DEEP 12.2.19

Christian Lifestyles

Will you choose to be an example in your lifestyle? Will you choose to see how BIG of a deal your lifestyle really is?


Only 25% are the good ground…but children are ALWAYS good ground…will you be childlike and be good ground?

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  1. DEEP was really good tonight! I always enjoy this time because this time helps me! Here are my highs:

    Christian Lifestyles// When PK read those verses in the Passion Translation it just made those verses come alive for me and I could see the seriousness of it all! I really liked when PD pointed out that the verses said that those behaviors were the works of the flesh and not the devil… the topic on the pleasure/pleasures spoke the loudest to me and I received answers on my priorities in this section! Praise the Lord! When PD said, “whatever we focus on becomes our God” this statement got me thinking about my focuses and places of distraction.

    Confession// when PK went over Romans 12:1-2 it was revealed to me that the transformation is a total transformation! Nothing about you on the inside is the same! I thought about Saul/Paul when PK went over these verses. I also thought about the movie Transformers. Also in this she said that the transformation is a process! Also, when she shared her revelation of the different types of soil and how a child’s heart is always good ground! As a parent, I could see the importance of my kids being surrounded by the Word. There is a lot of Word that has been planted in them and it is my job to assist in cultivating the seeds that have been planted in them! I like how after I leave a service or class, I don’t leave feeling like I have been beat up. I leave having been corrected but encouraged to change and to do better!


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