December Book of the Month

Paid in Full

Rick Renner

You think you know what happened beatings, betrayals, mockery, a cross, some nails, and death. But that s just the surface of the story. What if you could get past the commonly recognized pieces of the account that tells how and why Jesus Christ died the story everyone thinks he or she already understands? What if you could discover the heart, humanity, emotion, and meaning of Jesus every encounter along the way from Gethsemane to Golgotha?

Paid in Full, a riveting account of Jesus final hours, takes you on a journey that does just that. It powerfully explains the significance for every person ever born of each step Jesus willingly took along the way of His suffering, His death, and His resurrection.

Noted Bible teacher and Greek scholar Rick Renner draws a vivid backdrop to the passion of Jesus Christ, interjecting fresh insights into the human and divine drama scripted from the foundations of the world. And as you follow along the journey vividly detailed in Paid in Full, you will discover an intimate portrait of Jesus you never knew. You will experience Him in a way you will never forget.

Redemption had a price. Discover just how completely that price was Paid in Full!


  1. This book is a different kind of read for me! It is really in-depth for all the right reasons! This first chapter really got me thinking (which is not difficult for me to do…lol) in a right way! ❤️
    Chapter 1// I never really thought about the importance of the last words of Jesus before the Holy Spirit came on the scene! It added to my perspective about the Holy Spirit and seeing Him even bigger than what I do now! Here are my highs:
    * Jesus did only what the Father would do, and now the Holy Spirit will only do what Jesus would do.
    * the Spirit of God was sent to bring us the life of Jesus!
    * if you have the Holy Spirit , it will be just as if you have Me! ❤️
    * Having the Holy Spirit is just like having Jesus right at my side!
    * As a child of God , I have the Holy Spirit working working within me and alongside me every moment of every day. ❤️

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  2. Chapter 1//The last words someone says bare the most importance! Jesus’ last words were about the ministry of the Holy Spirit!! Just like Kandis said, that made my perspective about the Holy Spirit and His importance even bigger!!
    I also liked how much emphasis is placed on the fact that the Holy Spirit is Jesus’ representative in the earth! He only does and says what Jesus would!! When I’m praying, listening, and obeying it is like I’m walking, talking, and hearing right from Jesus!!


    1. I really like your last statement Laura, “When I’m praying, listening, and obeying it is like I’m walking, talking, and hearing right from Jesus.”


  3. Chapter 2// I really enjoyed reading chapter 2! It further supported that people are not my problem (Eph 6:12). The enemy is the culprit behind all forms of division and discord! I HATE division and discord! I HATE betrayal! Here are my highs:
    * Satan watches for that opportune moment when a person is tired, weary, or exasperated.
    * The mention of how Jesus handled Judas and how the enemy worked his way into killing, stealing, and destroying Judas’s life. It all started with an offense😳! This takes me back to PC encouraging us in last months message of the month to spend that time in the morning to put down the weapons! It is so crucial to not hold grudges or allow yourself to be offended! I see why so clearly now!
    Moving forward I have decided to resist those temptations for me to get angry and offended. I choose moving forward to do a better job at protecting my relationships and take stand against the enemy!


    1. Amen to that!! People are not the problem and at the same time I don’t want to give people a reason to see me as a problem lol! Just really uping my own love walk!


  4. Chapter 3// This was really good as well! It gave a picture of what Jesus endured and how intense it was! I mean to the point He was sweating drops of blood! That is pretty intense! I realize that everything that I am going through He understands for real! He has been there, done that, and got the t-shirt! So knowing this I can see the thought “no one understands” is completely false! Praise God! I determine today to talk to Him about whatever is bothering me and let Him minister to me about these things! It is so freeing to have revelation of Him knowing and understanding me! Also, reading about what He went through makes what I am going through not as serious or huge! I am not to the point of sweating blood! Lol! His deal was way bigger than what I think is a deal!


