Sunday, December 15

Humility says and does what the Word says until it has what the Word says, because the Word says it’s already ours!!

This week: determine to refuse to look around at others, good, bad, and ugly. Just look at you, pay attention to YOU!

This week will you choose humility and take the challenge to look within?


  1. Service was soooo fun yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂

    1st service//All has been restored to me but I have to be responsible.
    Just because your nature is right, doesn’t mean your heart is right.
    Jesus had Word-of-God-prosperity because he was totally dependent on God.
    Unless you are hooked on Him, you will put Him off!
    I have true prosperity because I am IN HIM.
    When we partner with the Word it becomes our partner.
    Prosperity is IN HIM and released through Him when I honor Him.

    2nd service//We all receive and grow through: hearing, believing and doing the Word
    We should all be a picture of the head.
    When we eat the same we will look the same.
    I choose what I am governed by!!
    I am spiritually alive but I am naturally responsible!!

    REJOICE that your name is in the BOOK!!

    I choose to be completely dependent on HIM!!


  2. Sweet Sunday was awesome yesterday and a lot of fun and comfy (in our PJs)! Here are my highs:

    Jumpstart// If I am lacking peace I am not thinking right, it has nothing to do with my circumstances! These last few lessons have taught me to mind my own business! Especially the message when PC said if the conversation is not with you it is not for you! This statement rocked me and moved me to mind my own business and it has been a major weight taken off me to not be concerned with others or having to deal with conversations that I wasn’t even apart of!
    I really liked the visual PC presented with our thoughts of what we think and performing like we get a rating for how we did that day! It reminded of a Jumpstart message PC did a long time ago and she would say “there are no gold stars”! Lastly, “I don’t know what to do unless I have heard from Him”! The Holy Spirit has my daily directions! Man, these Jumpstart lessons have revealed to me the unnecessary weight I have carried around for so long and then we get the encouragement (steps) to release it and be free! Thanks PC! 🔥❤️

    1st Service// These messages get better and better! * Your heart is what directs you! Let your heart be saturated with the Word! *Jesus had word of God prosperity because He chose to be totally dependent on the Father! * He has always been #1, where have you placed Him?!? * I am not prosperous because of my take home pay! I am prosperous because I am in Him! *There is no life without Jesus!
    This message encouraged me to move in closer to Him! I was like I need to get in closer! During praise and worship PC used the analogy of a toddler lifting their hands for their parent to pick them up! This along with what PD preached was perfect for me! I just want Him!

    Kidz// PF preached about valuing growth! Here are my highs: * There is an order to growth! * I need the nutrients of the Son and the water of the Word to grow! * I am wired to grow! I am wired to crave the Word! * As you train you grow! I was encouraged and corrected to continue growing and to not allow myself to get tired of growing! I purpose everyday to grow in some way whether big or small, growth is growth and progress is progress, it’s all good!!!


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