restoration.
    * when Mrs. Vonnie said “…your flesh is wondering and questioning JUST trust Him!

    As far as being one of the 120 to show up I would say yes I would have been there!

    Christian Lifestyles// I always enjoy PD and PK teaching together! They are hilarious! I left this class ready to do some examining! Especially with lasciviousness when PK said looseness in thoughts cause brain damage I was like whoa! She then followed it up with “but with the power of God you can overcome”! Here a couple more of highs from this class:
    * Whatever you give your attention to the most will become the most powerful influence in your life.
    *It is your personal responsibility to choose to walk in the spirit…
    *Don’t let your belly become your God!
    * How you hear will determine what you retain! -PD


  2. Deep was so so good! My highs: Holy Spirit/ I’m so grateful for Ms Vonnie teaching us about the Holy Spirit. * Yessss, I would be one of the 120 in that upper room with them.*I especially desire all that the Holy Spirit does in us when we will depend on Him alone. *He is my strengthened my helper! To ask Him “help me Holy Spirit” Help Me! And He does show me He is my standby for everything I need to do! *He never will lead us in a different direction than the Father , He is all about Jesus! Telling us only the Word! Thank you Ms Vonnie♥️ Lifestyles/OMG! I always like to hear PK and PD teach together it’s so much fun! * We need to guard our hearts and minds and not be carnal! * I’m going to be more aware of the devils devices than ever before! *To be separated and submitted to God yielded to the Spirit not my flesh!* Don’t let your belly be your god!* I’am responsible for everything I take in! * To walk in the Spirit not my flesh!* If God was walking in us shouldn’t there be a marked difference in our life?(PD) Thank you PK and PD! 🎃


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