DEEP 11.25.19

Holy Spirit

Joy is your greatest weapon!! No matter what is going on CHOOSE JOY! Will you begin to choose joy despite the circumstances?


Everything you have should be in order! God is a God of order NOT chaos! Will you begin to create order in all areas, both naturally and spiritually?


  1. I learned some things, gained insight, and got answers at DEEP tonight! Both classes were really good!!! Here are my highs:

    Holy Spirit// * One step out of love is a step into sin! * Joy is your greatest weapon!!! Mrs. Vonnie’s class on the Holy Spirit challenged me to go to the next level in my relationship with the Holy Spirit! I really liked what she said about the year 2020 (2020 meaning perfect vision)! Also, as always she gives us practical things to do which are things that help you grow! I will be marking my Bible with the Acts road and Romans road! Thanks Mrs. Vonnie!

    It’s amazing how you can sit in DEEP year after year in the same classes and get something different out of it every year! PK gave the difference between speaking in tongues and praying in the Holy Spirit! This was a light bulb moment for me because I always saw them as the same thing! I needed that! The other highs in this class for me were: * In order for what you say to manifest you have to believe it in your heart. * You put your life in order with your words! * If you want more you are gonna have to put in some work (effort)! PK’s lesson challenged and corrected me at the same time! I was encouraged to do even better and to not get comfortable! There’s more!


  2. Holy Spirit/ I really like what Ms. Vonnie said ,that joy is the greatest weapon against whatever is going on in your life to “Choose Joy!” * We develope the love walk like all the other fruit of the Spirit! * We witness with our Words and with our Lifestyle! Confession/* You have to Believe for the Word to manifest, Confession has to be real to you!* God is very Practical , only speak Words of Life! God is a God of order not chaos ! I will be determined to keep my life in order with Gods order. Who wants chaos ?Not doing what I want to do but to ask Him every morning what do you have in your order of things for me today Father to do. Then stick to it! Just to be faithful to His way of doing things please’s Him! The Words of my mouth will either work for me or against me! ♥️


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