  5. Chapter 4//I really enjoyed this chapter a lot! Reading about how God provided supernatural assistance for Jesus and how this assistance strengthened Him to the point He was ready to face the Cross encourages me and gives me assurance that He has done and will do the same for me! My highs were: * Your friends may have fallen asleep on the job, but God hasn’t! * If necessary, He will provide supernatural assistance to recharge you and keep you moving full steam ahead. * Regardless of the battle or situation I face God will always come to my assistance. * When no one else is faithful, you can rest assured that God is always faithful.
    Moving forward I have decided to receive this assistance by claiming it by faith and then be obedient to what He tells me to do! 🙌🏾🙌🏾❤️

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  6. Chapter 5// This was a good chapter as well! Reading and seeing that Satan was terrified of Jesus gave me clearer picture of Jesus. I have seen Him in many pictures/paintings and these pictures/paintings make Him look like He was sweet and soft but in reality He was on super hero of all super hero status! Lol! He wasn’t a push over! I mean Judas and these soldiers arresting Jesus was a major event. It took all of these people to capture one man?!? I don’t know why but I got a mental picture of the S.W.A.T. team coming in to make the arrest! Lol! To me, I don’t think all of this was necessary to arrest Him. This chapter gave me clarity to the power of Jesus! My greatest high in this chapter was: * The same power that flowed through Him when He walked on this earth now flows through you and me! The same Holy Spirit who anointed Jesus to fulfill His ministry has been sent to empower us to do the same works He did! Moving forward I will remind myself every day of this power!

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  7. Chapter 6//This chapter to me fell in line with what PC has been touching on in Jumpstart about not talking about other people! I have been on both sides of this and both sides make me feel yucky on the inside! I received insight in this as to why as a child of God I should not participate in gossip! My highs in this chapter were:
    * when someone has a wrong perception of you, don’t let it ruffle your feathers too much! This was huge for me because I struggled with this…I would go to great lengths to make sure no one thought wrong of me! Turning this around I have had the wrong perception of others as well and have been wrong about them!!!
    * Jesus’s response to being perceived wrong! Things go so much better when you don’t respond with words, you respond with your living!
    Moving forward I am determined to take some time to pray and think before I proceed in situations like this!

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  8. Oh my gosh!! I just finished reading Chapter 12. This book has been amazing but this chapter 🤯🤯. I never realized the power that there is when you commission the angels. If one angel can take out 185,000 men, when I commission them to surround and keep my family and me safe. That power!! Whoa 😮. Not that I fully comprehend now but the revelation brought to me thru this chapter has me with my jaw to the floor I immediately had to share it with Michael. It’s like I never really realized the immense power available in that one little act.


    1. Seriously, WE HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR!! The greatest threat from the enemy is nothing in light of His power. WE BELIEVE AND WE DON’T DOUBT, THEREFORE WE OVERCOME!! 😉


  9. Fran you got me excited for chapter 12! I really liked your comment about it! I always enjoy reading about commissioning the angels!! ❤️


  10. Chapters 7 & 8// These chapters were really good! Like the other ones they give me an even clearer picture of what happened in the Garden of Gethsamane! I have heard this story so many times and I didn’t realize until now that Jesus didn’t get betrayed overnight! The enemy is subtle and does his thing one deception and one distraction at a time!
    I really enjoyed chapter 8 when he talked about titles and how you see the people in authority over your life! Here some other things in chapter 8 that were big for me:
    * Titles are very important because they define relationships.
    * A world without titles would be a world with confusion, for titles give rank, order, and definition to relationships.
    Reading and seeing how Judas ended up in the end makes it real to me that holding a grudge, an offense and not taking seriously the relationships designed to help me are so not worth it and very harmful to me and my well-being!

