Night Life 11.20.19

If you’ll admit it, He’ll help you quit it! THIS sets you free!!!

I love how Pastor Dean said this isn’t just major sin, but depression, oppression, shame..are you willing to admit it?


  1. Service was so good tonight! I liked when Pastor Dean said if you are led by Him day by day then you’ll be led right into a great destiny!!!!
    I don’t have to be concerned with the future, just daily choosing to be led by Him and do what I know to do will lead me into everything He has for me!!


  2. I really enjoyed being in Kidz Church last night! Their series Value was really eye opening! Here are my highs:

    Kidz Church// I will value what God values!
    * God values holiness! * godliness- someone’s inner response to the things of God.
    *Focus on godliness! No matter what I am not walking away!
    * I am with God when I value what God values!

    PD’s message// * Love His plan more than your own. * Love Him more than anyone or anything. * You don’t let “them” come between you and Him. * Walking by faith= thinking more about Him than what you see. * A determined disciple refuses to be a hypocrite! *There is always more, stay hungry! * If anybody can be free, everybody can be free! * Leave the past, in the past, and it won’t last!
    This message moved me to examine my life and being a disciple. Of course, there are adjustments that need to be made in this area. I purpose to keep Him on the mantle of my heart and not let anyone or anything get that place. He should always be number one! ❤️


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