1. Services were so good today!!! I’m so thankful for the Word!

    I need boundaries in my life and the first place I should have them is in my mind!!! This week I will focus on the boundaries I’ve placed and accept them instead of “pushing” them

    1st service
    Understand what’s important- faithfulness in the little things!!! PDs example on the chair-ology!! I will choose to be faithful over the little!! Like PD said dishes, the car, etc!! When I’m faithful over the little I won’t be looking for the big!! I really liked that!!

    2nd service
    What God has for my heart is better than what the world has to offer my mind!!!! I will focus on HIM!!!!!! Life with Him is ALWAYS better!!

    3rd service
    Third service was soooo fun and totally clicked with me!!!
    I really liked the statement “God didn’t pay for a cheap “donkey” deal!!!” This is a HUGE deal…He paid it all!!! It isn’t cheap or b-z He paid full!!!! I choose to accept and walk in it!!

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  2. Church was soo great today!! Here are my highs:

    1st service//Successful Christianity is all about loving Him with all my heart. I really really liked when Pastor Dean said, “It is the Holy Spirit who leads you into prosperity.” How faithful and attentive am I to His voice…
    Romans 8:14 basically sonship access is granted as I follow the direction of the Holy Spirit; if I don’t follow I won’t be in position.
    If you aren’t getting revelation you will never be prosperous. There is a difference in being wise and being led…I choose to be led.
    There is more to know!! I really liked when Pastor Dean said, no matter how old you are, you never lose your value.
    When you hear from Him and obey, that is true prosperity!!
    I really liked Pastor Dean’s song and I do want to look like Jesus!!!!!!!!!!

    2nd service//Without the Holy Spirit I will never understand the power in the Word!!
    He is a personal God!!
    The Holy Spirit gives my life stability!!


  3. Jumpstart/ Don’t be passive or you will be defeated! I’am the one in control of me, no one else! I will spend time getting my mind disciplined for today! Staying in humility, with repentance! If I don’t have boundaries in my mind, I won’t have boundaries in my life! Love always looks for the BEST!!!!💖 True Prosperity/ 1st/ You can’t take the Word of God casually and expect to be a successful Christian! The Holy Spirit will never make us uncomfortable! 2nd/ The Holy Spirit has Revelation, man has education and information! Real life is in a Relationship with God! 3rd/ When I delight in Him, there is not a need or want that He can’t take care of!!!!🙌

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  4. I was sooo happy be at church yesterday! Whether I go out of town or not there is no place like home (CLC)! Here are my highs:

    *Get your head in the game! Discipline your mind to stay in today! This definitely was eye opening for me! I immediately was able to locate myself! Thoughts on the past open the door to fear and shame 🤯! To avoid this practice humility and repent! If you allow your mind to go to the future it will produce fear and uncertainty! To avoid this worship and obey instead of living a life of self focus and disobedience!
    * what others do or don’t do is not my fault!
    * if you don’t have boundaries in your mind you won’t have them in your life!
    * the more disciplined you are in your mind the more free you will be in your life!
    * If the conversation is not with you it is not for you!
    * It is a sin to speculate!
    * If I am not obedient in my mind I am a performer!
    This message provided correction and answers at the same time for me! Great message PC 🔥❤️!

    1st Service// Offering- The offering message pointed me to examine what I believe. The things I confess or speak from the Word should not be just words I should believe what I am saying! When I believe it there will be no place for doubt or to question!
    True Prosperity// * Is He your favorite and only? You are His favorite and only! * Build your life on the revelation of the Word! Hold on tight to these things! * I don’t have to be wise, I have to be led! * The pleasure is never worth the payment! * in growing there will be more growing! * The finish line is when He shows up! * He meets me at the Promise! Oh! and when PD referred to revelation being honey from Heaven! This message directed me to examine myself and line my life up “live center” with the Word of God! 🍯❤️

    Kidz Church// * Not valuing what God values I will always come up short (short in my peace, joy, etc.)
    * I am valuable to God, period! It has nothing to do with talent or performance! I am valuable just because I am His child!
    * You guard what you value! 💎❤️

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