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  11. Chapters 9&10// I really enjoyed reading chapter 9! I got a better understanding of how powerful I AM is! As I read chapter after chapter the picture of what took place when Jesus was betrayed gets clearer and clearer, it’s like a really good movie to me! I can’t wait to read what happened next! Just knowing that Jesus willfully surrendered, it was His voluntary choice to leave with those troops for the redemption of mankind is heavy to me!
    Chapter 10// Chapter 10 was also a really good chapter! In this chapter I got an understanding of being patient with others! I like when he said “Hotheaded moments rarely produce good fruit”! I can say I have had some of those! Then after you realize it, the situation wasn’t what you thought! Then you have to apologize and make it right. Had I just been patient and let everything play out things would have been different! Be quick to hear, slow to speak, and slow to get angry…I am determined to love like Jesus! ❤️


  12. Chapters 11&12// My high in Chapter 11 was *usually when a person needs your help the most it isn’t always convenient and then Rick points out that in the middle of Jesus’s intense spiritual battle He helped Peter and healed Malchus! For me when I am going through a personal dilemma I can stop and help my kids but if it was someone else I don’t think that I would stop to help. My thought is “How can I help them and I am dealing with my own issues”? I see that Jesus didn’t respond that way so I need to spend time with this because Jesus never responded this way!

    Chapter12// Fran was right this chapter was sooo good! I always enjoy reading or listening to messages about angels! Just knowing I have angels on assignment to take care of where I send them to is amazing! I am never without help! Reading this in light of Jesus and what a legion of angels is gave me a even clearer picture of the power present that night! The Passion is a great movie, but it doesn’t come close to the detail of what happened! It is evident that Jesus willingly gave himself! He was fulfilling an assignment! If he could fulfill His then I can fulfill mine!

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  13. Chapters 13 & 14//
    After reading chapter 13 I got an even greater appreciation and am so much more grateful for Jesus going to the Cross for me!!! The fact that He was willing to go is so heavy to me!!! No one took His life He gave it!!! My high for this chapter was * No foe could have withstood the power in Jesus if He had chosen to resist His enemies. If you resist the devil, he cannot withstand the power of God that resides in you. This is heavy to me, “Greater is He that is in me, than he who is in the world”! Hallelujah!

    After reading chapter 14 I realized that the way I am treated is no where near what Jesus went through! My high from this chapter was *If you are in a situation that seems unfair or unjust and there is nothing you can do to change it, you must draw as close to the Father as you can and commit yourself into His loving care. I have a choice to make in these kinds of situations I can either get bitter and be miserable in life or I can choose to overcome evil with good, I choose the latter!

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  14. Chapters 15&16//
    Chapter 15 really gave me insight to how Jesus was humiliated and treated! It makes what I deal with seem so small and not as big of a deal as I make it out to be! The number of people who spit in Jesus’s face…gross and disgusting! He still fulfilled His assignment and died for them too! Wow! This chapter was a reminder for me to not make light of what He has done for me!

    Chapter 16// I am so grateful for what Jesus did for me so I wouldn’t have to! I mean getting a visual of them mocking Him and hitting Him in the face, brutally punching Him and Jesus not doing anything about it speaks volumes on His side! He knew who He was and what His purpose was! In the flesh you want to retaliate but reading this chapter Jesus gives me a perfect example to follow! I choose moving forward to refuse to be dragged down to the level of those who come against me!

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  15. Chapter 17// I really enjoyed this chapter! It was full of history and things that make Jesus’s life and death so real! These are my highs in this chapter: * A life of obedience is never without cost. * When you are fearless, your opposition fears you because you’re no subject to your enemy’s influence or control. * The one you fear is the one who controls you.
    Moving forward, I am determined to get to the point where doing God’s will, regardless of the cost, becomes the most important thing in my life. I desire to know in my knower that no matter how hard it seems or how strong the pressure gets the end result will be resurrection and victory! ❤️🙌🏾

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  16. Chapters 18-21// All of these chapters were really good and all of them gave me an even clearer picture of what took place when Jesus was crucified! Here are my highs from each chapter:

    Chapter 18// Hebrews 4:16 I really liked when Rick said “His throne is a throne of grace, a place where you can obtain mercy and find grace to help in your time of need”. This was big for me because there are times that for a split second I forget that help is available for me and in whatever is going on there is a place for me to go! It was even bigger for me when he encourages me to go boldly with full assurance that my Heavenly Father will hear me, answer me, and give me the power and wisdom I need to press through every situation in my life!

    Chapter 19//I was just amazed at the fact that through everything Jesus endured He remained quiet and held Himself calm! This to me means that He was very secure and He knew in His knower who He was and what His assignment and purpose was!

