December Book of the Month

Paid in Full

Rick Renner

You think you know what happened beatings, betrayals, mockery, a cross, some nails, and death. But that s just the surface of the story. What if you could get past the commonly recognized pieces of the account that tells how and why Jesus Christ died the story everyone thinks he or she already understands? What if you could discover the heart, humanity, emotion, and meaning of Jesus every encounter along the way from Gethsemane to Golgotha?

Paid in Full, a riveting account of Jesus final hours, takes you on a journey that does just that. It powerfully explains the significance for every person ever born of each step Jesus willingly took along the way of His suffering, His death, and His resurrection.

Noted Bible teacher and Greek scholar Rick Renner draws a vivid backdrop to the passion of Jesus Christ, interjecting fresh insights into the human and divine drama scripted from the foundations of the world. And as you follow along the journey vividly detailed in Paid in Full, you will discover an intimate portrait of Jesus you never knew. You will experience Him in a way you will never forget.

Redemption had a price. Discover just how completely that price was Paid in Full!


  1. This book is a different kind of read for me! It is really in-depth for all the right reasons! This first chapter really got me thinking (which is not difficult for me to do…lol) in a right way! ❤️
    Chapter 1// I never really thought about the importance of the last words of Jesus before the Holy Spirit came on the scene! It added to my perspective about the Holy Spirit and seeing Him even bigger than what I do now! Here are my highs:
    * Jesus did only what the Father would do, and now the Holy Spirit will only do what Jesus would do.
    * the Spirit of God was sent to bring us the life of Jesus!
    * if you have the Holy Spirit , it will be just as if you have Me! ❤️
    * Having the Holy Spirit is just like having Jesus right at my side!
    * As a child of God , I have the Holy Spirit working working within me and alongside me every moment of every day. ❤️

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  2. Chapter 1//The last words someone says bare the most importance! Jesus’ last words were about the ministry of the Holy Spirit!! Just like Kandis said, that made my perspective about the Holy Spirit and His importance even bigger!!
    I also liked how much emphasis is placed on the fact that the Holy Spirit is Jesus’ representative in the earth! He only does and says what Jesus would!! When I’m praying, listening, and obeying it is like I’m walking, talking, and hearing right from Jesus!!


  3. Chapter 2// I really enjoyed reading chapter 2! It further supported that people are not my problem (Eph 6:12). The enemy is the culprit behind all forms of division and discord! I HATE division and discord! I HATE betrayal! Here are my highs:
    * Satan watches for that opportune moment when a person is tired, weary, or exasperated.
    * The mention of how Jesus handled Judas and how the enemy worked his way into killing, stealing, and destroying Judas’s life. It all started with an offense😳! This takes me back to PC encouraging us in last months message of the month to spend that time in the morning to put down the weapons! It is so crucial to not hold grudges or allow yourself to be offended! I see why so clearly now!
    Moving forward I have decided to resist those temptations for me to get angry and offended. I choose moving forward to do a better job at protecting my relationships and take stand against the enemy!


  4. Chapter 3// This was really good as well! It gave a picture of what Jesus endured and how intense it was! I mean to the point He was sweating drops of blood! That is pretty intense! I realize that everything that I am going through He understands for real! He has been there, done that, and got the t-shirt! So knowing this I can see the thought “no one understands” is completely false! Praise God! I determine today to talk to Him about whatever is bothering me and let Him minister to me about these things! It is so freeing to have revelation of Him knowing and understanding me! Also, reading about what He went through makes what I am going through not as serious or huge! I am not to the point of sweating blood! Lol! His deal was way bigger than what I think is a deal!


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