1. Church was so Sweet and fun today! Here are highs: Jump Start/* Faithfulness is what we do with Salvation and how we steward what we’ve been given!*The thoughts you take determine the voices we Obey! *How your thinking is, is how you Obey! I decide to have rest, peace, gentleness and quiet in my life! True Prosperity/*We don’t seek riches , we see God!* Giving is at the heart of prosperity! *Jesus always pleased the Father allowing him to call the shots! 2nd/ True Prosperity is never about an amount! I’m so grateful for what God has done for me, as I have a humble and hungry heart, I will spend more time with Him. Delighting myself in the Lord as I commit my way to Him with Praise and Worship. 🙌

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  2. I really enjoyed Sweet Sunday! It felt sooo good to be around my CLC family!!! Here are my highs:

    1st Service// Offering- When PD said “ God’s commands are opportunities”! This stood out to me most because when I am obedient not just with giving it positions me for opportunities to experience His love in a greater way!

    * True prosperity is being whole in Him!
    * We don’t seek riches, we seek God!
    * Peace is the greatest commodity!
    * Doing good is better than having a lot!
    * There is no substitute for obedience

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  3. I “heart” Sweet Sunday!! 🙂 🙂 I know its not spiritual but I really liked this month’s photo booth; I didn’t make it to the lobby 😦 but I hope people got some sweet pictures and had lots of fun!!

    I really enjoyed today’s message: here are my highs and I am soo excited to listen to 2nd service!! I heard it was amazing!!!!!!!

    1st service//Those pursuing riches will end up in life’s ditches. I have seen this so much in the church over the years; I hate it! It all boils down to people making decisions based on money and not the leading of the Lord. None of us are above that and by His grace we will run our race serving only ONE MASTER!!

    I really liked the statement, “The more we accurately honor His Word, the more we will actually experience where we are, our position IN HIM! I LOVE THAT!! I WILL HONOR HIS WORD ABOVE ALL…WHAT I FEEL WHAT I SEE WHAT IS GOING ON AROUND ME!!


    As it pertains to desires, those have to be from Him and I have to decide every day to get quiet with Him and He will enable me to know what’s next!!

    I choose to focus and concentrate on the Father and His goals for me!

    There is no substitute for obedience…this is so good; I mean what does it really matter what you have if you aren’t a doer an not being led by Him in everything you do and say…it doesn’t and it sure won’t for eternity!!!


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