    Chapter 20// In the places and experiences I have had that were,to me, shameful or humiliating knowing that Jesus can identify with it means a lot! He is the healer, praise God! People may not be able to understand what I go through or identify with the pain, but Jesus does so I am never alone! This tears apart the lie ”no one understands” because He does! I really liked when Rick said “He is the love of God in action, and love heals”!

    Chapter 21//I really like the part where Rick talks about Pilate washing his hands and he explains lifting our hands in worship. When we lift our hands to God, it is the same as lifting our entire lives before Him, because our hands represent our lives! Wow! That is freaking amazing! I will never look at lifting Holy hands the same again 🙌🏾!

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  17. I love the simplicity of this book and how each detail of what Jesus did is broken down and how it applies to my life!!

    I am a little behind in my sharing…but here we go…

    Chapter 1//John 14:16///allos//the Holy Spirit will be like Jesus in every way!
    Jesus’ last words were about the person of the Holy Spirit…last words matter. The Holy Spirit’s presence in my life is the presence of Jesus in my life!!!

    Chapter 2//I was so encouraged in this chapter to not be ignorant of the enemy’s tactics and strategies to drive a wedge between me and the people I love. I will intentionally choose love and forgiveness; to not be angry or offended!!

    Chapter 3//I really liked the encouragement in this chapter to SLOW DOWN!! I am patient in Jesus’ name!! LOL!!! To allow Him to direct me when it seems as though I am in the pressure cooker moments in life!!

    Chapter 4//This statement is fire: “Supernatural assistance is part of my inheritance as a child of God!!” I will not do life naturally when I have been access to His mind!!!

    Chapter 5//The same spirit that dwells in Jesus lives in me! Any time the devil tries to insinuate that I am defeated and I don’t have what it takes..I will be reminded of the words of Jesus…greater works will I do…it makes me think of that song, “I’ve got the power!” LOL!!

    Chapter 6//Gossip is a killer!! I avoid it at all costs. When people have the wrong perceptions of me I will not let it get to me! I will stay in love and continue to reflect who He has made me to be, not defend myself against wrong things said about me

    Chapter 7//”Deceived people misperceive, misunderstand, misunderstand, and misjudge–and later don’t even understand why they did what they did.” I liked the break down of what is really going on when someone betrays you 1. they were never who I thought they were to begin with 2. I sensed something was wrong but went along with the relationship anyway…how often we have all experienced this…if Jesus overcame a betrayal so can we!

    Chapter 8//Titles define relationships…how relationships are is how I call them…I liked this chapter soo much! i had never thought about that before…Judas called Jesus master…not lord…OMG!!!


  18. Chapter 9//We serve “I AM.” No force is strong enough to resist His power…I will meditate on that!!! Seriously, what do I ever have to complain about, be bothers about or worry about!!

    Chapter 10//This statement is fire: “Hotheaded moments rarely produce good fruit.” What else needs to be said…

    Chapter 11//Jesus took time to heal Malchus’ ear because 1. He is the healer 2. He didn’t want Peter arrested for impulsive behavior…I will operate from His nature inside of me and do the right thing because it is the right thing regardless of the wrongs of others. PEOPLE DON’T CHANGE ME!!

    Chapter 12//legion = 6,000…Wow! This just puts into perspective how limited we are in and of ourselves when we try to “help” God or take matters into our own hands…its so puny, even our greatest efforts. God doesn’t need my help; He needs my faith and my obedience.

    Chapter 13//”I AM”…I will choose to consider I AM in every situation, reflecting on the power of God that at that name even the dead are raised!

    Chapter 14//Even in a situation undeserved as I place my life in His hands, giving him authority (not control) in the situation I can access freedom and deliverance. Like the 3 men in the furnace…I go through fires without even smelling like smoke! I choose to put my faith and trust in the Father.

    Chapter 15//This statement is fire, “There is no joy to compare with that which comes from being obedient.” I will not be moved by others and allow my hope to be displaced producing disappointment. When He is my hope I will never be disappointed.

