1. I am willing to give him FIRST place!!!!!! By the grace of God!!

    I really liked church today and I had so much fun seeing everyone dressed up 🙂

    1st service//Overall in 1st service I was just so encouraged!! My life is all about conforming to HIs image which requires that I be more dependent on HIM than anything else. Being IN HIM doesn’t mean I am conformed to Him. I WANT TO LOOK LIKE JESUS!!

    2nd service//I really liked all the scriptures Pastor Dean started this service with about the infallibility of the Word of God!! Life is in the Word and there is great protection for us because we honor and trust the Word. I have power over all the power of the enemy: distractions, deceptions, and temptations but I have to enforce the enemy’s defeat!!
    If I want His life I am going to have to forsake mine!!


  2. Church was awesome on Sunday! We always have a good time!!! Here are my highs:
    1st// *Time is not stolen if you give it away!!
    * His goal is for me to look like Jesus! * Don’t be a daydreamer, but a doer of the Word. * Don’t ever forget believing is doing! * Those who will to do, will do whatever it takes! * True biblical prosperity is achieved through a lifelong admission of one’s dependence on the Lord Jesus! This series has been one of my faves! I am seeing that true prosperity is no where near what the world presents it to be! It has literally taken some pressure off of me and things I use to care about, the care is weakening and becoming less and less important! Praise the Lord!!

    Kidz// God values growing!!! When I grow it shows! This was a really good lesson PF taught!!! I received insight about why growing is important and if I don’t grow I have nothing to give to those around me!!! I am determined to grow!!! Do less talking and more living it out!!! Let how I live do the majority of the talking!!


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