1. Coffee with PK was amazing!!! Her message for us today was spot on for me!!! There were some things she touched on that the Holy Spirit had pointed out to me this morning! I am determined to change my thinking, speaking, and expectations! I was challenged to not just deal with my thinking but to also get into my kid’s heads and what they are thinking! Also, to protect the voices in my home! I am so grateful for this information and truth! I wrote down that a wholesome tongue= a wholesome life and I choose to have a wholesome life! I was encouraged even more to stay in TODAY and to do me TODAY!!! I only have TODAY! Great time and an even greater Word!!! 🥰
    I love you PK you are awesome 🥰!


  2. Yessss! Coffee With PK was amazing! I hung on every word and received so much Word I have really needed for my own life ! Sometimes it’s as if you’re the only one in the room and God is speaking just to you! That’s how it was for me today.I liked what Pastor Kathy said we have to aggressively arrest toxic thoughts and right away put the Word on them.To respond to the lie with truth!! This spoke to me because instead of meditating on the Word we meditate on the wrong thoughts, stinking thinking and doing it long enough causes sickness and diseases Jesus already paid for this ,we don’t have to bare it! We have to take inventory of our thoughts casting the care, letting go of what people say or do to us. Like PK said Nip it in the Bud!!! It’s not even the devil, Jesus defeated him. When Paul said I put my body under he had to kill his flesh too! We have to take control over our flesh and say when satan does come with his lies , No not today I’m not receiving that lie get under my feet that is where he belongs ! I choose life and will be more determined to focus on today, on doing me not others and what they are doing or not doing. It’s none of my business ! Thank you Pastor Kathy this message was so good ! I love you!!!!💖


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