    Chapter 16//WOW! What a description of the religious rulers all dressed up, yet behind closed doors acting so awful!! OMG!! I really liked the two questions: 1. Are you serious in your relationship with Jesus Christ 2. And when others are messing with me, am I able to hold my ground? I have to honestly admit…I have to choose to hold my ground better. Thank you Father for your grace!!!


  19. I just finished this book today and am so overwhelmed by not just in the way the book was written but the insight it gave me in what Jesus really went through as he gave his life for mankind.

    My favorite chapter was chapter 24 where it talked about Adams skull buried underneath the place where Jesus was crucified. Jesus’ blood covered the sins of mankind originating with Adam. So awesome!!!

    So thankful for this book and the revelation gained from it. Thank you Pastor Kathy for loving us and challenging us to read these books every month. It’s been life changing for me personally.


  20. Chapter 17//Are you able to say this with conviction, “I know what God has called me to do, and I’m willing to go where He tells me to go and pay any price I have to pay. My greatest priority and obsession is to do the will of the Father.” –My prayer would be that we would be surrounded with those in our church family and we ourselves would live with such conviction…

    Chapter 18//He faced the ups and downs so I have no reason to fear going to Him any other way but BOLDLY!!

    Chapter 19//He will show me how to respond when others are not pleased with me!

    Chapter 20//After reading this book I know I will read the Gospels with more clarity and then in and of myself on a daily basis be more grateful for all He did for me!

    Chapter 21//Last paragraph was fire!! “Remember when Jesus said, ‘Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.’ When you hang on to the wrong things, your wrong choices always cost you the most. On the other hand, when you let go of things you count dear and choose to give everything you have to Jesus, you always receive back far more than you could ever ask or imagine.”

    Chapter 22//”Jesus’ broken body was the payment God demanded to guarantee our physical healing!” I refuse to let the devil talk me into being sick and weak when Jesus paid all that He paid for me to be whole.

    Chapter 23//One day every knee will bow…I will capitalize on the time I have now to make sure people know who He is and that He loves them.

    Chapter 24//I will not let life move to fast around me that I don’t stop and live with the conscious knowing all that was provided for me…and all that He did to make me a joint-heir with Christ Jesus.

    Chapter 25//”When we fail to remember what it cost Jesus to save us, we tend to treat our salvation cheaply and with disregard.”

    Chapter 26//Where would I be today if Jesus had not done what He did? I will let that reality meet the circumstances of my life and declare me to be whole, rich, victorious, free and at peace!!


  21. Chapter 27//OMG!! I know the veil was torn in two; and I know it was huge, thick and impossible to happen any other way but in the moment of “It is finished” what was impossible became possible…His presence now indwells me!!

    Chapter 28//By the grace of God my money will reveal where my heart is. All Greg and I have is His to give and use at His command.

    Chapter 29//There is no mountain in my life that there has not already been power released to remove. I will declare it to be gone!

    Chapter 30//I really really liked when Rev. Renner said, its your job to “give it your best shot”…every time I share my faith it doesn’t have to be perfect it just has to be sincere…

    Chapter 31//This statement is FIRE…”fear always produces confusion” OMG!! When there is confusion, I know fear is present!!

    Chapter 32//I am His child so I have every RIGHT to hear His voice!! I will be bold in my confidence in hearing His voice!!

    Chapter 33//THIS STATEMENT…FIRE!!! “Even though Jesus is seated right now at the right hand of the Father on High, you an know Him intimately through the ministry of the Holy Spirit.”

    Chapter 34//You need never to fear that you are too frank…this just really blessed me…I know that I have nothing to hide with Him, but He is willing to give me what I need when I ask Him!!

    Chapter 35//.”…you must focus on your spiritual blackbaord–the Word of God–to learn from Him and then reproduce His example in your own life. The example of the child blessed my heart so much and stirred such a passion in my heart for following His example more diligently and with child-like faith and tenderness like I never have before! Learning…HOW DOES HE WANT ME TO RESPOND!! I REFUSE TO ALLOW THE ENEMY TO SOW ANY NEGATIVE EMOTIONS INTO MY HEART AND LIFE!!



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