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  1. Night Life last night was amazing! From beginning to end! I had the pleasure of being in Kidz Church last night and we had a ball! PK’s message was good! I had to listen to PD’s message on YouTube from last night it was really good too! Here are my highs:

    Kidz Church// God values being thankful! PK talked about the story of the 10 lepers and being thankful! This is what I got from it, being thankful positions you for more and restoration is opened for you when your are thankful!

    Night Life PD// * Don’t be controlled by what you can’t control! * Don’t be moved by what others are moved by! * Don’t take the care, let God be your caretaker! * Worry changes nothing! * Don’t let your own mouth and heart steal from you what belongs to you! * Quit being concerned about what no longer is and focus on what is on the way for you! * You will hurt or even worse kill yourself hanging on to stuff.
    * Don’t hold on to anything, but Him!

    This was a “take a deep breath and relax” kind of message. At least, that is what it was for me! Here’s to casting all of the cares once and for all!!!! Thanks PD!!!!

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